2005 News Archive - All news and updates from 2005 are archived here.

12/28/2005    Updates to the PlayStation 2 listing as well as little reworks here and there, getting the site ready for the upcoming year and such.

12/23/2005    The Saturn listing has been updated and I corrected a problem with the JVC X'Eye listing as well.  I've also put in a small update to the pachinko section as well as did some clerical stuff with the RTM article archives, making things more uniform.  I'll be clearing out some stuff at the Storefront going into next month as well as getting things rolling around here again, back to doing reviews weekly and such.

12/14/2005    Yet another update to the pachinko section concerning a more solid power connection among other things and an addition to the Master System list, which doesn't happen all that often.

12/5/2005    I've added an update to the pachinko section as I've rebuilt the wiring harness for the lighting system.

12/3/2005    No big updates, but of course that was because the updates were mid-week.  However, Retrogaming Times Monthly issue #19 is now out and it's one of the best I've read in awhile.  It contains a review of Taito Arcade Legends, Mountain King (one of my favorite games) gets the "Many Faces of..." treatment, and my submission this issue is a comparison review of Alien Syndrome - a game I hate.  So head over to RTM and check out the current issue!  Additionally the RTM articles archive here has been updated with my Alien Syndrome article.

11/30/2005    Since I was away during the weekend this update is technically late.  Additionally I may make a couple running updates this week (including reviews) to compensate for the last week away.  To start things off the Atari 5200 and WonderSwan listings have both been updated with new games.  Also the JVC X'Eye listing has been rebuilt with new additions as well as a new graphic.  Lastly I've finally stepped away long enough to write a review of the Sega Saturn VirtualOn TwinStick.

11/19/2005    Additions have been made to the NES listing as well as the Saturn listing.  One of the additions to my Saturn archive was a boxed set of Japanese VirtualOn Twinsticks.  The VirtualOn Twinstick has been one of those items I've wanted for a long time but finally decided to take the plunge and buy one.  I was able to find a seller in the US that sold me the Twinstick and a complete copy of Cyber Troopers VirtualOn for about $50 shipped.  I wanted to have a review of them ready however I haven't had a chance to sit down and write it.  I may do a secondary update tomorrow with the review.  Additionally I may have a Saturn review or two up tomorrow as well.  I just finished writing my next contribution for Retrogaming Times Monthly and as soon as it goes live at RTM I will post a link as well as add it to my RTM archive here.

11/6/2005    Once more, the updates that I was working on are not yet online.  This week there have been too many other things that needed taking care of.  However I have removed some items from the For Sale section.  Also I've removed a game and added two others to my Saturn listing.  My complete copy of EarthBound is up for sale, if anyone is interested please let me know - I want around $200 for it.  Finally I made and installed a link button for Retrogaming Times Monthly.  See you next week.

10/30/2005    I'm going to cheat and add yet another update this weekend.  To begin with I've created an archive section within the Events / Features section for anything I write for Retrogaming Times Monthly.  This way I always have an archive of my work here for my reference.  Additionally I've added pictures of my Coleco Pac-Man tabletop to the pictures section, as I combined a working but beat up unit with the mint upper portion I had in storage.  I'm thinking about actually writing a review of the Pac-Man tabletop, shouldn't take all that long although it'll be a bit different than the usual review.  However given that some of these tabletops, in pristine condition, can cost more than a brand new game I figure that reviewing them would be a welcome addition.  Lastly, Retrogaming Times Monthly issue #18 is out, this time I reviewed the Tengen port of Vindicators.

10/27/2005    I've retooled some parts of my wanted listing.  Last night I discovered that there were in fact three Sailormoon games released for the Sega Pico, not one as I had been under the impression earlier (damn Digital Press rarity guide).  Additionally I've found some images of the other two games, Sailormoon SuperS and Sailorstars respectively, and made the corrections in the wanted listing.  It's stuff like this that makes me miss having my Sailormoon site up but I've tried hosting just a small portion of it here at ClassicPlastic.net and we exceeded monthly bandwidth due to it twice.  I'll probably rebuild it this winter, beef up the hosting index for ClassicPlastic.net, and have it return in 2006.  Getting back to the wanted list again, I also noticed that there was a Nakayoshi game released for the GameBoy as well.  As with the Super Famicom release Panic in Nakayoshi World, Welcome to Nakayoshi Park features Sailormoon and has been posted on the wanted page as well.  Along with that I have added some new and more detailed pictures of other Sailormoon games I'm looking for.

Aside from those additions there have been lots of little technical fixes to the site today.  Starting off with clerical changes to a slew of pages that either had spelling errors, bad links, or missing links.  The Saturn listing has been updated once again with the import copies of Fighting Vipers (which features Pepsiman) and Sky Target.  The DVGI Storefront has had some items removed to do decent sales over this past week.

10/22/2005    Large updates to the Saturn listing as well as a small one to the Virtual Boy listing.  I've also added many pictures of my Nintendo Game & Watch handhelds and some other collectibles - an update to a section that I know is very popular.  I have a Coleco Pac-Man tabletop on the way, hopefully it'll be operating properly and then I can use the mint upper shell I have to make it perfect.

10/14/2005    The NES as well as PlayStation listings have been updated with a few new additions.  Additionally the Storefront had a couple items removed over the course of this week but I just remembered to put it in the news today.  I am working on a few game reviews but I simply haven't sat down to complete them due to a bit of illness this week as well as continuing warm temperatures during the day.

10/13/2005    I've added a rather lengthy addition to the pachinko section as I've framed in the machine.  It's a pretty drastic procedure and the size of the update reflects that.

