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12/22/2007    The NES, Atari 2600, JVC X'Eye, and PlayStation listings have been updated with additions from the past couple weeks.

12/17/2007    I've finally added the new Home Arcade Projects section to our special features.  First on tap is my lone arcade cabinet, a converted Pole Position.  Go take a look at the article on how this classic arcade cabinet went from trash to treasure.

12/6/2007    From an incredible find a few weeks back, a Sega Pico listing has been added to the archive.  I'll have to say that I am quite impressed with this overlooked (at least outside of Japan) piece of technology.  It blows any other electronic learning product developed for kids out of the water - past or present.  Currently I only have some very interesting Japanese games but I look forward to building a Pico archive in the future.

12/4/2007    Updates have been made to nearly every listing as I've been away for the past week or so.  My beautiful Sony Trinitron 20" CRT finally bit the dust so I was without a monitor for a week.  Currently I'm using a temporary solution until I finally bow to progress and buy myself a new flat panel.  Been playing Grandia III finally and it's excellent, finally a worthy successor to the original Grandia, which is my favorite RPG of all time.

11/16/2007    Head over to the pictures section, there are massive additions.  Images of my kick ass PRO-Keds Alien Arcade II Galaga sneakers have been added under apparel.  Additionally I've finally added a new section with arcade token images.  Now that I have the hosting package that can handle higher monthly bandwidth, these pictures have finally gone live.

11/15/2007    The Atari 2600, NES, PlayStation, and Sega Saturn archives have been updated.  In addition I have closed down the Storefront for the time being while it is reworked.

11/10/2007    Some big listing updates this time around.  The Atari 2600, NES, PlayStation, JVC X'Eye, Super Nintendo and Atari Lynx listings have all gained additions.  Issue 42 of Retrogaming Times Monthly is out so my RTM articles archive has been updated as well.  For November the Titles of Tengen column returns, featuring the lost Tengen NES conversion - Xybots.  I have long wanted to play and compare this unreleased prototype and the results are quite interesting.  I'm considering writing an editorial that will allow me to catch up with all the great items I've been obtaining lately, we'll see if it materializes.

10/16/2007    The Atari 2600, NES, and JVC X'Eye listings have been updated.  Game additions to the NES and JVC X'Eye listings and game subtractions from the Atari 2600 listing.  The subtractions are duplicate games that will be sold off in an Atari 2600 bundle.  By duplicate I mean that I have far more than just two copies so it doesn't hurt the integrity of my archive any.  I've been hard at work adding some new site features, hopefully I'll have them up soon.

10/12/2007    I've added an Intellivision II console to the listing, which means there is now an Intellivision directory under the Master List.  Additionally there have been updated to the NES, Game Boy, and Game Boy Color listings.  The NES addition is more cartridges where the Game Boy updates are to add a Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Color respectively.  Also the current issue of Retrogaming Times Monthly is out so my RTM articles archive has been updated.

9/19/2007    Only one update this time but it's a big one.  The pachinko machine restoration section is now complete as the machine has been fully restored.  Thanks to everyone who has contacted me about this feature.

9/19/2007    The long awaited review of my all time favorite NES game, StarTropics, has been posted.  In addition the Atari 5200 listing has been updated with the acquisition of some new games.

9/17/2007    Getting my head back above water here.  The last couple updates have went unpublished for a number of reasons but they're all live now.  I've updated all the listings since I fell so far behind in keeping them up to date and lost track of which I've uploaded and which I hadn't.  This will not happen again.  There are also some changes to the homepage, now a list of upcoming additions has been posted.  This should give you an idea of what to expect next and what is on tap for the upcoming future.  I will update the listing each time the updates are uploaded and it will also serve as a means to keep the site focused on the existing workload.

