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12/2/2006    "Oh, I finished de-bugging the phones, but the system's compiling for eighteen minutes, or twenty.  So, some minor systems may go on and off for a while.  There's nothing to worry about.  Simple thing...."  If you've tried to access the site tonight I'm sure there have been some problems that you've run into.  These should be cleared up by now but let me know if anything doesn't work right or there are dead links.

The reason for the downtime is that I've gotten rid of the "events" part of Events and Features.  That section is now simply Features which makes a lot more sense since that's what is there.  While the content hasn't changed any, everything had to be renamed and reuploaded.  This is where the problems arose.  We should be good to go now however.

Retrogaming Times Monthly issue #31 has been released and my RTM articles archive has been updated.  I haven't yet had a chance to fully read this month's issue of RTM but what I have looked at thus far has been great.  Go take a look!  Hopefully by next weekend I'll have some content updates but things have been pretty hectic as of late.

11/18/2006    Real updates for a change.  There have been changes made to the Atari 2600, Sega Saturn, Super Nintendo, and JVC X'Eye listings to reflect my current archive.  I've sold off a few games and cleaned up a few of my lists to get them up to date and accurate.  I've also reviewed one of the greatest Sega CD games ever made, Popful Mail.  This is a great action platformer with some RPG elements and a wonderful localization courtesy of Working Designs.  I'm uncertain about site updates in the upcoming weeks until I have more of my work schedule revealed to me.  I still want to write a few reviews I've had in mind for awhile but I was able to accomplish a lot this week.  Thank you again for visiting David's Video Game Insanity!

11/14/2006    I'm going to do things a little differently this week.  What I mean by that is that new updates will be uploaded on the day they are completed.  This method of updating is for this week only, I'm not changing how I do things, it's just more than likely going to be a hectic weekend.  To start things off this week, I've added a rather large editorial on my last trip out to the Sales Yard.  The journey out yielded a very interesting little item I've been looking for.

11/9/2006    I'll be busy this weekend so the update upload goes live this week.  It's been a pretty hectic time lately so there aren't any new reviews.  However Retrogaming Times Monthly issue #30 has been released, hopefully the changes this month will pave the way to better times at the newsletter.  My contribution for the NES'cade column this month is a comparison of Paperboy.  The RTM articles archive has been updated with this article as well.

Amazingly it looks like I'll actually have a real world employer again starting on the week of the 19th.  This means next week will be a tidying up and cram week of reviews.  There are quite a few reviews that I would like to have finished before my time is needed elsewhere.  I also have an RTM article that I should write that week as well but there will be some updates here too.  This doesn't mean that I won't have time to work on the site once I'm working again, not at all.  I simply have a lot of unfinished things that I would like to get wrapped up next week so the road ahead will be clear.

11/7/2006    Some cool additions today.  A pair of rare Coleco Gemini controllers has been added to the Atari 2600 listing and an Alps Interactive Gamepad has been added to the PlayStation listing.  There have also been some clerical updates to the Atari Lynx listing.

10/25/2006    A new mod feature has been added concerning how to tap composite audio and video off the horrible Dreamcast Performance RFU adapter.  I seem to come across these an awful lot so it makes perfect sense to do something useful with them.

10/20/2006    It's been a long time coming but I've finally posted my review of Ace Combat Zero.  Go read it now, it took me months to finally sit down and finish writing it.

10/18/2006    I'm proud to present David's Video Game Insanity mod services.  That's right, now David's Video Game Insanity is offering modification services for classic consoles.  Currently I'm concentrating on Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn region modifications and am open to doing custom work.  Take a look at the new mod services page and shoot me an e-mail if there's something you'd like done.

10/16/2006    I've added some pictures of my Epoch Astro Command tabletop game to the pictures section.  The Saturn listing has also been updated with the addition of a sealed copy of Gale Racer thanks to the sweetest person on the planet.

10/7/2006    Not much in the way of updates for the end of this week but here they are anyway.  There is an addition to the pachinko page that goes over some recent changes I've made to the wire mounting.  Retrogaming Times Monthly issue #29 has been released, my column for this article has been archived to the RTM articles archive.  It's a great issue of RTM, every column is interesting.  I've also posted a new editorial on the most recent trip to the Sales Yard.

