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12/14/2001    I've updated my Master List for PSone, PS2, and GameBoy Advance.  In addition, the Nintendo GameCube listing is now present in my Master List.  Not a whole lot else going on with things being so hectic as they usually are around this time of the year.

11/26/2001    A very quick update, the GameCube stuff is coming soon!!  I was in line for 10 hours to get the console and it's great.  That can wait for another update.  This time around a listing of the best PSone titles for under $10 is in the Events / Features section.  I'll have the GameCube section up in a couple days as well as updates to my Master List.

11/3/2001    The Game Cube is almost here so you won't see many new games in the archive until then as conservation of funds is the primary goal for now.  What better way to pass the time then with a TurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine tournament?  TurboDreams 2001 is the first officially sanctioned competition here at David's Video Game Insanity!!  Check the Home page for details how to sign up and watch the Events/Features section for more details as they are made ready.  In other news Sony has released it's official PS2 remote and DVD driver update disc, which is reviewed in the Peripherals section.  Also the Home page has been redone with current news on it as well as previews of new features and recent additions.

10/25/2001    Ace Combat 04 and Devil May Cry have been released on the PS2 and they are both must buys for the system.  I'll have a review for Ace Combat 04 up very soon, let me tell you it's just as fun as the original arcade Air Combat 22.  Less than one month until the Nintendo GameCube launch and I'm more excited about the GC than I was for the PS2 strangely enough.  I really want to play Rogue Leader and Super Monkey Ball.  I am also looking forward to returning to the Nintendo franchises and style of games.  The Gameboy Advance brought back a lot of fond memories and it looks like Nintendo may have their magic touch back.... and that's a good thing.

10/7/2001    Lots of new PS2 games this time, Silent Hill 2, Spy Hunter, NHL 2002, and F1 2001 round out the new releases.  I've also added the somewhat rare action RPG Koudelka for the PSone.  Tetris Worlds on the GBA has also been added.  Reviews of all will be up as soon as time allows.  The next game will be upon the archive on October 17th, the day of Devil May Cry.  No new games at all until then, have to save up for the forthcoming Nintendo GameCube.  Here at David's Video Game Insanity we will refer to the GameCube as NGC, not GCN like Nintendo wants it to be worded.  That just sounds odd: GameCube, Nintendo.  I'll also be tweaking out my entertainment center with a dolby 5.1 channel digital surround system, and you'll get the how to right here.

9/26/2001    Two great games for the GBA are now part of the archive!  Klonoa Empire of Dreams and F-14 Tomcat.  Klonoa retains all the charming and sold 2-D puzzle platform game play of it's bigger cousins on the PSone and PS2.  F-14 is the best pocket arcade flight sim on the market, even better than Blue Lightning on the Atari Lynx.  Reviews of both will be up soon.  Speaking of reviews, Mario Kart Super Circuit is finally reviewed and posted.  In addition, I'm looking for a few good gamers to join the Insane Team!  Right now it takes me about six hours to write a review for a game after I've laid out how I want it to look.  That can include taking screen shots, actually writing the reviews, editing page graphics, etc.  I'm looking for people to write reviews, that's all.  I'll handle all the web stuff and screen shots, I'll be the graphics department.  Drop me an e-mail if you're interested.

9/21/2001    Lots of new items!!  Some new NES games, I've added a Sega Game Gear, and Advance Wars has been released.  I'm not a fan of strategy games, but Advance Wars is a must have for GBA owners.  It's a very complex thinking game, but it is also very easy to play and approachable by anyone.  I grabbed a few more PS2 games, look for the reviews soon.  Also, there is now a SNES II in the archive.  It's the smaller version of the SNES that Nintendo released in the USA.  With the SNES II I've also picked up a copy of my all time favorite SNES game, Illusion of Gaia.  In addition, I have added Dance Dance Revolution USA and two Dance Performance II dancing mats.

8/29/2001    Super Mario Super Circuit on the GBA has been released and it is a must buy. Look for more in my upcoming review!  Speaking of reviews, Extreme G3 on the PS2 has just been reviewed and posted.  Will tonight lead to the completion of Chrono Trigger?  Possibly.  Soon a special Dance Dance Revolution feature will be added as well.

