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05/07/2015: Bob Seger Thursdays is Comin' Home after months of inactivity.

05/02/2015: Things got a little odd for for awhile there but we are back.  The contributing factors to the time away are too widespread and uninteresting to dwell on so instead let's just jump right back in to the day to day around here!  David's Video Game Insanity has had the long overdue year end housekeeping complete as well as the game lists updated.  Gamers Helpline has had some retrofits.  Film Bias reviews Furious 7 and has also had some retrofits.  Friday Night Chats will resume 5/8.  Other parts of the site are still awaiting overhaul and update but will be updated soon.  Additionally the general weekly content updates will begin to resume next Thursday.

09/18/2014: Accomp'ny yourself over to Bob Seger Thursdays.

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