Greetings, welcome to David's Video Game Insanity!!  Ah, yes, video games.  All types, all kinds, all genres.  For over ten years David's Video Game Insanity has been host to a variety of gaming subjects as well as reviews and information.  What was once simply a list of video game items I own has grown into an entire gaming destination.  Additionally now David's Video Game Insanity hosts a full review staff as well as gaming editorials.  Modification and repair tutorials are also featured here.  The navigation frame on the left is divided to reflect where the open content is and where my list remains.

The master directory of all the video game stuff I currently own is still here.  All products and items listed are in either excellent or good condition and all work properly unless noted otherwise.  If you were a visitor in the past I hope you enjoy our increasing content.  My collection is a compilation of over twenty years of purchasing, trading, hunting, repairing, refurbishing, and bargaining of games and game systems.  I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about video games or my collection.  Just click on the "Contact" button on the left for details on how to reach me or check out the Insane Team if you have a question for someone other than myself.  David's Video Game Insanity is the largest part of - We Talk Fun.

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Spotlight Features at David's Video Game Insanity!!...

Updates In The Home Arcade Section.  David's Video Game Insanity's new Home Arcade Projects section has had a lot of recent additions and more to follow in the next few months.  The long overdue section for my original Klax cabaret has finally been added with the most current information.  In addition be sure to check out the very popular sections on my Galaxian cocktail table as well as the cabinet that got the section started, my Pole Position MAME conversion.  The newest addition is something pretty unique.  I was offered the chance to pick up a 3/5th size custom built Galaga cabinet in exchange for some arcade repair work.  After a couple months of working on it for a weekend here and a weekend there, the cabinet is now complete as Galaga Multigame - a mini MAME cabinet.  The project page for Galaga Multigame has been in the works for quite awhile but it is definitely worth taking a look at.  Additionally anyone who has information on the origin of these unique cabinets should get in touch with me as even the people I got it from didn't know who made them.   What are you waiting for?  Head on over to the Home Arcade Projects section after all "It is the Nineties and There is Time for KLAX!"

US/JPN Cartridge Region Removal For JVC X'Eye.  It has been a long time coming but yet again David's Video Game Insanity is proud to present you with another exclusive feature.  The JVC X'Eye is hands down one of the most sought after 16 bit gaming items to ever be released in the United States.  It plays both Sega Genesis cartridges as well as Sega CD's all in one unit and the CD drive is much faster than either model of the Sega CD.  Another nice feature of the JVC X'Eye is the wide and import friendly cartridge slot which allows the insertion of Japanese Mega Drive cartridges without any modification.  This is simply a design carryover from the JVC Wondermega 2 which the JVC X'Eye was based off of.  However a firmware region lockout is in place, preventing the play of many Japanese Mega Drive games released in and after 1992.  For a long time the knowledge was out there but not properly presented.  After a lot of research and the help of a few sources, I've worked out the details on the mod.  As usual I've done one better than just a text file and you can now find a full visual walkthrough of the entire mod tutorial right here!  No need to buy an expensive and overpriced converter cartridge, you already own a JVC X'Eye, you deserve to be able to play import cartridges without add-ons.  If you perform this mod I would enjoy hearing some feedback on how it worked out.

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