8/28/2001    Not much has been going on in the way of actual updates, I've been adding games to my master list, but that's about all.  That will change very soon. Mario Kart Super Circuit is on the horizon, and I've just ordered Dance Dance Revolution.  In addition to that, Extreme G 3 for the PS2 is a blast, and I'm going to prove it with a review very soon, as well as Chrono Trigger from Final Fantasy Chronicles.  Until then, pull extreme G's!

8/1/2001    Big changes!!  I'm sure returning visitors have noticed that things have been moved around and new additions put in.  This is what I was planning way back in 1998 when "Davy's Game Listings" started, and then the "Atari Arena" and finally "David's Video Game Insanity!!"  While I left the name alone this time, there's a whole lot more than just me around here now. Soon I will be adding a review team and will begin showcasing more than just what I have in my archive.  As for the archive itself, it will remain here and be updated.  As for how these update messages are written, look for less talk about specific games, and more about where on the site you can get in-depth information.  I, myself, will continue to write the updates here however.  I hope you enjoy.

7/13/2001    ...Gran Turismo 3 A-spec... four little words that will soon take over every serious gamer's life.  I've only had my copy for two days, but I've already spent a huge amount of time playing it.  Still, rather than to praise the game's accolades, I'm not going to say anything but you have to buy a copy, if you can find it.  I won't say anything because I want each gamer to experience it for themselves first hand.  I will say however, that currently I haven't even begun the Simulation Mode, I want to complete Arcade Mode first.  If you can afford it, you should also pick up the GT Force Feedback Wheel for Gran Turismo 3.  This sold feeling full resistance force feedback steering wheel gives unparalleled control and a real sense of the road. (Also, the game is a lot better with proper brake and accelerator pedals giving actual degrees of use, rather than controller face buttons)  The wheel runs through one of the USB ports on the PS2 and currently also works with Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero, and NASCAR Heat 2002.  Another thing about GT3 is the wonderful soundtrack, I really hope it gets a full on release in the USA, you'll understand when you play the game.  Other games in this update... Final Fantasy Chronicles is a great set, but get used to the load times between battles... (especially in Chrono Trigger) get used to them fast.  Still, well worth $40.  NASCAR Heat 2002, much better than the EA Sports NASCAR game, also Heat supports the GT Force wheel, and is $20 less.  Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero, this is NOT a repackaged version of TXR2 from the Dreamcast, this is a full on graphically tweaked street racer without compare, even better it supports the GT Force wheel.  I've also picked up Sonic Adventure 2 for the Dreamcast... and sadly it still has the same horrible camera and control problems.  Another great game to get is Konami Krazy Racers for the GBA, serious kart racing fun.  My Light Boy Advance also came in, this is the light accessory to get for the dark GBA screen.  Game completion's this time around, Red Faction... a very disappointing ending.  Next time Kolona 2 should be here, that's about it, back to the world of Gran Turismo.

6/14/2001    You know what sucks?  Not being able to sleep, that's what... even more so when the reason why is video games.  I've had my Game Boy Advance now for only three short days and it's beginning to take over my life.  I lie in bed at night tossing and turning, thinking about making a quick return to Castlevania, or laying down a few laps with GT Advance, or playing a few quick games of Dig-Dug on Namco Museum... and then, suddenly the worm light is plugged in and the GBA is fired up.  So, as I sit here at three o'clock in the morning writing this, I want to make it clear, you MUST obtain a Game Boy Advance as soon as possible.  I played my original Game Boy a lot when I was a wee little gamer back in 1989, but no where near as much as the GBA.  Same thing with my Atari Lynx, I love it to death, but it just can't compete with the killer software presentation Nintendo's new boy can produce.  If there would be one game to get for the GBA (other than Super Mario Advance, I mean, it's a remake of the best Mario game, Super Mario Bros. 2, and also you can get it for around $25 right now) it would be, in my opinion, GT Advance Championship Racing.  Think of it as a cross between the customization options and realism of Gran Turismo, and the arcade power slides and fun of the early days of Ridge Racer.  Yes, the GBA screen is a tad bit dark when indoors away from a good light or a sunny window, and the speaker is down right horrible.  Yet, it's easy to resolve these problems, a good set of headphones will take care of your audio problem, and a light attachment (I have a Light Boy Advance on order from Japan as I write this) will lessen the problem of dark screens in poor light.  Right now I'm using a worm light advance, which only seems to help in pitch black darkness, I never did like the worm lights, but it'll do until my Light Boy arrives.  Also note, there is so much quality (and quality is the word) software available for the GBA, it's easy to get carried away.  I've spent nearly as much on the GBA launch as I did when the PlayStation 2 first arrived.  So get a Game Boy Advance, a link cable, some buddies, and have some insane fun, old-school / next gen Mario Bros style.  Next time GT3 will hopefully finally be here, or at least an update leading up to it. (yes, I'm going to be away for that long, after all... I have to slay Dracula... again.)

