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12/29/2004    Still away but I wanted to post that Retrogaming Times Monthly issue #8 is now up, including the latest "Titles of Tengen" article I write for them - I want to once again say it is an absolute privilege to write for them.  I need to update a few of my game lists as well but that can wait until after the new year.  Due to a family emergency and things just being hectic I'm pushing back all upcoming site features by two weeks.  This will also allow me the time I need to overhaul the 8 Bit Flashback Information Hub, something I've needed to do for awhile.  My apologies for the delays but I've been in no condition to write about the industry since just after the previous update.  Just in case anyone is curious about the game list updates I need to add Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, R-Type Final, and Taiko Drum Master (as well as the Taiko Controller) to the PlayStation 2 listing.  Additionally I'm hoping to have a few NES games to add if possible.  I'm in the process of going through each one right now but in short, MGS3 is filling the gaps for the ENTIRE series (even from the original Metal Gear game), R-Type Final makes me shed a tear that Irem will never make another R-Type game but it's a hell of a way to go out, and Taiko Drum Master is the most entertaining music / rhythm game I've played since DDR 3rd Mix (I like the older DDR music).

I suppose it will have passed by the time I update next so I'll bid farewell to 2004 now.  2004 gave us some very interesting games, closed out a few game series (Metal Gear Solid and R-Type to note, although Metal Gear will continue with a new series), and showed people are stupid enough to be charmed into buying 10 year old reworked technology as long as you miniaturize it and toss on 5 year old touch screen technology (I'm looking at you Nintendo DS).  Come on people, you know how many good N64 games there were?  ..about five, and two of them are Zelda titles.  Believe me, Nintendo is going to try the whole "port over enhanced N64 games" for the DS the same way they tried "port over enhanced Super Nintendo games" on the GBA... the difference is while there's a HUGE library of quality SNES titles to tap into for the GBA, the same isn't going to work for the DS for the reason I noted above.  The system should have been left as an internal project, I'm sure Gunpei Yokoi is up in gaming heaven just shaking his head.  Will it be another Virtual Boy? - No, because I actually like the Virtual Boy... if you can say one thing for the Virtual Boy it's that it wasn't overhyped, it was always portrayed as exactly as what it is, 3D (NOT Virtual Reality, it NEVER claimed to be) multi-dimensional game play.  2004 gave us the second coming of the PlayStation 2 as the PSTwo, the bastardization of one of the greatest television networks to ever exist (ZDTV / TechTV), and gave us tons of all-in-one TV Games joysticks.

2004 also saw the foundation of ClassicPlastic.net - finally a home for this gaming site I've been dragging around in different incarnations over the past six years.  I've finally nailed down a review format so hopefully I can turn reviews out at a faster and more consistent rate.  Thank you to everyone who has visited the site this year, hope to have you return many times into the next.  ...even if it is just because you need help cleaning your PlayStation 2.

12/23/2004    The updates are coming, I swear!  However I've had to juggle some things around - the Lords of Thunder review will have to wait for awhile, I have all my screen captures done but still a lot to work out.  I don't yet have my copy of Strategy Guide, the follow up to 14 Year Old Girls excellent Zombies In Robots Out but as soon as I get it and most of the previous workload done I'll have a review.  If it's anything remotely close to as good as Zombies In Robots Out was, then it's going to be excellent and really if you know someone into video games or old school punk, both CD's would make a great last minute gift idea for the holidays.  (to the 14 Year Old Girls, can't wait to hear your newest release, thanks again for giving us this music)

The majority of the delays recently have been due to the temperature being so low out here in the ClassicPlastic.net box 'o development.  A nice day finally occurred back on Tuesday but instead of getting things done I went to that "outside" place I keep hearing about.  Additionally I really need to finish the rebuild testing and burn off a bootable version of Developmental Build 7.2 of my NES on Dreamcast compilation before Christmas... probably won't happen, but it would be one less thing to deal with after Christmas, hopefully I'll at least get the rebuild testing done by then.  I also need to bank some articles for Retrogaming Times Monthly so I don't end up looking at my calendar and having to rush to write one, next is the NES port of After Burner - writing for them is an absolute privilege.  Of course the Christmas rush is partly to blame, things should pick up here again between Christmas and New Year's as that's when I usually do a lot of site work since there's NOTHING to do then.

However since I won't be back until a bit after Christmas, InsaneDavid has some gifts for you!  The Ridge Racer Type 4 Direct Audio soundtrack review is done!  I was out at the Sales Yard on Tuesday and picked up the holy grail of NES specialty controllers, the Arkanoid paddle, and have posted the latest editorial in the series.  It looks like the arcade perfect rework of Virtua Racing (Virtua Racing -Flat Out-) on the PS2 will indeed be coming to the Virtua Racing -Flat Out-United States in February 2005 along with many other 3DAges reworks as Sega Classics Collection.  I plan on spending 24 hours behind my GT Force feedback wheel upon release, this February Virtua Racing will be had by all!