10/9/2005    Not the updates that I had planned but then again today is the one day a year I really don't do much of anything, you figure it out.  In the meantime I retooled the PlayStation listing, fixing some ordering errors and made sure to include designation on the games that are the Greatest Hits (GH) reissue.  My Slate Grey PS2 controller finally died on me after all this time so the PlayStation 2 listing has been updated to reflect the removal of the controller.  New games added to the NES listing as well as the repair of a few ordering errors.  This seems to be mainly a housekeeping update the more I look at it, fixing clerical errors with some of the game lists.  The items wanted section has had some additional information added and a few changes made too.  Lastly, due to some e-mails I received last week I've updated the pachinko section with some new pictures.  Hopefully there should be some reviews later this week, at least I'm making weekly updates right now, hehe.

10/3/2005    Two new peripheral reviews, both on Saturn accessories.  Check out reviews of the Action Replay Plus 4M Auto cartridge and the Sega Arcade Racer.  There should also be some new editorials later this week, possibly a game review and the final changes to the Storefront.

10/2/2005    Some small updates including additions to the NES listing and more for sale items added to the Storefront.  Two new peripheral reviews are coming next week.

9/28/2005    I'm cheating as this update went live the moment it was completed.  Normally I'd wait for the end of the week but a lot of stuff was updated, mainly internal changes.  The first phase of the Storefront revamp has been completed.  The main page is better organized and the price for nearly every item has been lowered.  New items include Seaman for the Dreamcast and refurbished NES controllers.  Additionally the Saturn listing has been updated with the Action Replay 4M Plus memory cartridge that arrived in the mail yesterday - a review will follow shortly.

9/24/2005    Another weekend passed with no updates, I'm terribly sorry but things got busy for a change.  On the plus side some games have arrived and additions have been made to the PlayStation, Saturn, and JVC X'Eye listings.  Those additions have been things like a longbox copy of Tekken, some complete Saturn and Sega CD games, new accessories and more.  Additionally I've added a review of the Saturn version of everyone's favorite arcade racing game, Daytona USA.  Also the DVGI Storefront will be hopefully be revamped by next weekend as a lot of items have sold and some new stock has come in.

9/9/2005    Happy six year anniversary of the US Dreamcast launch on 9/9/99!  Hard to believe that the 128 bit generation began just six years ago.  Even harder to believe that Dreamcast emulation and homebrew projects have been going on almost as long.  What a short retail life the Dreamcast had indeed.  Honestly looking back now that the Electronic Gaming Monthly, September 1999current generation is reaching the end of the mainstream point of its life cycle, the Dreamcast still holds its own against much that the PlayStation 2, GameCube, and XBox have to offer.  It's only in these past two years or so that the games for the current three major consoles have really stepped up the bar for the majority of the games now being produced.

Updates this time around are somewhat slim, mostly due to pending sales and trying to clean some stuff up before updating the DVGI Storefront.  The copy of Capcom Generation 1 for the Sega Saturn (import) that I ordered arrived today and it's great to finally be able to play this game.  When the Capcom Generation series was announced when I was in high school it created quite a buzz as Capcom was going to release compilations of their arcade classics on the Saturn much the same way Namco had the Namco Museum series on the PlayStation.  However the Capcom Generation series never made it stateside.  Since I recently picked up a Saturn and put a region switch in it, I figured this game was a good place to start.  Funny how many copies of this I sold years ago without even playing it. hehe  The Saturn listing has been updated to reflect this addition.  I've also split the News and Updates section into yearly archives.  That way this page won't take so long to load and all the previous news is kept for archival.  If you want to access archived news from the previous four years of David's Video Game Insanity, the links are at the bottom of this page.

9/3/2005    Okay, okay...  I haven't uploaded an update to the site in quite some time but I've made up for it.  In edition to the stuff completed last week that didn't get uploaded there is yet another walkthrough, this time on the simple task of changing the Sega Saturn battery.  Then I have not just one but two new editorials on the most recent excursions to the Sales Yard.  Due to this the Saturn, Dreamcast, NES, SNES, Super Famicom and wanted listings have all been updated.  Many items have been sold out of the DVGI Storefront so the For Sale section has been updated as well, keep an eye on it as some new items should show up soon.  So there you go, some real updates.  Hopefully now I can get started on more of those review things that people actually care about.

8/22/2005    Have a JVC X'Eye that just won't load Sega CD games?  So did I until I spent a few months researching what the problem was.  Finally I've compiled all the information gained into a repair walkthrough that can be read right here.

8/20/2005    Finally some real updates to both the content and back end of David's Video Game Insanity!  To begin with, the changes regarding removing abandoned features such as the DDR section and Import Corner that I mentioned last week have been completed.  The SNES cartridge slot modification has been rolled over into the Mod Files section of the Events / Features listing so really nothing was lost, just cleaned up.  Quite a few items have been sold off in the DVGI Storefront but we still have a decent inventory so take a look around.  I will be adding more items and reducing some prices in the upcoming week.  Consequently the NES and SNES listings have been updated to reflect items sold.

8/15/2005    Added a copy of Krazy Ivan (disc only) to the PlayStation listing.

8/14/2005    Sorry for the delay in updates, it's mainly due to the rising temperature but I'm going to try to get some stuff taken care of this week that you'll see next week.  However in the mean time go check out the tenth editorial on the latest visit to where capitalism meets communism.  Due to things acquired the Atari 2600, NES, and PlayStation listings have all been updated.  I've also recently acquired a Bandai SwanCrystal, the last generation of Gunpei Yokoi's final invention, the WonderSwan.  A WonderSwan listing has been put up however currently I only have the system itself.  A number of small graphic errors have been taken care of during this update but it's nothing anyone will notice.  I've added and amended a few items on my wanted list as well.