6/7/2001    Today I added a TurboGrafx 16 to the archive.  True, I did have one here earlier briefly, but it didn't work properly, the new one does.  The TurboGrafx still holds the place as my all time favorite retro gaming system.  This holds true for a lot of people, especially shooter fans such as me.  Blazing Lazers, R-Type, Dead Moon, there are countless wonderful shooters that the TG16 does better than any other system.  As well as my favorite version of my all time favorite racing franchise, Final Lap, in Final Lap Twin.  The Game Boy Advance launch is just around the corner as well... and I'm actually beginning to get excited about it.  There is absolutely NO blurring even when scrolling at high speed on the GBA, a problem that plagued the other three Game Boy's, even the Atari Lynx, and was even a bigger problem on the Sega Game Gear.  The Turbo Express (portable TurboGrafx 16) was devoid of these problems, but the GBA looks even better, it's also a lot more affordable and compact.  I've also picked up Dark Cloud for the PS2, it's a fun game, nice looking but nothing super spectacular.  I'd still say if you like adventure games like Zelda and Lagoon (although the story line isn't as good) Dark Cloud is at least worth a rental.  Next time... the Game Boy Advance will be upon us.

5/27/2001    It sure is beginning to get hot... the temperature outside as well as the console war.  The games for the upcoming Nintendo Game Cube look wonderful, as do the next group of PlayStation 2 releases, and except for a very few titles, the lackluster XBox continues to not impress me.  With "Gran Turismo 3 A-spec" for the PlayStation 2 and the Game Boy Advance launch on the horizon, summer will be a lot hotter than ever before.  Aside from that, Red Faction has been released on the PlayStation 2.  It is an excellent first person shooter, that has something we haven't seen much of in a long time... innovation.  There's nothing super incredible here, but what it does, it does extremely well.  If you've ever played Half-life, GoldenEye, Unreal Tournament, TimeSpiltters or the like, you'll simply love Red Faction.  Don't think of it as being "just another FPS," it is a very worthwhile gaming experience that will take some time to complete.  I've also got my hands on some Japanese Super Famicom Sailormoon games, as well as a Super Famicom deck.  A TurboGrafx16 will probably be on the way soon.  Also, I've finally added good quality pictures of nearly every item in my video game collection.  More to come soon.

4/24/2001    Not a lot has happened since the last update, at least stateside anyway. Zone of the Enders is a blast but I really hope they decide to continue the franchise.  I finally played though the Metal Gear Solid 2 demo as well, and it's great.  Enough about the PS2 for a moment though.  I've put down a deposit on a Game Boy Advance for its release in June, an "Arctic" (White) colored one.  Of the colors offered, I like the Arctic one the best, it has a clean high tech look.  So, we're gonna do something different this time, and give a small preview on what's to come on the GBA.  So, without further adieu, here are some of the games to look forward to... (Note: pictures removed after two months to reduce loading time)

