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...and in his second year he discovered video games... and it was good.

History of David's Video Game Insanity!!...
It was November 1st, 1998 when a friend and I began to lay out the plans for a computer games site, distributing games that him and I were to write.  Three days later, on November 4th, 1998 Jupiter Games, Ltd. was given it's first official web site and began to distribute homebrew games.  Soviet Assault, Siamese Killers, Condition: Red... all games that trickled from the minds of two guys in high school with nothing better to do.  It wasn't the game programming skills that really paid off but the experience of working on a web site that would come to benefit me.

Those rewards came around when I started work on what would one day become one of the larger Sailor Moon sites of its time, Sailor Senshi Sanctuary.  That wonderful site opened on July 18th, 1999 to much acclaim.  It grew for two years, adding new features.  To this day I don't think I will ever manage and create a site as popular as Sailor Senshi Sanctuary (SSS) was at its height.  Unfortunately hosting problems would lead to SSS being lost to the winds of time online.  It was then I had remembered an earlier project, something I tossed up and put to the side... something boiling in the back of my mind... something that was about to boil over.

I had been into video game archival for quite a long time before I said to myself "hey, why don't you toss what you have into a list on the 'net and see if you can find other collectors!"  That's just what I did.  The original David's Master List was nothing more than a black page with green text, a simple list of all I had.  Did I get responses?  A few.  More than I ever thought I would since it was nothing more than a little .htm file on the edge of my Sailor Moon webspace.  My Master List took a short stint as the Atari Arena before it was pushed over to its new look, almost as it is today.  David's Jaguar Reviews was combined (and later lost) into the Master List, and David's Video Game Insanity!! was born.

After the untimely and sudden demise of Sailor Senshi Sanctuary in July of 2001, I nearly gave up on websites as a whole.  I had to find a small site to port over and work on... David's Video Game Insanity!! fit this ideal perfectly.  From there this site began to take off, I added more than just a listing, including reviews, features, more space for me to rant about the video game world, and of course better organization.  In fact since the summer of 2001 the overall presentation of David's Video Game Insanity!! hasn't changed much at all.  Reason?  I think it's set up pretty well, will load onto nearly any computer at any connection speed, and is easy to update and work on.

In 2003 I had to pull the plug on David's Video Game Insanity!! due to the same problems that killed SSS, hosting.  My web host decided they'd change their page loading format to where a banner ad would appear atop every page - this clashed with the site design and rather than redesign everything I put the site on hiatus.  Then in the summer of 2004 I secured hosting with a new company and ClassicPlastic.net was born, a central hub for all my sites, including its flagship site - David's Video Game Insanity!!

Since then David's Video Game Insanity!! as well as ClassicPlastic.net have become increasingly more popular and browsed as new features are installed.  In 2006 DVGI finally added outside contributions and reviews as our review staff grew.  Additionally features written by staff for other sites and publications are reprinted here under the "Publications" section for central archival.  However the core of the site remains my little homage to the video game industry and my place on the 'Web to showcase my collection, its changes over the years, and my viewpoints on video games both new and old.  That brings us to where we are today.

David's Video Game Insanity!! FAQ File...
Okay, here goes... I don't get very many questions about the site, but here are the ones I seem to get most:

How do I become a member of the Insane Team?
Easy, just e-mail me!  All that is required is some information (same as I have posted on the Insane Team page) and a picture of you enjoying your video games, that's it!  All I ask is that you write at least one review a year.  No technical skill is needed, I handle all of that.  So either e-mail me at insanedavid@classicplastic.net or AOL IM me at InsaneDavid001 and get more information today!

Can I buy that copy of Pretty Fighter for the Super Famicom or StarTropics for the NES from you?  What about a Ridge Racer Type 4 shirt?
No, I rarely sell anything from my archive.  What I do sell can be found in the For Sale section of the site, details on how to purchase items can be found there.  On extremely rare occasion I will part with an item that's not up for sale, but only if someone makes me a crazy offer.  Yet, there are items I will never part with.  (My copy of StarBlade on the PlayStation or Dragon Power on the NES, for example)

Dude, I followed one of your tutorials on system cleaning / modifications and it screwed up my console!  What do I do now?
Don't come crying to me, I give more than enough warning and precaution that tinkering around with the internals of your video game systems and electronics can be extremely hazardous.  *has flashback of being nearly shocked unconscious while working on a TV back in high school*  If you're not 100% confident going in, then find someone who is.  Make sure to read through the tutorial a few times until you have a firm grasp how to complete it without a doubt.  I can give advice on what to do and possible solutions for possible problems that may come up with things such as installing mod chips and the like.  However, I will not be held responsible for any damages caused to your consoles or yourself from working on them.  I'm not a professional repair technician (although I do know my way around the inside of most consoles pretty well) nor a certified engineer, but I will openly share anything I've learned during my years with video games.  Remember now, I'm the dork that was "too cool" to get a mechanical engineering degree.  Still, if you'd like my opinion or assistance just shoot me an e-mail.

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