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02/18/2019:  Index updates have been few and far between but previous discussed projects are still in work.  The Retrogaming Times continues to meet its bi-monthly release schedule and 2019 will begin our fourth year since returning to publication.

Davy's Anime Archives (currently offline) is still the first section of the site slated for complete overhaul and replacement.  That's still in process.  After that, David's Video Game Insanity will begin its rework as it becomes an archive as reviews are revisited for inclusion in The Retrogaming Times as new content.  As I have said in the past, I own so much less video game stuff these days, and DVGI was primarily a database during the boom era of second-hand video game sales (yard sales, flea markets).  The lists there will be removed with the rest of the content (reviews, editorials, tutorials, etc.) left in place as an archive.

07/10/2018:  Today marks the 14th anniversary of!  This day also brings with it some much needed alterations to the main index.  The last remnants of the have been removed, an idea that never really got going.  Additionally the video programming directory has been changed to reflect all video programming on the InsaneDavid YouTube channel, as again the bi-weekly show never really got going.

Davy's Anime Archives has been taken offline as I've once again decided to change focus there.  A new cosplay-specific section is in the works, a counterpart to the Facebook page I've maintained on the subject for a couple years now.  The old Davy's Anime Archives review content (itself that never got going) will reemerge over there as it's all related.  Once the cosplay section is up and running, it will replace the Anime Archives completely.

Pretty much everything else is in a holding pattern during the reorganization.  Bob Seger Thursdays will be returning as YouTube has changed how it handles music copyright and licensing, restoring a lot of music to official uploads.

Additionally the fifteenth issue of The Retrogaming Times, which hosts, has been published.

Thank you for fourteen wonderful years at - although our presentation has changed many times, our focus remains the same - fun.

04/09/2018:  Still catching up to get site features up to date.  Classic Plastic video programming should be reworked sometime this week to the new archive.  Additionally Davy's Anime Archives will have its reformat completed within the next two weeks as well.  This time of the year my focus is more on the upcoming local anime convention and cosplay work.

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