Just a note, next week there probably won't be an update upload as I will be away at the end of the week.  Things should resume, however, on the following week.  That update upload should contain all the content that was created in the previous week as well as that current week.  I've probably just confused everyone.  What I mean to say is next week there probably won't be any site updates but things will resume as normal on the following week with nothing missed.

10/3/2006    I've updated the Atari Home Computers listing with a new cartridge as well as a clerical fix to the Atari 2600 listing.

9/28/2006    More updates to the pictures section as I made the image descriptions more uniform and wrote small descriptions for every item pictured.  I also added more pictures of a few items, replacing older ones I was never really happy with.

9/26/2006    There is a massive restructuring update to the shirts subsection in the pictures section.  I have retaken nearly every picture of every shirt, making them clearer and more uniform.  Additionally all images have been unobtrusively watermarked and a new shirt has been added.  As always, please do not direct link to any images.  I've also made some changes to the storefront.

9/22/2006    The PlayStation and Super Nintendo lists have been updated to reflect a couple items I recently sold via auction.  With the current inflated value of Final Fantasy VII I simply couldn't pass up dumping my copy for a quick fifty bucks.  Never cared much for the game anyway but next year it'll be back down to where it belongs, around $10.  The SNES game I sold was my copy of Super Mario RPG with the strategy guide.  Not all that hard to come by but valuable so I figured why not.

9/20/2006    I've went ahead and redid all the left frame menu buttons.  I noticed over the summer that many of them were at slightly different resolutions, different colors, and different file extensions.  Now they're all under the same umbrella.  I was thinking of changing them somewhat but figured that for the time being, just getting them all uniform is important enough.

9/18/2006    Sorry for the delay in the update upload but I was taken ill.  The Saturn listing has been updated.

9/16/2006    The Atari 2600 listing as been updated with the addition of a Heavy Sixer version of a Sears Video Arcade.

9/14/2006    I've posted a review of the classic NES game Rad Racer.

9/10/2006    Shane has contributed the first XBox 360 review, Dead Rising.  I've also tweaked a few things here and there with some of the site graphics.

9/9/2006    A review of the NES game Hudson's Adventure Island has been posted.  Yes, I did actually finally complete this game - and I will never do so again.  I also want to say happy 11th birthday PlayStation and 7th birthday Dreamcast, both of their US launches (9/9/1995 and 9/9/1999 respectively) were years ago today.

9/7/2006    The pictures section has been expanded and updated.  I recently acquired an animation cel from the old Pac-Man cartoon series which has prompted me to add an animation cels subsection to the pictures section.  I really wasn't looking to get into video game cartoon cel collecting (I have a few Japanese animation cels that can be viewed in another part of ClassicPlastic.net) but the price the cel went for was simply too good to pass up.

9/4/2006    Retrogaming Times Monthly issue #28 has been released.  Additionally the RTM articles archive has been updated to reflect my latest column.  RTM #28 may be slim on quantity of articles but each one is packed with great information and this month is a very interesting read.  I've also removed an editorial from the Editorials section that I feel no longer represents the content of what DVGI has become - no one will miss it.  I've also replaced many of the console name graphics in the David's Master List directories.  Many of these have been around since the 3.0 build of the site and were long overdue for higher resolution versions.  A few still have not been updated but I'll get around to that when I actually can find better resolution graphics.

8/18/2006    Fixed a small clerical problem with the Atari Lynx listing.

8/16/2006    The RTM articles archive has been updated and Retrogaming Times Monthly issue #27 has been released.  This marks the second appearance of my NES'cade column and is a great issue of RTM including a very interesting look at Super Mario Bros. hacks by Scott Jacobi.

7/20/2006    It's been over a month but finally some updates.  Even though I've been back for about a week, raging Summer heat has prevented me from writing a pair of reviews I had on tap as well as an editorial I've been kicking around.  The time I have had to sit down and write has been used to fill my obligations to Retrogaming Times Monthly.  Speaking of which, issue #26 of RTM has been released.  As you may notice, I have a new column called NES'cade that is very much like the Titles of Tengen column in that it compares NES arcade ports to their arcade originals.  Only this time any port is fair game for comparison.  Mirroring the release of RTM issue #26, the RTM articles archive has been updated.

