05/01/2016    I Not so much an update as to me catching a missing feature.  Now that Retrogaming Times Monthly has been put to bed and The Retrogaming Times has rose from its spirit, I have turned my RTM articles archive into just that - a non-active archive.  However it looks like I forgot to add my 2013 California Extreme show report to the page.  That has been fixed today.

04/20/2016    I finally get around to doing the "year end housekeeping" from 2015, updating the news archives and whatnot, and for 2015 there was exactly ONE news update!  That's absolutely ridiculous, even more so than having no updates yet this year.  I can say that I have continued to downsize the amount of games and hardware I own as I focus on stuff I really like or will really play.  I've moved over to emulation for a lot of things via a softmodded original XBox, which is still a very robust option for a single console, living room emulation box.  That doesn't mean I'm getting out of retrogaming or collecting or any of that!  I more or less realized a huge part of the fun of all of it for me was going to flea markets and yard sales, finding stuff I didn't have, paying a couple bucks for it and checking it out.  While those days aren't completely gone, they are a fading notion.  I'll admit that a huge draw for retrogaming, at least to me, was that there was so much out there that you could simply come across.  With the laser focused buy and sell culture of retrogaming these days you see a lot less of that.  If anything it has given me the opportunity to play more games, which should be the point anyway!
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