4/9/2001    It has been a long time since I've been in, but I come bearing gifts.  To begin with I've picked up Zone of the Enders for the PlayStation2.  I'm happy to say that it's finally begun, there are now must have PS2 games on the market, and Zone of the Enders is one of them.  Anime inspired robotic combat at it's finest.  The Metal Gear Solid 2 demo pack in is nice as well, although I haven't played it much.  When Metal Gear Solid 2 is released in its entirety is when I want to sit down and play the game.  When I got the first Metal Gear demo back on the PSone, I played it like crazy... but had to wait over two months before I could play the game.  So when the game finally did become available, I wasn't very excited.  Okay, the future of gaming, and now the past.  My Colecovision has arrived along with 24 games and those signature Coleco controllers.  I absolutely love it.  What a feeling of nostalgia when playing Donkey Kong, Venture, or Carnival!  Colecovisions are becoming kinda rare, the one I bought didn't come cheap (mostly because a few very rare games were included in the package) so if you see on at a yard sale or flea market, don't be turned away because you can't get it dirt cheap.  Now to get the driving module, Turbo, Destructor, Mountain King, and a few more games that are just a whole lot sweeter on the Colecovision.

3/21/2001    Today I picked up Onimusha for the PlayStation 2, it came in a few days ago but I didn't need it the second it came in (it was on the same day as Daytona USA) so I held off until today.  Onimusha is a great game, something that both has great game play, a cool story line, and incredible graphics that are what needs to be expected of the PlayStation 2 hardware.  It follows the Resident Evil control layout, but using samurai sword techniques rather than guns.  If you thought the attack movements in Vampire Hunter D for the PSone were cool, wait until you see Onimusha.  All this coolness does come at a price, however, Onimusha is short for a survival horror game, very short infact.  Still, the overall coolness factor and attention to detail on, well... everything, Onimusha being short doesn't feel like a rip-off unlike the last "big" PS2 release The Bouncer.  You simply can't lose with Onimusha.  I'll soon be adding a Colecovision and a slew of games, I'll tell you when they come in.

3/19/2001    Alright, Daytona USA was released for the Dreamcast on the 13th and it came in at work on the 15th.  BUY THIS GAME!!  If you have a Dreamcast you've just found the greatest version of the most enjoyable arcade game of all time, even surpassing the arcade original itself.  Daytona USA may not be the most realistic or detailed arcade driving game, but it has always been the most fun.  I'm sure many gamers (and non-gamers) have spent hours on end playing Daytona USA against up to another five players in the arcade.  Bringing Daytona home hasn't always been as fulfilling an experience as in the arcade, until now.  After the Saturn and PC versions, we are graced with the Dreamcast port... and while it adds a few new twists, it's still the same perfect blend of arcade action and driving realism we fell in love with way back in 1992.  This time around there are actual car variations aside from just different handling and acceleration levels.  There is the old favorite, the Hornet stock car, as well as the new model Falcon, Grasshopper, and Lightning.  There are also other car models, but you'll have to unlock those for yourself.  Each car has a distinctive body style and different performance characteristics.  The only thing I wish they would have left alone are the graphics on the Hornet car, I thought the old Hornet logo was extremely cool "Since 1992 HORNET HIGH-CLASS" with a digitized picture of the side of a hornet.  It's a small complaint, and just me nitpicking, I assure you this is the only thing remotely at flaw in the game.  (Note: "Since 1992" was changed to "Since 1994" in the first home port of Daytona USA on the Saturn)  The new tracks are wonderful, as are the perfect representations of the courses from the arcade and circuit editions.  In fact, the Dreamcast version actually looks better than the arcade graphics of the old Model 2 arcade board.  The music is excellent also, slight remixes of the familiar tunes from the arcade version will have "Daytonaaaaaa let's go away, let's go away" implanted in your mind after only a few minutes of play.  (After we all finally got them out of our heads, huh?)  Maybe even more attractive is the price of this definitive version of Daytona, you can pick it up for $39.99 almost everywhere.  If you don't have a Dreamcast, this is the reason to buy one.  It was the reason a Sony (and one time Nintendo) faithful like me bought a Dreamcast to sit next to my PlayStation 2.  So for roughly $150 (Dreamcast + Daytona USA) you can have a better-than-arcade version of Daytona USA at home.  How can you pass it up?  Oh, I'm also going to add a Colecovision soon.. blah, blah, blah.... time to get back to Three Seven Speedway... "Rolling Staaaaarrrrrrrrttttttt....."