Lastly my apologies for not responding to console hardware and game questions as quickly as I usually do.  Again, the last couple weeks have just been really hectic.  I'm all caught up now, so I'm ready for the pile of e-mail I usually get after Christmas about why this or that won't work - things of that nature. If you have a question about video games obtained over the holidays, some problem or need technical help, e-mail me here and I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as I can.  On behalf of myself, Susan, Ian, Chris, Team Radish over at 8 Bit Flashback, Monte at Comrades Goods, and the departed old team that still contributes on the side - Happy non-denominational holiday greetings!  See you all after the biggest video game playing day of the year.

12/18/2004    Picked up Virtua Racing for the Genesis / JVC X'Eye as well as wrote an editorial about this unique cartridge.

12/17/2004    Parted with a few TurboGrafx16, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color, PlayStation, and PlayStation 2 games.  Added a couple NES games.  (as well as another NES deck, but that won't be in my listing as it is planned for resale)  Also picked up an additional controller for the JVC X'Eye and wrote the latest editorial about game archival from the local flea market.

12/12/2004    I picked up a Genesis 2 power supply at the Sales Yard and my JVC X'Eye works fine!  It turns out that the problem with the CD drive had to do with a damaged pinswitch that senses if the CD drive lid is closed.  With the pinswitch not working properly the X'Eye thought the CD lid was open and there by wouldn't engage disc spin / disc read.  I didn't have a replacement pinswitch on hand so I soldered a temporary override jumper to the CD drive daughterboard.  Sounds complicated but once I get a new pinswitch installed I'll have a full visual write up on it.  I haven't updated the site much in the past few weeks, mostly just busy but really I haven't had any new content - been caught up in other things.  Hopefully I'll have a new editorial and a music review up in the next week or so.  Before I forget, I'm now writing for Retrogaming Times Monthly, the continuation of the excellent Retrogaming Times.  The column I write has to do with the NES games Tengen created and published, basically comparing them to their arcade originals.

11/27/2004    After doing some early testing on the JVC X'Eye unit I picked up a couple weeks ago at the Sales Yard it looks like it works fine.  I still need to pick up a more compatible power adapter (the one I tested with doesn't have the amperage to run the CD drive) but I've decided to add the X'Eye to my master games list.  Remember to check out the items I have for sale at the DVGI Storefront as during the holiday season I accept offers on any item.  Just e-mail me with what you want and we'll work out a price / shipping rate.

11/22/2004    Finally got around to finishing and posting my review of Ace Combat 5 - The Unsung War.  Other than that not a whole lot has been going on.  I've got a few auctions running on eBay right now, you can check them out by clicking here.

11/17/2004    Posted a new editorial on the latest trip out to the Sales Yard.  I've started work on the Ace Combat 5 review and should have it up soon enough.  Lastly, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater was released today... no I don't have it yet and am very unhappy.  hehe  However I'll pick it up soon enough and do plan on writing a review shortly after completion.

11/8/2004    The version 4.0 changes to David's Video Game Insanity have been completed. These mostly have to do with my master list (games archive listing), making things easier to update so that I can keep them more current.  It may take a while to get used to the new look when browsing but in the long run this is a better format.  Additionally some graphics have been replaced with higher resolution versions however they will not increase page loading times.

11/6/2004    I've begun work on some display changes to my master list pages as well as correcting some out of date information on the home page.  Additionally the Insane Team page has been updated and made current.  I've since completed the campaign mode of Ace Combat 5 but I'm holding off my review until I knock out all of arcade mode as well.

10/29/2004    Got rid of a few more GBA games and finished adding some rare NES games to my archive, both listing pages have been updated to reflect this.  I also picked up Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War and it kicks ass.  I haven't been blown away by a game in years like the way I am by this title.  A full review will follow after I complete the game.  As with all my reviews, I only write a full review after I have personally completed a title.

10/27/2004    My apologies for the lack of updates in the previous couple weeks.  I had discovered a mouse in my dwelling and was forced to shut down operations for a week or so while I attempted to capture it.  It still has not turned up but things are going to return to normal somewhat for the time being.  If the mouse doesn't make itself noticed by this coming weekend then chances are I'll relocate back out to my dwelling and things will go back to normal.  The recent mouse hunt has lent itself to an editorial which I have just posted.  I also picked up one of the redesigned PlayStation 2 consoles, the PSTwo, and have written a full review.  The review has been done for awhile but I just recently have had a chance to get it online.  It's a big launch week, GTA San Andreas as well as Ace Combat 5 The Unsung War.  Truthfully it's no big deal for me to wait on GTA: SA for a couple weeks, however I've really been looking forward to Ace Combat 5 since the trailers from E3 were presented.  I have some display signs as well as a large (about five feet tall) Nintendo standee I'm going to be selling soon, if you would like to check them out and possibly purchase them before hand, please e-mail me.  DVGI version 4.0 is slated to roll out sometime before December, although nothing huge will change, there will be some graphics changes to the game list pages.