In the upcoming weeks I'm going to close down some long abandoned features such as the DDR section and the Import Corner, both are artifacts from the previous incarnation of David's Video Game Insanity.  Nothing really ever came to pass in the DDR section and with the Mod Files features the Import Corner pretty much became useless.  The SNES cartridge slot mod will be changed over from the Import Corner to the Mod Files but will remain unchanged.  So in other words nothing is lost, I'm just trimming off some useless parts of the site and moving others around to where they make more sense.  I haven't been doing much with my pachinko machine lately either, again mainly due to the heat.  The next step in the restoration is going to be to box out the unit before I replace the electrical, when it happens the pachinko section will be updated.

Lastly I want to say thank you to all the visitors to David's Video Game Insanity, especially those who have e-mailed me with comments or questions over this past month.  I do reply to every e-mail I receive that's from a genuine user of the site and I enjoy doing so.  Thanks for sticking with the site even though things have been somewhat slow over the past few months.

7/23/2005    I've been having some issues with my computer as of late so if updates dry up for awhile that is why.  Hopefully this won't be the case but I want to let everyone know while I have the chance.  In terms of updates I've added a new editorial on the latest Sales Yard finds.  Also the Sega Master System and NES lists have been updated.  Lastly I have changed and added to some information on my wanted list.  Again, if you don't see any site updates for awhile it's due to my computer woes.  Responses to e-mail still should be within 72 hours at the most since I can get online with an older computer however I cannot work on the site with it.

7/16/2005    The blistering heat has kept me away from working on site updates for the past couple weeks but I'm back with some new additions before being shoved away again due to temperature increases.  I'll kick things off with a new editorial about my latest trek to the Sales Yard.  I was able to grab some large additions to the Dreamcast listing while I was there as well as another cool item.  There have been clerical reworks to the Atari 5200 listing as well as my wanted list.  Additionally Retrogaming Times Monthly issue 14 is running, this time around I reviewed the Tengen port of Shinobi.  Heads up though as the repeat formatting glitch at RTM seems to have returned this month so if you're getting an extremely long page and repeating articles you may need to refresh it a couple times until everything loads properly.  Also my article got a spacing shaft so I'll begin putting archival copies of all my RTM articles here sometime next month.  That's about it, hopefully there won't be such a large gap between updates next time.. if only it would cool down at night again, anything is better than these days of 106 degree heat.

6/25/2005    There have been a few updates to the pictures section, namely more pictures of my Caveman tabletop arcade game.  Additionally I want to take a moment to state that I will be on vacation until June 30th and will be away from my terminal.  This means I will be unable to answer any e-mails I may have otherwise received.  However for this duration the lovely and talented Susan will be taking care of general video game questions should you have them.  Simply click on the e-mail link on her profile and she will get back to you.  Upon my return it will be business as usual.

6/19/2005    Added lots more pictures to the pictures section including a new sub section.  This section should continue to grow this summer as I catalog the majority of my non-game video game items.  Also Retrogaming Times Monthly issue 13 has been running for some time although I forgot to post the link here.  I reviewed Pac-Mania in issue 13, I just submitted my article for issue 14 which will be Shinobi.  Hopefully I'll remember to post the link when RTM 14 goes live.

6/10/2005    Changes to my Items Wanted section, namely adding requests for every Sailormoon game ever released with pictures of many to help avoid confusion.

6/8/2005    Posted some changes and updates to the Shirts / Apparel part of the pictures section.  Additionally I fixed some clerical problems with the GameBoy Advance and Super Nintendo listings.  Expect many more additions to the pictures section this month as I take archival pictures of nearly all of my gaming items.

6/5/2005    That original release copy of Final Fantasy VII arrived however it was missing the booklet.  Just the same everything else is fine and it plays correctly.  Due to this the PlayStation list has not been changed since the new copy is in the same condition as the earlier one was, with the exception of being the original release and having a working disc 1.  Aside from that I've posted a new editorial about the Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer shown at E3 this year.  The editorial poses more questions than anything else but at this time speculation is all we have concerning some interesting parts of the MGS4 trailer.  Other than the new editorial I have no new content updates this week, it's simply been way too hot during the day to write any reviews.  However I'm going to try a new setup with my laptop so I can at least get the text portions done away from my main terminal.  That should help to get me back on track of at least one game review per week.

5/30/2005    Well it turns out my copy of Final Fantasy VII is no good, at least that's the case with disc 1.  However I'll attribute this to my doing instead of pointing the finger at the game store.  First off the discs had sharpie all over them from another local game retailer.  I can easily remove sharpie from CD's with a special rubber eraser I have but this slipped my mind.  In other words I grabbed the goo gone and proceeded to force the sharpie down into the data layer of the disc.  Then I realized that I could use the eraser and got rid of the sharpie.  However the intro FMV now skipped like crazy.  So I took the game back to GameCrazy to get the disc buffed out and we noticed that there was a deep yet very small scratch in the bottom of the disc.  So I take it home, same problem.  In fact it skips the intro FMV and goes right to the first action sequence but is still paying the background audio from the FMV sequence.  A quick check with the disc diagnostics confirmed that there were tons of data errors and the disc was unsalvageable.  So disc 1 = trash.  However this wasn't a total loss.  The three disc case is now being used for Parasite Eve since it has been without it's original case (you need a 3 disc holder for the 2 game discs 1 one Square upcoming releases preview disc) since the day I picked it up used.  (back when GameCrazy still had all their PlayStation games under glass)  The two disc holder that Parasite Eve was in is now being used for Strider 2, again without its original case but it contains two discs since it has the original arcade Strider as a bonus.  This sounds disappointing though since now I am without a copy of Final Fantasy VII.. nope, I have a complete original release copy on the way right now - the game list will be updated to reflect this when it arrives.

