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8/23/2003    Posted documentation on the arcade scene in Santa Cruz.  I also was able to pick up a used copy of Descent on the PSone for $1.68 while I was in the bay area.

8/7/2003    Sorry for the lack of updates, I had to replace the motherboard in my computer and it took awhile for it to arrive.  I don't want to tempt fate or anything, but I probably won't ever buy any ASUS products again.  Only recent game addition is Mobile Light Force 2 for the PS2 which is a great $10 purchase if you like crazy Japanese shooters along the lines of Aero Fighters and Raiden.  I'll be heading out to the bay area next week and I will document how the beach front arcade industry is doing out toward Santa Cruz.  That's about it for now.

7/17/2003    Lowered prices on items for sale.

7/1/2003    Posted a review of the TurboDuo ASCII STICK Engine.

6/25/2003    No Gameboy Player for the GameCube yet, and no PC/Engine joystick yet.  However, I did get a few requests about TurboDreams2003 (I'm more shocked than anyone) and you'll find a picture of the disc that was going to be distributed among those who registered for the tournament back in December right here.  I truly was ready to get it up and running this year, so have no fear, there should be no problems next time.  I'll probably have reviews for the Gameboy Player as well as the PC/Engine joystick in a week or so.  (I'm going to playtest the crap out of both of them before writing a review)

6/23/2003    Well considering I haven't written a real update in quite a long time, I figured I should finally do so.  I'm still unemployed since I parted ways with Target Corporation back in December and while it hasn't been a huge problem, the petty cash and savings is finally starting to run out.  The only real problem this led to was not being able to purchase every other big release game put out, and I had to cancel plans of going to FanimeCon this year.  Also there are quite a few anime box sets being released this summer, so I'm really feeling the sting of the poor job market.  I've been able to pick up games like Auto Modellista and Zelda Wind Waker based mostly on selling the inventory of game stuff I've had for sale here at the site, and other odd jobs, mostly electronics repair.  With the 4th of July just around the corner and a block party planed, I've decided to hold off continuing my job search until after the holiday weekend. (fireworks are legal here.. and well, I'm a pyro.. hell, one of the only vacations I took from my previous job was 4th of July weekend)

In the realm of video games the Gameboy Player for the GameCube will be released later this week and I'll probably be able to pick one up, in addition I have a PC/Engine joystick similar to the NES Advantage on the way right now.  (it may take awhile since it's coming from Canada and I have the worst luck with sending or receiving packages from up there)  What's cool is the PC/Engine and the Japanese PC/Engine Duo uses the same port as the US TurboDuo, so it'll work straight out of the box.  (for some reason NEC made the controller plug huge on the TurboGrafx16)  What's also cool about this controller is that it has an extra long cord, so I can kick back across the room and play Ys or Cosmic Fantasy 2 without having to worry about pulling the TurboDuo out of my entertainment center.  The stick is made by ASCII (who also did the NES Advantage) and you can be sure to expect a full review as soon as I get my hands on it.

For the third year in a row this summer's planned TurboGrafx16 tournament, TurboDreams2003, has been canceled.  This summer I'm just not financially sound enough to be able to spend extra time overseeing a tournament.  I'm too busy trying to keep my head above water and since I'm not currently turning a steady paycheck, I just don't have the time to keep things moving for this year.  I'll have my dedicated server up by hopefully this winter and then I'll have quarterly TurboGrafx16 tournaments.  Also just a side note, when Mario Kart Double Dash!! releases late this year, expect coverage of a Mario Kart LAN party.  If you've seen the CubeCount2001 video then you should have a good idea of the type of people to expect.

I will soon be expanding the FAQ on more of a technical note, I've gotten a few requests wanting to know what computers I use to operate the site and how I'm connected, things of that nature.  So I've written a little technical spec column with visuals and you can expect that sometime later this week.  The InsaneTeam will not be seeing Ian this summer and to that end the GTA Vice City Feedback LIVE session for July 3rd 2003 has been canceled.  We may have him around this August for a few days but don't expect it.  I would still like a couple more people to join the InsaneTeam, there are no longer any requirements except that you provide the listing information for the InsaneTeam page and are perceptive to responding to e-mails from users of the site. (questions mostly have to do with installing mod chips and things like that)

Offers will now be accepted on all items in the for sale area, I simply need to move my inventory since I will be remodeling a section of my dwelling this fall and I need the space.  (I'm talking like 2 Saturn controllers for $10, liquidation like that)  If you'd like to buy my entire inventory on everything I'm willing to let it go pretty cheap and would ship it out fast as almost all of it is still boxed.