Hold on though, there is a review update.  Shane has contributed a review of one of the last PlayStation games to be released, Castlevania Chronicles.  A title that beefed up the US Castlevania release portfolio and brought some life back to a nearly forgotten game.  Go take a look.

I won't be back until August 13th but by then hopefully there will be some kind of break in the weather then and I'll get up some content of my own that week before leaving again.  There have been a number of e-mails sent to me regarding sales and game service and things of that nature.  I believe I have gotten around to responding to all of them.  If I have not replied to someone, basically the response is that I'll be away until the beginning of September for the most part and I'm not moving on anything until then.  That's really about it for now.  Thanks for stopping by and bearing with us this Summer.

6/13/2006    The NES listing has been updated with a few new cartridges.

6/10/2006    Yes, even more delays in updates but I simply haven't had the time as of late to work on reviews.  However there are some updates for this week.  The "Titles of Tengen" column at Retrogaming Times Monthly has come to a close and with that the RTM articles archive has been updated.  Starting next month I will begin on a new column similar to "Titles of Tengen" in which non Tengen NES games are compared to their arcade counterparts.  I've updated my wanted list and have closed down the storefront for the summer as I will be away for weeks at a time until September.  There are some reviews coming soon, I simply need a day during the week where the temperature is mild and I don't have other obligations - the top of next week may hold both.  I also fixed a problem with the Game Boy Advance listing and added a rare copy of Lunar Lander to the Game Boy listing.  Lunar Lander for the Game Boy was only released in Japan and is an interesting rework of the arcade classic.

5/27/2006    Sorry for the massive delays in updates as of late.  This isn't likely to get better going into the summer, however there are a few updates this time around.  The NES listing has had some fixes performed to it.  Additionally I've finally sat down and updated my RTM articles archive.  I may upload another update before the weekend is out, possibly a review and an editorial concerning just what "summer mode" is and why the site is being shifted into it.

5/14/2006    The heat has been brutal lately coupled with a number of personal things and has put massive delays in the updates, I missed an entire week and there's not much this week as well.  However there are some small updates this week so here they are and later this week I'll have some new stuff as well as some important information concerning events for this Summer at a later date.  The NES listing has been updated with some new games and a hard DDR platform has been added to the PlayStation listing.  Thanks to one of the sweetest people I have ever known, Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War has been added to the PlayStation 2 listing and a review should follow within the next two weeks.  I have made an update to my editorial concerning building custom NES to Famicom converters that includes some new pictures of cartridges with converter hardware in them.  Also issue #24 of Retrogaming Times Monthly has been released, my RTM articles archive will be updated shortly.  That's it for now, hopefully we still have users sticking around and there will be more content updates next week.

4/29/2006    Things are actually on time this week.  Lacking on my side, however still on time.  The pre Summer heat has already crept up with higher than average temperatures this week.  Those who have known me for awhile or visit the site regularly know that there's no air conditioning in the area where my main computer is.  So when the temperature climbs over 90 degrees or so I have to shut everything down, not doing this in the past has cost me.  I was hoping that temperatures would stay down for awhile but with the spike I am once again relegated to keep my computer usage to the cooler nighttime and early morning hours.  Still nothing like it'll be in July and August though, 100+ every day.  It's crippled a few things I had planned so I'm moving to the summer program early, where things will be posted when they are completed and not rushed out as they would have been.  Well that and job search real world junk has really worn me down this week.  Hey, but the JVC X'Eye listing has been updated, how cool is that?  Ah, who am I kidding - go read the new review in the update below.

4/28/2006    The first Virtual Boy review has been added courtesy of Shane.  Go check out his review of Wario Land.

4/25/2006    No real excuse for this one, I know this update upload is way behind schedule, two days to be exact.  I don't want to get into details so I'll leave it at being a technical issue.  Such has been resolved, everything is back up and running smoothly once again.  There have also been a few more uniformity changes to some reviews which should mark the end of those changes which began last week.

