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12/23/2002    Just posted a detailed walk through on how to clean your PlayStation2 laser lens from the inside, the same way a professional would.  Save yourself some money and check it out, both in the import corner and in the events area.

12/16/2002    Not a lot going on right now, I NEED AN ARCADE EDITOR!! >_<;;  e-mail me at insanedavid@hotmail.com and sign up today!  Aside from that, I'm on the way to write an article about best games for this holiday in a few minutes.  Please continue to show your support by linking to the Insanity and signing up for the Insane Team and Insane Events!

11/9/2002    I haven't put a news update in, but I have been adding to the archive.  Newest edition is a Microsoft XBox now that the holiday bundle is out.  Also the first of the US release DDR PS2 games, DDRMAX is in the archive as well as the extremely cool Document of Metal Gear Solid 2.  Lately however, most of my time has been taken up following the continuing saga of Ryo Hazuki in Shenmue II.

9/29/2002    Games have slowly been added to the archive over the past month.  Most noticeably of these are Robotech Battlecry, Kingdom Hearts, and Animal Crossing.  The verdict on those three titles?  Buy it NOW, rent it first, and only get it if you want to lose your life to a little village of AI animals.  Launching soon will be the Inside Insanity feature, my answer to the monthly columns that video game magazine editors put out.  You will find the Inside Insanity section as a mini-link under the "News and Updates" mini-link at the home page.  New news at Inside Insanity will be presented as current at the home page, and the full archive can always be found by following the mini-link.  The holidays are on the way, U R not e!  (That's "You are not ready!" .. an early PlayStation slogan)

8/11/2002    Quick things to toss in before I get down to this update.  First, the GTA III feedback LIVE 2 session for this August has been canceled.  Second, please freely take and distribute my link button found on the home page and link to http://insanedavid.tripod.com if it's not too much trouble, I'm looking for a new staff going into the holidays.  Really, that's about it.  Added a few GBA games, as well as a couple PSone titles.  There would be more to this, but when it's 104 degrees outside, there are things I'd rather do other than sweat behind the soft glow of an SVGA display.  Until next time.

7/18/2002    Before I do anything else, let me say happy birthday to the Sailor Senshi Sanctuary.  Sailor Senshi Sanctuary was at one time one of the highest rated Sailormoon sites in existence and, well, it was the first web project I really poured myself into.  It's not around anymore, but a memorial site is in the works, and again I would just like to say happy three year anniversary to SSS!  Okay *wipes a tear away* back to this update.  I've added some classic and sought after Super Nintendo games such as Zelda III and Chrono Trigger.  My copy of the Japanese Gameboy Advance Lunar Legend just came in today.  I haven't went thought a Japanese RPG in a long time... a long time, but I'm looking forward to the challenge.  I'm sad to report, however, that TurboDreams2002 is canceled, just like it was last year.  Maybe another time, I just don't have the resources to keep track of everything.  More to come soon.

6/29/2002    Just a bunch of new games this time around.  The biggest addition being a boxed and complete copy of the zany Super Nintendo RPG EarthBound.  The cart has been in the archive for awhile but now it joins as a complete collectable.  A few more NES games have been archived as well, including Megaman IV and Ninja Gaiden III.  Nintendo comes into play again with the GameCube Memory Card 251, packing four times the memory storage for only $5 more, and the Wireless Wavebird Controller, the best wireless controller ever manufactured.  Finally on the PS2 front, Wipeout Fusion joins the ranks as the fourth incarnation of one of my all time favorite racing series.  It's no Wipeout XL, but it's a great game in it's own right and gets back to why the Wipeout games were popular... it's a blast to play.

6/9/2002    I apologize again for not adding much in quite a long time.  I have some new games to add in soon, as well as some reviews, but first things first.  There is a new import section, David's Import Corner, accessible from the Events/Features menu.  Go check it out now!  More next time and next time will be very soon.

4/18/2002    Wow, it's been far too long since I've done anything to the archive.  It's not shut down, I've just been very very busy with goings on outside of the video game world.  I've added a ton of games to all parts of the archive, including a new system.  Yes, finally after many years, a TurboDuo joins the ranking and with it a bunch of Japanese PCEngine Duo games.  Just click the TurboDuo button (it's replaced the TurboGrafx-16 button) to check it out.  Aside from that the only game I'm looking forward to that is being released soon is Dance Dance Revolution Konamix.  More to come very soon, including TurboDreams 2002.  That's right, it's coming back, and it's actually going to happen this time.

1/19/2002    Added Capcom vs. SNK 2 Mark of the Millennium to the PS2 listing in my Master List.  In addition there is a new feature where I will touch on the basis of the video game industry and how to become game insane.  That's it for this time.

1/10/2002    Not a whole lot right now, I'm still recovering after the holidays.  The new Dance Dance Revolution feature is in, not much there but more coming soon.  In the way of updates, a Guncon2 review will be in soon, but for the most part just look for more updates to my master list until I can get some more people on the Insane Team.  Also, a quick note, TurboDreams 2001 has been canceled.  I didn't have the time to organize it like I had assumed I would.  It might come back around sometime this summer if I have the desire to attempt to set it up again.  If you really want to participate in the TurboGrafix16 / PCEngine tournament, please e-mail me so I know just how many would like to compete.

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