3/13/2001    It's been awhile, but I'm back.  During my time away The Bouncer was released for the PlayStation2.  Now, there have been a lot of mixed reviews for The Bouncer.  It's an okay game, nothing really incredible or amazing, but it's a good time if you liked Tobal No.1, Ehirgeitz, etc.  The biggest problems with this game are the camera angles and the control scheme.  Putting the block move on the R1 shoulder button is a big mistake because all the attack buttons are on the controller face.  The AI is pretty stupid as well, when you're with your team all they pretty much do is stand around and allow themselves to be thrown at you. It's not for everyone, so I recommend you rent The Bouncer before you buy.  Also, Daytona USA 2001 was released today on the Dreamcast.  I don't know if it's come in yet, but if it has I'll pick it up tomorrow at work.  I'm also working on getting an original Vectrex machine, more soon.

2/26/2001    Star Wars Starfighter has finally been released for the PlayStation2 by LucasArts.  While a really cool game, I breezed through it on the normal setting within about five hours.  There are still a few more objectives I need to complete to unlock bonus missions, but the main part of the game was easily completed.  Don't let this turn you away from Starfighter, every moment was an enjoyable experience, there's something cool about fifty or sixty droid starfighters crossing in front of you as they break off into their independent squadrons.  The sound is excellent as well.  Final verdict, Star Wars Starfighter is an enjoyable space shooter game every PS2 owner, especially Star Wars fans, shouldn't be without.

2/19/2001    Sorry that updates have dropped back to about once a week.  I picked up Shenmue for the Dreamcast and while it's a cool game, I completed it in four days.  My Lynx and Jaguar stuff came in today, it's all listed on the corresponding pages.  That's it for this time.

2/11/2001    I've added StarBlade Alpha to the PlayStation list.  The video store finally sold the copy they had (and the only one I've ever seen) after over two years of waiting.  StarBlade has always been my all time favorite arcade game, probably as close to a The Last Starfighter type game as will ever be made.  I dumped all ideas of adding a TurboGrafix-16 today, I'm bringing in too many systems and spreading myself thin.  I want to get Shenmue for the Dreamcast, but that's about all I want for that doomed system, unless Sega releases more classic games compilations.  When my Lynx stuff arrives then I'll have every game I want for that system for the most part.  Then I can get back to concentrating on the PlayStation2.  I've decided to take a serious stab at completing Final Fantasy IX on Monday.  Then Lunar, Lunar 2 and Chrono Cross.  Just as the PlayStation was sold when the PlayStation2 was obtained, the doomed Dreamcast will always be available from me for purchase.  I really like playing it, but I've obtained so many high end systems right now, I can realistically see the Dreamcast suffering the fate of my Jaguar, to get covered in dust, to be played once in a great while... or my Sega Genesis, tucked away in a corner of my entertainment center.  So if you want a Dreamcast for less than retail, talk to me and we'll see what we can do, remember I always ship free within the continental United States.

2/10/2001    Notice anything new?  Look just above the Gameboy link.  That's right, the Sega Dreamcast joins the collection.  The price finally dropped below $100, but that wasn't the reason why I picked it up.  For $119.99 Sega is currently offering the Smash Pack bundle.  This includes the standard Dreamcast console package, as well as a disc with twelve of the greatest Sega games ever created.  The games included are the Genesis favorites Sonic the Hedgehog, Vectorman, Revenge of Shinobi, Phantasy Star 2, Wrestle War, Streets of Rage 2, Golden Axe, Altered Beast, Columns, and Shining Force.  In addition the puzzle game Sega Swirl as well as the new sequel Virtua Cop 2 are included as well.  The definitive Sega 16-bit gaming library on one disc.  Sega's new ploy is to get fans of Sega's great past to invest in the Dreamcast... I'll be the first to say that it's working. ^_^  Phantasy Star 2 and Shining Force are worth half the price of admission alone.  Seriously though, buying a used Genesis and the games included on the Smash Pack would total about the price of this special Dreamcast bundle.  I still think the Dreamcast is as loud as a freight train though.