4/21/2006    A review of Joe & Mac, also known as Caveman Ninja, for the Super Nintendo has been added.

4/20/2006    The enhanced GBA remake of the classic Metroid, Metroid: Zero Mission has been reviewed by Shane.  Hmm.. maybe I'll have to give this one another try.

4/15/2006    More uniformity changes have been made including larger, more uniform cover art pictures in the reviews section.  So unlike the changes from earlier in the week, these can actually be seen.  The massive indexing changes I was thinking about yesterday have gone into effect - and I mean they are massive.  I spent about five hours renaming and resorting files and removing no longer used images and documents.  These changes included a much more uniform naming scheme for all the navigation buttons and a full retooling of the naming scheme of everything having to do with the game lists.  Then of course all the old files had to be cleared off the server and replaced with the new ones.  Throw some testing into that and you have a lot of work.  I have multiple pages of handwritten notes concerning what had to be removed and changed, it was simply a massive undertaking.  Additionally I had to go back through all the news archives and change tons of links to point to the proper locations since they were broken after today's changes.

Now that it's pretty much all in place, I introduce David's Video Game Insanity!! Version 5.0.  Not different in appearance at all (except for the image upgrades) but the back end has been completely reworked and is now at the peak of efficiency.  In other news I have three reviews on deck that are all about 80% done so they'll be finished up at the top of the week and appear in next weeks upload.  Getting the clerical changes to the site done were simply a far higher priority this week.  If you notice any dead links please let me know!

4/14/2006    Shane has contributed two new reviews, The Little Mermaid on the NES and The Typing of The Dead on the Dreamcast.  There have been massive changes to many of the game listings, cleaning out things that have sold for the most part.  My Densha de Go! train controller for the Saturn has arrived and has been reviewed.  There may be more massive indexing changes to the site in the near future but as with the last update it'll all be things on the back side.

4/13/2006    A mid-week upload?  No.  Anyone that has known me since the inception of this site knows that I have been in a battle with uniformity.  About a year ago I began to change things on the front end to fix some normalization problems and last month I put in more of these fixes.  However on the back side things have remained somewhat of a mess concerning older site additions that I never went back and cleaned up.  A year ago when I started making the visible changes I decided upon a uniform naming scheme for the files on the back end.  For the most part I kept it up (although I did drift away from it a bit) but never went back and fixed the older files.  Well that's what I did today and instead of losing track of them later I made the upload changes now.  Many pages now have amended dates to reflect this tweaking.  The content hasn't changed, just how it's organized on the data side.  I've also weeded out some old graphics and pages that were basically dead as they were old data that was no longer linked to or used.  (but still posed bandwidth threats from search engines)  Now things are uniform concerning the reviews and review images - first time ever.  There are more of these changes slated to take place until I get the whole back end streamlined but I'll get around to those later.

So this weekend the true update upload will take place, this is just technical stuff.

4/6/2006    DVGI once again welcomes a new addition to the review staff.  Frequent visitors can look forward to contributions from our new writer, Shane, starting with this update.  Unlike many who have come and gone before (unless you remember some of my much older projects), he already has a review up - which is great since I've been too preoccupied with other stuff to get one of my own up this week.  In other words I've been lazy and playing Subspace.  Ah, that's not the truth, I had more computer problems toward the middle of the week.  I'm hoping to get a pair of reviews up myself (Guitar Hero and Golf for the original Gameboy) and a new mod tutorial written next week.  Here's hoping for that, and a welcome to Shane!

4/1/2006    Sadly no new reviews this week as some computer problems prevented me from having the time to do so.  However I've written a rather large editorial on the NES urban legend of Famicom converters in Gyromite cartridges.  The editorial also includes an overview of how I go about building my own custom Famicom to NES converters. Retrogaming Times Monthly issue #23 has been released so I've updated my RTM articles archive.  This month's RTM is great with another excellent "The Many Faces of...", a great installment of "Nintendo Realm", information on Vic20 collecting and tons more.  Go read it now.

3/24/2006    Updates to the NES listing have been put into place as well as a review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Fall of the Foot Clan for the Gameboy.  I've also been working on some new editorials that should be up shortly as well as some internal changes to the master list that will make it display a little better.