In other news I finally sat down and fixed my JVC X'Eye.  As many probably know, the pinswitch that reads if the disc lid is shut is broken on my X'Eye, so I basically just soldered a jumper to the backside of the CD drive daughterboard to override the switch.  It works fine, but it's not the ideal solution since the X'Eye thinks the lid is JVC X'Eye old pinswitch vs. new pinswitchclosed at all times.  I had some replacement pinswitches that would have worked great but I tossed them out days before I figured out that was what was wrong with my X'Eye.  I recently had a dead VCR I was throwing out so I saved some pinswitches from it as a replacement.  However the VCR used four lead pinswitches while the X'Eye used a two lead switch.  After figuring out which sides of the switch were independent I removed the unneeded leads and after some coaxing, was able to get the replacement pinswitch to fit against the X'Eye daughterboard.  It works fine however the plunger on the top of the X'Eye, the one the lid pushes down that then pushes down on the pinswitch, misses the connection by about a 32nd of an inch.  So I sliced a thin piece of eraser and attached it to the top of the plunger on the inside of the disc well.  Everything works properly now however the disc lid is a little tight to close but that should smooth out with usage.  Truthfully this is hands down the worst design decision on the part of JVC.  The piece that pushes down on the switch should all be one solid part, not a plastic plunger that gets pushed down by the lid, the lid should have the connecting piece as a part of it.  Also the pinswitch they used is total junk as you can see in the picture above.  On the left is the old pinswitch, on the right is the replacement installed in the X'Eye.  That little piece of garbage is why many JVC X'Eye systems have ended up in the junk pile.  Or in my case why I was able to pick one up for three dollars.

Aside from that I'm just now finally having the chance to resume writing for the site, so look for more weekly updates as we go into June.

5/22/2005    My apologies for no new updates last week and having really no updated content this week except for some list changes.  Really it has nothing to do with being lazy, just not writing the updates, or anything like that.  Mostly it has to do with it just being way too hot over the past two weeks to allow me to work on the site.  Additionally there have been some personal matters that came up these past two weeks as well.  However the reviews should pick up again as soon as I get a break in the temperature and I should have an editorial on what was shown at this year's E3 shortly.  Also I have to retool another part of ClassicPlastic.net this week and get the changes up ASAP but that doesn't effect anything here or anything at the site in general.  Speaking of which I've just renewed ClassicPlastic.net and look forward to another great year bringing you the source for video game insanity!

Now onto those game list updates.  Yesterday was the final day of the GameCrazy "3 for $15" promotion for used old games and I made one final trip out even though my last visit was less than enjoyable.  (read the 5/7/2005 news post for details on that)  I picked up Final Fantasy VII (missing booklet, disc 1 is original, discs 2 and 3 are the greatest hits revision) and Soul Blade for the PlayStation.  To round out my three games I also picked up a newly arrived copy of Galaga for the NES.  I traded in more of my rarely played GBA games, Pac-Man Collection and Mario Kart Super Circuit (whoever gets that cart is lucky since I had unlocked everything a long time ago), now leaving me with only five GBA titles, that list has been updated as well.  Not a big loss since the only reason I kept Pac-Man Collection around was to play Pac-Man Arrangement but that's on the PS2 version of Namco Museum.

5/8/2005    The link to the PS2 read laser cleaning tutorial from the home page was incorrect - it was pointing to the old location.  It's probably been broken since the top of last month when the cleanup changes went into effect but no one ever notified me of this.  I didn't know that the link was incorrect until I was doing some normal checkup on the site today.  The tutorial could still be accessed from the Events / Features sub menu but a broken link is never good, especially on the home page.  I've fixed the problem and now it's pointing to the right page.

5/7/2005    I got all my discs buffed out today at GameCrazy, the ones I had just bought that were having problems.  They all work fine now, always nice when the person in there actually knows what they're doing.  I checked on a couple games when I was there and then went back again later this evening to trade in some GBA games and pick up three more on sale games for $15.  The GBA list has been updated to reflect these changes, I'm down to seven carts now including my import version of Lunar Legend - but I really don't play my GBA much anyway.  (if you want to buy some complete GBA BOXES with all the booklets, etc. then please e-mail me for a good deal)

Well when I did get in there I wanted to pick up two PlayStation games for sure - Bust-A-Groove and Xenogears.  When I was in earlier today I asked if Bust-A-Groove had the case and after searching they didn't have it - but the GAME WAS THERE as before searching for the case the guy there wisely checked to make sure they have it.  Well I go in and the one idiot on their staff helps me - now I traded in my games and stepped aside since there were lots of people - grabbed the PS1 game listing binder and found what I wanted.  So I get back in line, get back up to the counter and he gives me the same "thank you for waiting, my apologies for making you wait.." canned speech he gave me the first time when I traded the GBA games in, he even tripped over his own words in the same spot.  Anyway, I tell him I want some PS1 games, I'm going to name the title, if they have it just pull it out.  Simple, right?  Heck, all four of the other people that work there have done this exactly the same way with no problem.  However it turned into a big ordeal.

I told him I wanted Bust-A-Groove.  He pulls a game out of their drawer and goes "oh, I think this might be defective" (turns out it had "PLEASE DEFECT OUT" written on it) and walks over to one of the display PS2's to try it out.  It only comes up as audio, this means the initialization track is shot, yes the disc is dead.  (but a duplicate can still usually be made)  However then he pulls it out and I ask if I can see the bottom of the disc.  He about had a heart attack, I kept cool (just barely) and asked if I could please see the disc itself.  I saw that it looked like someone had wrote on the case and it had pressed down "PLEASE DEFECT OUT."  I told him this and he went to clean it, then the other guy there told him it was defective.  Well I noticed something looking at the disc when he had it in his hand, it said "99" on it.  Well I didn't want Bust-A-Move '99 - the game next on the list - I wanted Bust-A-Groove.  He acts like he misheard me or something and then starts getting smart - but it seemed like he grabbed that one on purpose knowing it was bad, which would explain why he didn't want me to see the defect message since he could have wanted Bust-A-Groove for himself as it's rare.  You're talking down to InsaneDavid.  You're talking down to the guy who taught the world how to clean their PS2's.  However most importantly you're talking down to a customer.  Oh well, that's fine.  Then he acts like he's not going to check on Bust-A-Groove and goes back to standing there waiting for me to ask for something else.  So I tell him "well, can I have Bust-A-Groove?" and he replies "I don't think we have it" but finally looks again in the drawer, I swear to you he pulled a game out and then put it in a different part of the drawer, over to the side.  "Nope, we don't have it."  Hmmm, no one other than me in this town listens to J-pop and it was there a few hours ago, I'd say it's there and he moved it either for himself or to be an ass.  If it wasn't there he would have removed it from the system, and it's STILL in there since he checked the display again to confirm it before he did his little "hide the game" maneuver.

