David's Video Game Insanity is currently a site in flux.  After nearly 20 years of being my personal little corner of video gaming on the Web, the time has come to wind down the content here.  This has honestly been coming for a long time, mainly due to changing collecting sensibilities and a massive shift in the popularity (and perceived street value) of retrogames.  Starting in around 2014 or so I began to massively thin the amount of classic video games I owned.  The flea markets and yard sales finally dried up almost completely, and classic video games began to skyrocket in value on the secondary market.  The allure of flash memory solutions on original hardware and the insane (no pun intended) prices people were paying for original cartridges persuaded me to sell off the majority of what some deemed my "collection."  I never considered it a collection, they were video games - they were everywhere, they were affordable, and they were fun - even if they were old.  They're still fun.  There are simply different ways to play them now, ways that allow me to play and enjoy even more games than in the years of massive flea market hauls and overfilled media shelves.

This site originally began as a list of video game items I owned before growing into more of a central gaming destination featuring reviews and editorials.  I even had the privilege to host reviews written by a small staff who contacted me with the desire to write for my site of all places.  (Seriously, I am still super thankful and honored to have hosted other's work at DVGI)  As the flow of my video game archive began to shrink rather than grow, a large part of DVGI became irrelevant.  As weekly game pickups became monthly game pickups, then occasional pickups and eventually no pickups, the editorial section of the site pretty much ran out of content.  In 2016 I lead the relaunch of The Retrogaming Times, which fast became the primary outlet for my journalistic opinions and thoughts on video gaming, which remains such to this day.  In essence, I simply grew away from the need for a video gaming fansite of the classic style.  After almost five years of inactivity here I've decided it's time to split some things here off and move others to archival indefinitely.

Editorials and features that were originally published here will continue to be hosted here, just as they have been since starting in 2001, but they should be considered archives for prosperity and nothing more.  All reviews have been removed, as it is my intention to eventually re-review every game previously reviewed here for inclusion into an issue of The Retrogaming Times.  "Master List" databases have been removed as well, as due to now owning so few physical video games (compared to what I once did) they would mostly be empty anyway.  Although I still get contacted via e-mail about many of the items shown, the section featuring pictures of various video game collectibles has also been removed.  Some of these may return down the line in a new subsite from the main ClassicPlastic.net hub.  The Home Arcade Projects and vintage Pachinko pages are still hosted here for the time being.  Eventually these will both become their own subsites at ClassicPlastic.net as they continue to be very popular - in fact the pachinko section continues to be the most accessed and referenced part of DVGI.  The news archives have been removed prior to this year, mainly due to so many site features from over the years being discontinued.

Activity here will become very limited other than transplanting the above mentioned sections to their own subsites and then closing them down at DVGI.  It has been a wild ride, encountering so many cool people and discovering tons of cool games and adventures.  The fun will continue at the other parts of ClassicPlastic.net - where we continue to talk fun and play games.

As always, thank you for stopping by this little corner of gaming insanity. ~David