10/9/2004    I've gotten rid of a few of my games at the local GameCrazy.  First off, I traded my XBox in, I really don't play it very much at all and the only game I originally bought it for was Shenmue II.  However, I am keeping the Shenmue II game and it's "Shenmue the Movie" bundled DVD.  I traded in a few GBA games including Zelda: A Link to the Past (I'd rather play it on my SNES), Columns Crown (I know, I know, but I really don't like Columns that much), GT Advance 2, Golden Sun (would rather play it emulated on my computer) and so forth.  I also dumped off some SNES games I've had for sale for awhile and my copy of Metroid Prime.  I have a preorder down for the new PSTwo slated for November 1st, which I can't wait for... means I gotta do a thorough cleaning and maintenance sweep of my current PS2 as I'll probably trade it in.  I'm still considering of keeping it since it WAS a launch console, and I did spend all night camped out in the rain to pick it up.  (wouldn't trade that experience, as well as the GameCube launch, for anything in the world)  I would have about $90 store credit banked right now however one of my siblings picked up a used Dreamcast bundle for about $40, so I had them give me the cash and paid for the DC with some of my store credit.  (I'd rather have cash truthfully although it'll go back to the game store when I pick up my PSTwo, hehe)  So in other words I have a hair over $50 store credit right now and $25 down on my PSTwo.

I also picked up one of the Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Edition PS2 controllers, the Chun Li version.  However I've not opened it and have actually sealed it in a poly bag so it won't get damaged.  I plan on buying another one to actually use but the Chun Li model is so tremendously badass and "wouldn't-expect-to-see-this-in-the-USA" that I feel I should bundle it up and store it away.  The game store only has another Chun Li and one of the Ken controllers but I want to get a Ryu one instead so I'll probably order it online.  (yeah, I considered getting another Chun Li)  I'll actually open and use the Ryu controller however I plan on sealing up the box the same way I did with the Chun Li controller.  Lastly I got a copy of the Dreamcast cult favorite, Seaman, complete with the microphone.  I haven't played it since just after its release at a Sega of America event in the bay area and so far I'm enjoying getting back into the world of genetic creation and observation.  That's it for now, be sure to check back here as well as my main hub ClassicPlastic.net for more updates and information on video games and pop culture.

9/14/2004    Cleaned up some table errors on a few pages which were causing them to display improperly.  I'm beginning to start a Sega Saturn archive since I was able to pick up a boxed copy of Nights Into Dreams with the 3D control pad at the local flea market.  Although I haven't been writing news updates for awhile I have written a few editorials and have been adding to the site.  Also I'm going to clear out some items in the Storefront so if there was something in there you were watching and now it's gone, please e-mail me to see if I still have it around.  I'm still short on writers, so if you are interested, once again please e-mail me and I'll get things taken care of.

8/1/2004    Posted a review of 14 Year Old Girls breakout album Zombies In Robots Out in the reviews section.  I also forgot to note that awhile back I picked up a NeoGeo Pocket Color - I'll add the section for it shortly.

7/28/2004    The copy of EarthBound (SNES) that was in the storefront has been sold on eBay for three times what I was selling it for here.  Once again I encourage everyone to check out the Storefront and e-mail me if you are interested in anything.  I'm more than willing to take offers on any item, you never know, I may sell something to you for far less than it is listed for.  More and more items will begin to be migrated to eBay in the coming weeks so if you see something you want, e-mail me as soon as possible.. or you may end up having to pay far more at auction.  I'm still looking for people to join the InsaneTeam and write game reviews, pretty much any console game is fine and the review format is simple - e-mail me and I'll get you set up.  At the current time I'm still redesigning modules of the larger beast that David's Video Game Insanity is a part of, ClassicPlastic.net, this is why not much has happened here since it was restored.  After I get the main hub redesigned you should start seeing more reviews here at DVGI, I want to get into the habit of reviewing at least one game every two weeks.  The reason why my reviews take longer to be created than say, other sites where people write about video games, is because I don't review a game until I complete it thoroughly.  If you go through the news section here you'll see I complete tons of games, but that doesn't mean that I can really write a full unbiased review of them.

7/18/2004    The entire content archive of DVGI has been moved over to the new host.  I want to take a moment to note that if it was still up, today would be the five year anniversary of my first large scale web project, Sailor Senshi Sanctuary.  At one time it was one of the largest and most visited Pretty Soldier Sailormoon sites in existence.  Secondly I'd like to say happy birthday to the person I created Sailor Senshi Sanctuary for originally, take it easy chiisai.

7/11/2004    DVGI Finally returns!!  After nearly a year of inactivity and being missing in action, we're finally back.  I've left the limitations of tripod and we are now hosted at ClassicPlastic.net along with some of my other projects.  There may be some hiccups over the next week as I move things into place but soon enough the whole smash should be working properly once more.  During my time away I was hired by a new / used video game retailer however I quit after just one week.  There are a few reasons why I left (none having to do with the local store I was in) but the biggest one being that simply all I wanted the job for was to build recent work history, and the things I would have to do just for that simply didn't seem worth the time.  I've wanted the site to return for some time now and everyone should notice new reviews and features within the next month or so.  I've also spent the past couple years working on an emulation project compilation as well, more information on that can be found back out at ClassicPlastic.net.

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