I move onto the next game, Xenogears, another game I know is there.  He doesn't even type it in "no no, we don't have Xenogears, because I was looking for it."  And that's it.  It's on the freaking two day old list, it was there six hours ago.  Hmm, I suspect the same crap as before.  He either knows it's there and just remembered he wants it now that I've mentioned it, put it on hold when he came in (which is BS since it'll sit in that drawer until the end of time), or is just being an ass and doesn't want to give it to me - again I suspect the latter.  So I go back to the list and then he starts hassling me about holding up the line "would you mind moving aside until you find what you want?"  WHOA BUDDY, I know what I want, I knew when I came in - YOU'RE holding up the line with your inefficiency and stupidity.  Besides, you all move slow as shit (except the guy that was there when I came in to get those discs buffed out) so don't get in my face about that.  So I told him that I wanted something out of the NES case.  I overheard him talking about Panzer Dragoon for the Saturn when I came in.  And look, a copy of Panzer Dragoon (disc only) right there in the middle of the case next to the NES games.  So I tell him I want that and he about has a fit.  "I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY PERSON THAT EVEN STILL HAD A SATURN!!"  ...sorry dude, and just because you have a Saturn that doesn't give you elite gaming cred - you have to have a modded one and do it yourself.  I really didn't want the game since I myself am currently without a Saturn, but there it was - in the case, he couldn't block it, he couldn't tell me it was on hold or it wasn't in stock.  I could see the damn thing.  After about ten more minutes of whining and acting like he wasn't going to get it for me, the copy of Panzer Dragoon finally left the case.  At this point he was still getting on my case about taking too long, so I pointed at one of the two remaining copies of Phantasy Star II in the Genesis case, taking one of them.  These were "hidden" in the case as well and when I was paying later he was talking about how he needs to get the remaining one.

Scanning through the PlayStation list I see the first game that leaps out at me as semi-rare, Saiyuki Journey West, and say I want that.  I really don't like the game as it's a strategy RPG but I just needed a game to round things out.  Honestly I would have got Final Fantasy VII or Soul Blade or something like that, but I just wanted to get the hell out of there and away from the moron.  Okay, that's it I tell him.  Then he takes 15 minutes to take my payment because he was too busy talking to his buddy that just walked in about his new haircut.  Yeah, I'm holding up the line, mm-hmm.  (this whole ordeal, pretty much all the crap I've had to deal with in game stores this year, will be in an upcoming editorial - you've been warned)  I haven't updated the game lists for the games I picked up in this last trip since they will probably all be resold next Saturday.  I may keep Panzer Dragoon though as it has some sentimental value now as the game the bastard just couldn't keep.  =]  I can't wait for the day I finally have a chance to get a small independent game store opened, and actually start treating the customer like the most important part of the business, which they are.

5/5/2005    Just a few updates, one of them this weeks review.  I've added some additional information about a key mechanism on my pachinko machine as well as a link to an extremely helpful pachinko restoration site.  All that can be found over on the pachinko page in the Special section.  This weeks review is of the modern classic, Castlevania Symphony of the Night for the Playstation, read it here.  I planned on reviewing another game this week as well but I simply can't bring myself to continue playing it, it's that bad.  If I write a review of a bad game I still make sure I play it completely, in this case I'm simply not going to do it.  The game was Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door for the GameCube, there's simply WAY too much backtracking and limited gameplay.  Additionally your inventory is so small it's nearly pointless.  Yes the graphic design is nice, but the gameplay engine and game design is horrible.

Anyway, I need to get some of the PlayStation games I purchased in the GameCrazy sale resurfaced since the scratch damage effects gameplay.  Ace Combat 3 has so much skipping in the background music that it is virtually unplayable and Namco Museum Volume 5 loses background audio from time to time.  They're just simple errors that can be fixed with a buffing but I want them to do it on their dime since I purchased the games very recently.  I'm also going to have them resurface all the other games I bought with the exception of Ace Combat 2 (since it's fine) since they do have occasional audio errors and if I can get it free I might as well.  Many of them only need a buffing, the scratches aren't deep enough to require any sanding.  I'll probably get that done tomorrow morning.

5/1/2005    Damn, another run to GameCrazy for their 3 for $15 sale returned me with some games I've been looking for and money I shouldn't be spending.  I was able to grab a complete copy of Ace Combat 2, Ace Combat 3 with the original case, as well as disc only copies of Brave Fencer Musashi, Ehrgeiz, Namco Museum Volume 5, and SaGa Frontier - over $120 worth of games for $30.  Granted the copy of SaGa Frontier wasn't for me but I picked it up for Susan since she told me her copy was having problems.  The PlayStation list has been updated to reflect the additions.  The 3 for $15 sale is to reduce inventory and reset the price index and will be running through May 28th.  If you're into N64, GameBoy, or GameBoy Color then this is your sale, I can't emphasize enough how much you can save on N64 cartridges if that's one of your platforms of choice.

