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04/03/2014: Bob Seger Thursdays features We've Got Tonight.

03/20/2014: Try to catch up with Sunspot Baby, over at Bob Seger Thursdays.

03/13/2014: Bob Seger Thursdays finally returns after a series of unexpected delays.

02/20/2014: The title track off Back in '72, this week at Bob Seger Thursdays.

02/13/2014: Unreleased for many years, it's Bob Seger's cover of Downtown Train at Bob Seger Thursdays.

02/06/2014: Rare track off a rare album, it's Cross of Gold at Bob Seger Thursdays.

01/30/2014: We've got a Fine Memory for you over at Bob Seger Thursdays, a day late due to an uploading issue.

01/23/2014: I've Been Working goes up for a spin at Bob Seger Thursdays.

01/16/2014: Time for some Little Victories at Bob Seger Thursdays.

01/12/2014: King Salmon "The Big Catch" for Sega Genesis has been reviewed over at DVGI.  Will Hot-B's second deviation from their bass fishing formula yield a game as enjoyable as The Blue Marlin?

01/09/2014: Betty Lou is gettin' out and gettin' down over at Bob Seger Thursdays.

01/04/2014: Film Bias reviews Apollo 18, Rampart, and The Lone Ranger.

01/03/2014: General housekeeping as we roll over into 2014.  Content was light through the end of 2013 but some new things are on the way.  Friday Night Chats resume next Friday, 1/10/14 - come join us!

01/02/2014: The new year begins for Bob Seger Thursdays with James, Jesse off Smokin' O.P.'s (1972).

09/29/2013: If you haven't noticed, Bob Seger Thursdays has returned after a scheduled hiatus.

07/28/2013: The video game section at Sailor Senshi Sanctuary has been completely revamped with new content and additional downloads.

06/30/2013: Film Bias reviews Glengarry Glen Ross, Street Fighter, Hot Coffee, The Game, F/X, and Barton Fink.  Friday Night Chat for this week and the week after has been canceled due to the holiday weekend and California Extreme arcade show the weekend after.  It will return on 7/19.

05/17/2013: Film Bias reviews Iron Man 3.  Friday Night Chat for tonight has been canceled.  It will be canceled for next week as well due to FanimeCon 2013 but will return on 5/31.

05/05/2013: DVGI image archives have been updated to include better navigation as well as new images.  This will allow image updates to be completed easier which means a greater frequency of updates.  Additionally this update marks a change at - namely that we are going to attempt some kind of new content be posted every week at one of our hosted sites.  It may be a review at DVGI, maybe some scans at Sailor Senshi Sanctuary, maybe something at Film Bias or the Anime Archives.  Either way, every week there will be new content here in addition to the weekly Bob Seger Thursdays update.  This main index area will also be updated to reflect where the new content is.  So check back every week, right here, to see what's new!


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