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09/18/2014: Accomp'ny yourself over to Bob Seger Thursdays.

09/04/2014: Think about things 20 Years From Now at Bob Seger Thursdays.

08/01/2014: Previously announced updates to the Anime Archives have been put on hold as the new addition is being expanded and spun off into its own feature site.  Hopefully that will be up shortly.

07/31/2014: Head up to those high rollin' hills with Hollywood Nights at Bob Seger Thursdays.

07/24/2014: Oh blame it on midnight with Shame On The Moon at Bob Seger Thursdays.  Anime Archives updates coming this weekend.  DVGI images update coming tomorrow.

07/10/2014: Ten years ago today I made the first content upload to, a central hub and new home for my handful of web pages that survived the end of free webpage hosting at the start of the 21st Century.  If I could go back and do it all over again, the only change I would make would be to update the site more often.  Within the past few years Sailor Senshi Sanctuary (SSS) was revived and restored here at  SSS was my first real website, created five years before was established, and having it back has meant more to me than I think anyone could realize.  Sure it's old and not very useful these days but it lives on as a part of my past that I can visit at my leisure.  Also, yes, it will be updated again this year.

Bob Seger Thursdays was created over a year ago to ensure that my goal of weekly content updates would be met and for the most part it has done just that.  Davy's Anime Archives are currently being retooled and feature a new cosplay section, which went live today, as I get back into the hobby.  Film Bias was a much needed addition that gave me some space to write about something other than gaming during a period where I was feeling burned out.  Film Bias is also currently being slightly retooled to ensure more frequent updates.  Gamer's Helpline serves a dual purpose.  First was a place to upload secrets and hints as I either found or used them in games as the forums I once frequented for such are no longer used much.  Second as a place to offer important files, similar to the old Programs / Utilities section from back when first started.

However, David's Video Game Insanity continues to be the spotlight feature here.  I still get e-mails about once a week about a feature or other information at DVGI.  With my retirement from writing for Retrogaming Times Monthly, DVGI should get a lot more content going forward.  On this day my RTM articles archive is now 100% caught up with everything I ever submitted to the newsletter.  I wish nothing but the best for the continuation of RTM but I really need to step away for awhile until a better publishing structure is implemented there.

Thank you very much to everyone who has visited over the past ten years.  You are the reason the site continues to operate.

With that, I leave with the last thing I wrote on the first day of's operation - " is continuously updated and added to, please make sure to bookmark this main page and return soon!"

07/03/2014: It Seems Real At The Time over at Bob Seger Thursdays.

06/19/2014: Like A Rock, Bob Seger Thursdays returns.

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