4/30/2005    Second week and I'm already breaking my one review per week minimum.  However this is only because I just completed the game I wanted to review tonight, in other words I'll write it late this weekend or early next week and it will be here soon enough.  I'm going to try to make up for it by hammering through a recently released RPG and getting that reviewed next week as well.  Aside from that GameCrazy just started their 3 games for $15 sale for all retogaming products - that means NES, SNES, Genesis, GameBoy, GameBoy Color, PlayStation, Game Gear, N64, and Saturn (if they have any).  This is mainly to cut down on stock and clear things out, basically a playing field leveler, so don't worry - they're not becoming GameStop.  I was there this morning since I needed to return that bad copy of Fear Effect (at least the first disc) since it had damage to the data layer.  I exchanged it for the first disc of the other copy they had... which has the Blockbuster Video full disc rental sticker on it - that looks like removal has been attempted a few times.  However the disc was buffed out and it works fine - although it did reset about five minutes through on the first play, but I think that was just a short caused by a third party PS1 memory card in the PSTwo.  I may attempt to remove the sticker later, however it looks like it was shoved back on for a reason.

Getting back to the game sale.  There wasn't anything I really needed (was disappointed that copy of Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse was gone) but I did pick up three games since the price was right.  I grabbed Crystalis for the NES ($7.99), Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix for the Playstation with original case ($9.99), and Phantasy Star IV for the Genesis ($29.99).  They also had a copy of Pirates! Gold for the Genesis as well as a few copies of Phantasy Star II and Phantasy Star III but the resale just isn't high enough on them right now.  I didn't see any copies of Chrono Trigger or the SNES Final Fantasy games but I was in a hurry and really wasn't looking all that hard.  Just the same it was nice to get Fear Effect replaced and pick up the sequel.  Consequently the NES, PlayStation, and JVC X'Eye pages have all been updated.  Speaking of the PS I also got some import duplicates in this weekend (DDR games) which are on the list as well although they are not counted as formal parts of my archive.  Also their slogan "classic plastic 3 for $15" has NOTHING to do with my site, in fact I've thought of getting Classic Plastic registered as a copyrighted trademark of ClassicPlastic.net soon.

Lastly there are some updates on my pachinko machine restoration since SlotUSA finally came through and sent me the pachinko balls I had ordered at the top of last week.  All the details on that can be found on the pachinko page.  Oh and don't forget to drop by Retrogaming Times Monthly, issue #12 just hit and contains my sixth article on the Titles of Tengen, Pac-Man this time around.

4/24/2005    Some quick edits to many of the game listings throughout the site.  I would have waited until next week but I felt the changes needed to be in place as soon as possible.  Additionally I've done a full overhaul of the pictures section, making it easier to navigate and easier to update.

4/22/2005    I'm going to stick with my one review a week minimum and kick things off with a review of one of the greatest PlayStation games of all time, Einhänder.  When the contents of the next week of updates go live next weekend expect to see at least one more new review and for this to continue.

4/21/2005    It turns out that the PlayStation I picked up for free last Tuesday has a mod chip installed in it.  You can read about all the details in the seventh editorial concerning items acquired from the local flea market.  Additionally the PlayStation listing has been slightly changed to include this information.  There's something new I'm going to try at DVGI and that's writing at least one review a week.  That would give the site an automatic 52 new reviews per year in addition to the few I slowly hammer out every now and then.  DVGI has some very useful modification and maintenance tutorials however I'll be the first to admit that we need more reviews.  Now that updates are only going to be uploaded on a weekly basis I figure this would be a nice addition as well.  Also to answer some questions I've been getting concerning my contributions to the site as opposed to the others listed on the InsaneTeam page.  I get "it seems like everything is written by you, InsaneDavid" and for the most part that is correct.  However the InsaneTeam helps out more than I think even they know.  Susan pretty much can answer any translation question I have - and there are quite a few of them both for here and especially for the 8 Bit Flashback Information Hub - clarifying how to write Japanese titles phonetically, what they mean, and so forth.  Chris helps out with network questions or if I need assistance with a technical aspect, usually finding replacement parts.  Ian helps shave off the burden of games that have EXTREMELY long play lengths and he'll be back in this summer.  Hopefully by then we'll finally have that Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero review... remember, I don't review a game until I complete it and we have yet to finish that title.. and we've been playing it since it's release back in 2001.  So as you can see even though I write most of the content the InsaneTeam helps out behind the scenes, especially Susan with translations - which is a great help since I know my translation questions must get extremely annoying after awhile.

4/19/2005    Just some additions and a bit of information change.  First off the copy of Fear Effect I added in the last update has now been removed as disc 1 is simply trash.  It has nothing to do with the disc surface itself, it's simply a bad copy that has had some kind of structural damage done to the data.  I know this because the disc is extremely flexible, so it was probably exposed to direct sunlight or high heat for an extended period of time.  Either that or someone attempted to clean it with a solvent.  Just the same it is unplayable and such is the reason it is removed.  I'll probably attempt to return it to GameCrazy sooner or later but I know when I bring it in the first thing they're going to try to do is clean the disc surface which is just a 15 minute waste of time.  This again brings up why I'm pretty much done doing business with them concerning used CD based games.  The disc is scratched heavily - now if I tried to trade in a game to them that was scratched like this I would be told "naaa.. it's too badly scratched for us to buy it."  However once again they have no problem SELLING said games.  Honestly it looks like someone tried to clean the disc using their buffing machine and wasn't paying attention and heavily damaged it - since there's no way scratches like that appear from normal usage and abuse.  The pattern of the scratches has clearly been caused by a spinning disc in the reverse direction of which the CD was spinning.  Of course, trying to get that out of them is a different story.  Since I only paid a buck or so for it and used a few dollars credit I just happened to have sitting in my account, it's no big deal if I don't get around to returning it.  Really I might just save myself the headache of waiting on their poor service and just shelf the game for now.

