Legal and disclaimer for David's Video Game Insanity!!...

All products, games, accessories, and the like are reviewed by the Insane Team at their discretion independent from the manufacturer or publisher of the corresponding item.  Therefor, these are the opinions of the Insane Team and not of the companies holding copyrights to the software, peripheral, etc.  Opinions are just that, opinions.

Concerning modifications and repairs there is a special disclaimer...

(Please, make sure to read each project through completely before beginning or purchasing any new items, David's Video Game Insanity!! will not be held responsible for any damages incurred during modification of your video game systems or items.  Remember, in most instances opening or adding / removing components will void your manufacturer's warranty.  Before a project is listed it's gone though several times to ensure that it is safe to perform, however, modify your video games at your own risk.)

Modification and repair walkthroughs are copyright David's Video Game Insanity, as are all corresponding images and cannot be reused or republished in any way.  It takes a good deal of time and effort to create the repair and modification tutorials and they are provided free of charge.  Please use them but do not republish the information without giving proper credit as well as a link to and an e-mail link to as the originator of the tutorial.  If you would like to use images for the walkthroughs please take pictures of your own work and post those.  Thank you.

Written on 01-31-2001 by David,
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