Finally, stupid things no one cares about.  The unofficial beverage of DVGI is no longer Lipton BRISK iced tea, but Suntory Boss Coffee.  Lipton BRISK will still stay on as a favorite among the earliest DVGI crew but Japanese Boss Coffee has become far too popular within the bay area gamer community and well, it's just time to adapt a little.  (pick it up at Mitsuwa Marketplace if you're in the San Jose bay area.. you know, it used to be the Yohan that we had the Aero Fighters 3 marathons in a couple years ago)

..I need work.. and the Genesis Climber Mospeada and Sailormoon season 1 DVD box sets.. ..and a life.. ..see you next time kids.

6/18/2003    Well my computer kinda tripped up for awhile there, but I've resolved the problem for the most part and I'm back now.  Sorry for the lack of updates and replies to e-mails lately, it should no longer be an issue.

5/13/2003    Posted a review of the excellent PlayStation shooter, G.Darius.

5/12/2003    Posted a review of Illusion of Gaia, more reviews will follow shortly.

5/4/2003    Added a link to Lunar-Net.com and updated the InsaneTeam page.  Everything should load fine at 800x600 now, even the Features pages.

5/3/2003    Added some pictures to the Pics section of my maracas PaRappa, Sonic necktie, Pac-Man lunchbox and some UFO catchers.  Also cleaned up the last few table problems, so everything should load fine now.

5/2/2003    Just reworked some site graphics and added a link to ArcadeParadise.org.  Also I finally got rid of the plain text I had at the top of the navigation frame that has been annoying me for years, I did a little navigation graphic with Frog from Chrono Trigger to take its place.  Finally I tweaked the frame boundaries so everything SHOULD load fine under Internet Explorer, however there are still a few tables on certain pages that spill over, but it's nothing that needs concern.  I was thinking about doing away with the frames all together, but I like how the site is organized... I know frames are an html fad of the past, but as long as you don't go ballistic with them I don't see any problem.  A couple e-mails came in about changing of the title graphic that used to be Megaman and Protoman and if I'll be scrapping the robot guardians I have on the section titles.  The answer is no, I really like how they look and have absolutely no intentions of removing or changing them any time soon, I changed the title graphic for a cleaner look and for recognition of the new version.  The Daytona USA Hornet High-Class car is one of my favorite images of Sega's arcade history and it'll probably stick around for quite a while.  (version 3.0 used a booklet image from Ridge Racer V) ..and if you REALLY must see what the good old version 1.0 title graphic looked like, I dug it up and found it.  See, there truly is a thing as too many Megaman robots.

5/1/2003    Nothing major going on this time.  After purchasing a new computer and leaving good old Netscape 4.7 behind for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 as my primary browser, I've decided it was time to implement the version 3.5 changes to the site.  For the most part all it does is make the navigation frame boundary movable and trims some graphics and image templates so they'll fit better under IE at 800 x 600 resolution.  It's strangely sad but there aren't very many games coming up this summer that I'm excited about.  Now that I've cleared my agenda of RPG's I was playing through, I finally popped Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete into the PlayStation and have begun on it.  (yes, after a couple years since purchasing it)

4/5/2003    Both an Auto Modellista and Zelda Wind Waker review are posted.  I completed Wind Waker within four days of its arrival, go buy it now if you haven't already.  I've also fixed a problem with the Dreamcast link graphic and put a new smaller link button on the home page.

3/31/2003    Auto Modellista is out and while I'd much rather classify it as a rental, I'm having a lot of fun with this title.  In fact I'm on my way to write a review right now.  I know, I know, I should be talking about the new Zelda game but my preorder hasn't arrived yet.  When I was looking at the release listings I saw that Auto Modellista was coming out around the same time, so figured I could log time playing it before Zelda was to arrive.

3/1/2003    Not much lately, looking for a new job, managing my depleting finances and the like... oh, you wanted to know about video games, didn't you?  Well I scrapped the Inside Insanity archive since I lost my newest contributor before they even began.  Finally got around to finishing Parasite Eve a couple nights ago (it's a long story why I couldn't remember how that game ended from playing it years ago) and just in time since the Ocarina of Time bonus disc for reserving Wind Waker arrived yesterday.  So I'll be spending the next week or so off and on hammering through that, try to squeeze in going though Ys again sometime next week on the Duo (would be more appealing if the Mine in Ys I wasn't such a pain to get through) with a little Rez in there for good measure just so things don't get too old school.

2/5/2003    Added a few more NES games, bringing the total up to 154.  I think it's time I posted an explanation about things in the previous couple months.  First and foremost all the planned holiday events were canceled due to issues with funding and work.  Advance special projects are being pushed around as well.  To counter this, the "For Sale" section will soon begin to sell NEW video game items and accessories for record low prices.  Sales are still on a person to person basis, as things have always been.

1/30/2003    Massive amount of NES games added, bringing my total up to 151 cartridges.  However, the amount of NES controllers I have has declined due to a special project I've begun working on... details will follow.

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