Aside from that I found a PlayStation at the Sales Yard today in a trash pile.  It was really dirty with what looked like soda and the little tab on the open button that holds the lid closed is missing but I figured what the hell and picked it up - after all it was free.  It's one of the early versions with the A/V sockets in the back.  After a full disassembly and cleaning I put it back together and it powered up first try.  However it was having loading problems so I flipped it upside down and now it runs like brand new.  I was going to replace the open button but since it has to be upside down to work properly, I might as well just leave it alone as a reminder.  I've been looking to pick up a cheap PS1 to play import titles on so this is a welcome addition at a welcome price - free.  I have added it as well as the Fear Effect removal change over at the PlayStation listing.  Eventually I'll get around to writing an editorial on this find.  Lastly I've finally purchased some pachinko balls for my machine restoration project and that page has been updated as well.

4/16/2005    I picked up a copy of Fear Effect for the PSOne today at the local used / new game store, no case, but all four discs are there.  Strangely the first disc won't load on the PSTwo.  It shows it in the browser but it simply will not initialize and returns to the browser again.  This is NOT a Disc Read Error, I've been able to trigger them (in product testing) on the PSTwo by not properly seating a disc on the spindle and it displays "Disc Read Error" just like the normal PS2.  None of this happens, it simply does not initialize the disc.  However the other three discs load up no problem.  I tried to get the first disc to load in an old PlayStation which is long past its prime and it loaded fine, although it stuttered and skipped but that's because that particular console has so many problems.  I've found nothing on Fear Effect being incompatible with the PS2 or PSTwo and I'm pretty damn sure I've played through it on a PS2 years ago.  Normally I would return the game to the store, where I would make sure all know of the continual incompetence of the company which runs them - but not this time.

I've ordered a complete copy of Fear Effect that should be here in a week or so to compare with this one.  I find this pretty strange, it could be a fluke CD - which would go into my archives.  What I find funny is there are markings on each disc, a big red X.  Probably these were tested by someone that was going to resell them and when the first disc didn't load they marked them all.  Now I've bought a lot of used stuff from Gamecrazy - and there have been games coated in sharpie, games with huge scratches on them, I've bought consoles there that have obviously been worked on and began to fail hours after bringing them home, accessories that simply do not work and so forth.  However if I bring in a console with a small scratch on it, or a nick on the serial number sticker, or a game that has a couple surface scratches - I'm told they can't buy it from me.  Well this copy of Fear Effect has sharpie on the cover of each disc and disc 1 refuses to initialize in a PSTwo but of course they can sell it.   I swear, the only store that ever really tested their used games was FuncoLand back in its heyday.  They wouldn't test upon purchasing but before they were resold all games were given a quick play - it just saves everyone a lot of headaches.  Of course this could of only taken place at the larger Silicon Valley locations.  Just the same I've added Fear Effect to the PlayStation listing, when the new copy arrives the status will be changed from disc only to complete and the loose copy either archived or resold.  After some credit from a couple months ago it was only $1.23 so it's not really a big deal, especially if it turns out to only work on the PSOne.  This would work out because it would give me a keep copy and an abuse copy and I was thinking of picking up a PSOne and travel screen sometime soon anyway since they've really dropped in value.

Also the first of the items in the Special section is now active.  It's basically a running project chronicle of a pachinko machine that I've been restoring for the past couple weeks.  There's still a considerable amount of work left to be done but progress has been steady and it's looking really nice.  Check it out here and if you're restoring a pachinko machine yourself I hope it helps you.  The other Special item, a chronicle of the construction of my MAME cocktail table, will be up shortly as there really isn't anything to report other than I've cut and assembled all the wood and ran the audio system.  With that, I'm off for the weekend.

4/10/2005    Here's the weekly update - that's right, I'm going to try updates weekly although I'll work on the site throughout the week.  Hopefully this once a week upload / maintenance will help to lessen the strain on my hosting.  We've got the goods though - updates to the NES list, a new editorial, and a few other changes that will be online at the start of next week.. I hope.

4/2/2005    Well my fears that ClassicPlastic.net would exceed its monthly bandwidth allocation were realized about half way through March and the site disappeared.  Now that things are back I've performed some changes to the ClassicPlastic.net core as well as removing some of the hosted sites to help lessen the bandwidth strain.  I do plan on beefing up the hosting model sometime after this summer and the removed sites (such as Sailor Senshi Sanctuary) will return then but for the time being this is how it is.  David's Video Game Insanity hasn't really changed at all, at least what you see.  I've pretty much cleaned up all the stuff on the back end however.  Old, unused, or alternate images have been removed so that they aren't there to muck up FTP speeds for when I work on the site.  Additionally nearly the whole smash was renamed so that files are easier to relate to which pages they are tied with - makes things easier for me.  I've also watermarked some images that people seem to be direct linking to or downloading, such as my walkthroughs.  PLEASE do not download or direct link to my PS2 cleaning walkthrough, if you're going to post things about it on a forum or the like please simply post the DVGI URL - http://www.classicplastic.net/dvgi - thank you.  I've been updating the site while its been offline so there are a few listing updates.  I'm thinking to moving my updates to once a week (for ALL ClassicPlastic.net sites) to decrease the bandwidth hit for maintenance and updating.  Guess it all depends on how this next week goes.

3/31/2005    New review of the awesome Sega Classics Collection has been posted.  This is the largest review at DVGI to date and is a must have title since it features enhanced remakes of Sega classics and the first perfect home version of Virtua Racing.  Also Retrogaming Times Monthly issue #11 is out with my latest Titles of Tengen article, this time it's Tetris.  Yeah, there are formatting errors that mess up the page under Firefox, I'm not the person to complain to.