3/16/2006    A review of the Gameboy game Super Mario Land has been added, one of the original Gameboy launch titles.  The NES listing has also been updated with the addition of Gyromite, Road Runner, and Shadowgate.

3/9/2006    I've added a review of the Gameboy Color game Tetris DX.  Nice to have reviews showing up as they once did.

3/3/2006    A new editorial has been posted concerning the state of things to come.  I've also went through the entire site and fixed a few accessibility problems that I've wanted to take care of for awhile.

3/2/2006    I've recently acquired a few Famicom games, what the NES was in Japan.  They have been added to the NES listing.  I've updated the Retrogaming Times Monthly article archive and Retrogaming Times Monthly issue #22 has been released, go read it at the RTM site!  There have also been long overdue rewrites of some of the main feature overview areas, the Introduction and Legal pages.

2/26/2006    It's been a long, long time since the last update and my apologies for that.  I was sick for a couple weeks there and that cut into time working on the site but I'm back with quite a few updates and changes.  To begin with the NES, Atari 2600, JVC X'Eye, PlayStation2, and TurboDuo listings have all been added to or corrected.  Some archival updates to the Retrogaming Times Monthly article archive have been added as well as sold items removed from the Storefront.  Lastly there is a rather large update to the pachinko section concerning the last few tweaks before the restoration can be considered complete.  I also want to extend a thank you to those of you who have used the advertisement links at the bottom of some of the higher traffic pages, it really does help to keep the site running.

2/5/2006    My Sankyo Sega Saturn pachinko controller has arrived and the Saturn listing has been updated.  I'm hoping to have a review of this rare controller up shortly.

2/3/2006    I've added more information to the pachinko section concerning a problem that popped up as well as how to clean those dirty pachinko balls.  The NES listing has also be updated.  Additionally my audits to the storefront are complete but as always all items are open to offer.

1/28/2006    Lots of updates today.  First off there is yet another update to the pachinko section concerning the electrical problem that has been popping up lately.  Next we have a user favorite, some updates to many sections of the pictures area.  Then there are some listing updates starting with the NES as I've acquired a few more games including a complete boxed copy of "Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?" one of very few NES games that were sold in an irregular size box.  My Digital Press "Twelve Days of X-Mas" prize arrived, the three Blockbuster Exclusive XBox games, two of them sealed.  Lastly I got in a bunch more PlayStation longbox games as well as a PSOne LCD Screen.  Reviews and editorials should pick up again next week.

1/25/2006    Updates to the pachinko section as well as general technical changes to some parts of the site to allow easier search engine linking.

1/20/2006    A big update concerning a mod walkthrough.  For a long time being able to install a US/JPN switch for the cartridge side of the JVC X'Eye has proved to be a challenging task.  There are people that know how but the information itself was never provided outside of theory until now.  I have written a full tutorial on how to perform this mod, yet another DVGI exclusive.  Additionally the Saturn and WonderSwan listings have been updated as games have been sold out of them.

1/13/2006    I've been working out a few little site bugs here and there, getting things ready for this year.  There are still updates though.  Starting with some additional images of the Sailormoon games in the wanted section.  I was going through the archive of my old Sailormoon site (which I hope to relaunch this July) and noticed I had some of the images I was missing so they're here now.  I've sold my import copy of Darkseed so the Saturn listing has been updated to reflect this.  That's it for now.

1/5/2006    Another mid week update as the functional restoration of my pachinko machine has been completed, only mostly cosmetic things are left to do.  Head over to the pachinko section to see the progress.  There has also been a correction to the Super Nintendo listing.

1/2/2006    First updates of the year.  To begin with Retrogaming Times Monthly issue #20 is out and it's a great issue with the long awaited "Many Faces of..." article on Frogger and tons more retrogaming goodness, go check it out NOW!  While you're reading RTM issue #20 be sure to check out the link at the bottom of the page to read a special new 81st issue of the original Retrogaming Times!  I've also updated my RTM article archive here now that issue #20 is live.  There is also an update to the pachinko section concerning some electrical cautions and some editing to the page.

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