2/8/2001    Final Fantasy IX has still not been completed, didn't have the time, leaves something for next week.  I spent most of today thinking about the next expansion of this site, that would be arcade games.  I'm seriously thinking of purchasing a full arcade machine in the next month, probably either a Galaxian or Rygar.  (Galaga is far too expensive to start a collection with)  I've always liked Rygar and the arcade upright would be the ultimate version to own.  (The arcade Rygar was much better then the Nintendo version if you don't remember)  A Galaxian would also be a great game to start out with, though they do get pricey.  I've also been looking at the arcade game Strider, but it seems they are somewhat rare.  I may be out for a few days, but alas I shall return.

2/7/2001    Oh how the mighty have fallen.  Today I completed Oni on the PlayStation2, after less than five days of play.  It wasn't easy, wasn't really difficult either, but it was a good game and I can see myself going through it again sometime.  Basically what I'm saying is if you want a good third person anime inspired action game, with some platform elements included, pick up Oni on PlayStation2.  Hopefully I'll have the time to round out Final Fantasy IX tomorrow evening.  Then hopefully I can set up to complete Lunar next week so I can begin on Chrono Cross and Lunar 2.

2/6/2001    I just placed an order for some additional Atari Lynx games and accessories, as well as some Jaguar stuff, when the items arrive in a couple weeks, I'll list them.  I've been progressing through Oni on the PlayStation2, it's a great game.  Nothing super spectacular, but the AI is cool, and over all it's just an all around good game.  Now, on to news about Sega.  Didn't we all see it coming?  If you ask me, this is the first smart thing Sega has done since packaging Altered Beast in with the original Genesis.  As soon as the price drops, I'll probably welcome the Dreamcast into the collection... maybe not though.  You don't see a Nintendo 64 among the ranks do you?  I see the prospect of the really popular Dreamcast titles eventually coming over to the PlayStation2, so I'm just going to wait.  Next "new" system that will be added?  Probably either an Atari 7800, or the prior Sega attempt, the Saturn.

2/2/2001    Once again a new game wanders into my collection and everything else is pushed back.  Oni came in today for PlayStation2 and rather than spend this evening going through the ladder part of Final Fantasy IX, I went through the first three stages of Oni.  Nice graphics, good voice acting, and an adequate control scheme will keep me busy with Oni for quite awhile.  Hopefully I can complete Lunar, FF IX, and Chrono Cross next week.  Maybe even get pretty far through Oni as well, all depends on if my schedule sticks.  Enough about if the schedule sticks, time to get back to those Dualshock2 analog sticks.

2/1/2001    Next weeks work schedule is in, and it looks like I'll have plenty of time to spend with my video games.  If you recall, awhile back this site was actually going to be called "Atari Arena" and be specifically about Atari.  Although I would love to do an Atari site, I figure there's enough of them out there (the best one is here The Atari Historical Society) so I thought it would be more valuable to the video game community if I contribute my views instead.  I'll probably spend next week finishing up some PlayStation RPG's (Final Fantasy IX, Lunar), and starting a few new ones (Chrono Cross, Lunar 2).  I would have liked to have had Lunar and FFIX completed awhile ago, but I just haven't had the time.  To explain the Lunar gap, it's a long story, that involves the wonderful RPG "Grandia" of which I finally had the time to complete.  I'm also planning on spending some quality time curled up with my Atari Lynx, possibly dust off the old Virtual Boy, and play through "Space Ace" on the Jaguar CD.

1/31/2001    I finally got my Atari Lynx in the mail, long live ebay!  I was hoping to purchase one from United Game Source, but right when I decided to do it, they sold their last factory refurb.  So I won a Lynx off ebay, and after many headaches with the mail, it finally arrived.  It will probably be a surprise to many that I hadn't played a Lynx since I was eight. Work has been pretty quiet so I'm going to try to *gasp* put an update message on this page every day... or at least once a week.  Better get back to playing Paperboy on the Lynx, move over PlayStation2!

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