3/16/2005    I've updated the section of the FAQ devoted to the systems that power DVGI as well as posted the Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater review.  Aside from that not much is going on here at DVGI while I battle with bandwidth issues - guess my site got popular again faster than I was predicting.  The bandwidth upgrades and forums will come online this July, until then if the site goes away for a few days at the end of the month, it will be back at the top of the next month.  If you'd like to help pay the bills at DVGI (say, you're making big money since you learned how to fix PS2's from me) head over to the Storefront to see if there's anything you'd like to purchase.  Speaking of which, the Storefront will soon have a parts section were you can find parts for all your video game repair needs.

3/8/2005    I'm finally out of PlayStation shirts, I'll attempt to get more in stock but who knows at this point since the store I purchased the stock from has long since went out of business.  Other than that some prices have been lowered in the For Sale section and I have also changed some of the listings.  I also completed Grandia II on the Dreamcast - what a freaking lackluster ending!  Also the final battle was WAY too easy, nothing like the original Grandia (my all time favorite RPG).

3/6/2005    I had my hard drive junk out on me last week so I was forced to take some time away.  However I'm fairly confident that the situation has been fixed and no ClassicPlastic.net related data was lost.  I've begun working on my MAME cabinet, a cocktail table based around the Ms. Pac-Man / Galaga design.  Additionally in the next couple weeks I will be moving a lot of stock over to eBay as there will be one last big push for sales.  After that things will go back as they always have been - "there are items for sale, if you would like any of them, e-mail me."

2/18/2005    Added a copy of Klonoa: Door to Phantomile to the PlayStation listing as well as a Dual Shock Analog controller for the original PlayStation as well.  I was more surprised than anyone that I found a copy of this rare game for less than $15 used a a Gamestop - it's simply put, the greatest platform game ever created.  It has the original insert however the manual is missing but I can live with that.

2/14/2005    A small update, really more of a tweak to the Atari 2600 listing.  Additionally I fixed the color problem on the Atari 2600 unit I picked up at the sales yard, it simply needed to be adjusted.

2/12/2005    Massive updates to the Atari 2600 listing as well as new games for the NES, Playstation, and X'Eye.  Additionally there is a new editorial about the latest journey to the Sales Yard where the new games were obtained.

2/7/2005    Changed a few things around in the Items Wanted section as well as updated both FAQs.

2/6/2005    Some long overdue content updates are now online, starting with a music review of 14 Year Old Girls Strategy Guide, the follow up to Zombies In Robots Out.  Additionally there's a new editorial on the decline of the once mighty Sega, it's more of a long rant than an editorial but with the release of Sega Classics Collection pending I figured I'd post it.  I want to take a moment to thank everyone for continuing to browse David's Video Game Insanity as well as the rest of ClassicPlastic.net even though there haven't been all that many updates lately.  Things are starting to get back to normal, more reviews are on the way, and other members of the Insane Team are preparing to submit some new projects.  Until next time.

1/30/2005    Added an NES console to the Storefront and I will begin lowering prices on a few items this week.  Things are pretty much back to normal and the pending content should appear throughout this week.  Additionally Retrogaming Times Monthly issue #9 has been released, go read it now.  This month's issue is great and contains the next article in the "Titles of Tengen" column I write.

1/27/2005    Started to get things back together here.  I added a few pictures of some gashapon figures and there should be more pictures to come in the next week or so.  Reviews will start up again shortly now that I've gotten my next article for Retrogaming Times Monthly taken care of.  Aside from the next long overdue music review, I'll probably have a Sega CD review up shortly since I've had it written for awhile.  It seems the release of Gran Turismo 4 is once again being pushed back until March - which is GREAT since it gives me more time before investing another huge chunk of my life in the latest edition of Polyphony Digital's racing opus.  Lastly I'll be making some changes over at the Storefront as I add some items and lower prices on others.

1/21/2005    I've been gone for awhile due to some personal life changing events but I'm going to attempt to get things back to normal around here as well as the rest of ClassicPlastic.net.  Let me first say that for the past three weeks I have done NOTHING concerning the site or video games, I just started picking things up a couple days ago.  The review of the latest 14 Year Old Girls album is still not complete, like I said - the event that pulled me away for a few weeks did just that, kept me away.  This includes my next Tengen article for Retrogaming Times Monthly, although the deadline has been extended by a couple days so who knows, I might be able to get my next article done tomorrow since I'm doing better.  There are some changes to my game lists, a couple days ago I dumped four PlayStation longbox games (three complete, all titles I don't care for and they were in rough condition), as well as Street Fighter Alpha 3 for the GBA - I didn't play it much at all anyway, Street Fighter II Turbo Revival is a totally different story.  I added a copy of Kid Icarus to the NES listing and changed some things around at the DVGI Storefront.  For the most part all these changes were made before my time away, I simply didn't have a chance to update the site until now.

I'm going to try to cram my Retrogaming Times Monthly article together and then the reviews and updates should being to flow here once again.  I'm way behind but there was just no way around it and believe me, more than anyone I wish things didn't happen the way they did.

1/1/2005    Some quick additions.  Added a few games and another control pad for the NES, the PlayStation 2 listing is now up to date, and I picked up a pair of third party 6-button Genesis controllers for the X'Eye.  These are quite possibly the best Genesis controllers I have ever used, light weight, extremely responsive, and very comfortable to hold.  Personally I've always thought all the Sega designed Genesis controllers were horrible, no matter how much they revised the design, it simply did not feel right.  I'm thinking of writing a small review of these controllers eventually.  Things are starting to calm back down so hopefully I'll return soon with my review of Strategy Guide.  I also added a few new link buttons - one of them an excellent Snatcher site, the greatest unofficial Metal Gear Solid resource on the planet, and your ultimate destination for all things Hideo Kojima.  Oh, and happy new year, let's hope this one brings me some stable employment... being self-employed of sorts sucks ass.

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