7/11/2007    More updates and that's due to more finds.  I acquired some cool items at the local flea market once again so it's all Master List additions this time around.  To kick things off there have been six new games added to the NES listing.  I've added both a copy of Game & Watch Gallery as well as a pirate multicart to the Game Boy listing.  The multicart contains five games repeated multiple times.  Four of the titles (Felix The Cat, Super Mario Land, Tennis, and Tetris) are great time killers and it's nice to be able to carry them all in my Game Boy Color on a single cartridge.  In keeping with the pirate multicart theme, I've also added one to the Game Boy Advance listing.  It contains 22 classic NES games via emulation and again, is a nice way to kill time and have a mini game library on the go.  The full lists of the games on each multicart can be found under their specific system listings.  A new system has been added as well, the Atari 7800.  I was able to pick up a boxed 7800 system as well as a pile of Atari 7800 and Atari 2600 cartridges for $30.  Of course, this means the Atari 2600 listing has been updated as well.  I've been having a great time with the Atari 7800, I'm honestly impressed with the system and games.  Who knows, I might want to pick up the entire game library eventually, it's small and cheap enough to do so.  Currently I'm having a great time playing Pole Position II and Crossbow.  This last trip out to the flea market was so entertaining and yielded so many great items that I think I might have to sit down and write a Sales Yard Finds editorial on it soon.

7/9/2007    It's been quite awhile but now it's updating time.  Due to the Summer heat I haven't had a chance to do much here but I do have a good deal of new additions to the Master List section.  Twenty NES games have been added to the NES listing thanks to one of my favorite sellers at the local flea market.  Nothing spectacular but at $2 a game it was a good opportunity to fill some holes and pick up some nice uncommons such as Wall Street Kid, Classic Concentration, The Lone Ranger, and Thunderbirds.  A teal Game Boy Color has finally been added to the Game Boy Color listing which I picked up so I can have a worry free Game Boy system to toss around and keep on me.  Some new Dreamcast accessories have been added including an official fishing controller, Starfire lightgun, and a black VMU.  The Atari 2600 listing gets a rare update with a CX2600 Sunnyvale Edition "Heavy Sixer" system and a handful of games.  Lastly, after nearly a year of searching, I finally came across a copy of OutRun 2006 Coast 2 Coast for the PlayStation 2.  It's a superb game, I just wish more people were still playing online.

I missed posting it last month but the current issue of Retrogaming Times Monthly is out so my RTM articles archive has been updated.  I have a review of my all time favorite NES game, StarTropics, just about ready to post.  Hopefully it will make an appearance later this week.

5/18/2007    Sorry for the long delay in updates but life has been very busy as of late.  This update is almost purely game list additions to the Master List section as that is all that has been going on video game wise.  The Atari 2600 list has been updated with the addition of copies of Porky's and Reactor.  An original Nintendo branded rechargeable battery pack has been added over in the Gameboy listing.  The Blue Marlin, Metroid, and a few new instruction booklets round out the updates to the NES listing - and by the way, The Blue Marlin is an excellent game.  Furthering my look into modifications for the JVC X'Eye, I've reworked a Sega Power Base Converter to work with the console.  At a later date I may write a small editorial about this or even a mod files feature giving more information.  Thanks to the interest of my lovely girlfriend I picked up a complete copy of Magic Knight Rayearth for the Saturn.  Amazing what a fun game this is when the language barrier of the Japanese version is removed.  A boxed PSOne joins the PlayStation listing and now my PSOne LCD Screen has a mate.

Additionally a new console joins my Master List.  The Panasonic FZ-1 3DO system I mentioned in my last update works perfectly now that I have controllers for it.  It can be found in the newly created 3DO listing.  I look forward to playing a few games on the 3DO that have always interested me but I doubt I will become a big time 3DO collector as the real reason I wanted the console was to play the Sailormoon S import title - which I've been doing a lot of.  Lastly, with the release of Retrogaming Times Monthly issue #36 awhile back, my RTM articles archive has been updated.  The latest issue of RTM is packed with great articles and some very interesting new columns.  That's it for now, keep an eye out for pachinko updates in the near future as the restoration is pretty much complete and is just waiting for me to close things up.

4/26/2007    I've added a new section to the Master List.  The video game gods were on my side and I was able to pick up a Panasonic FZ-1 R.E.A.L. 3DO Interactive Multiplayer from a local game vendor for $10.  It seems to work fine but I don't have any controllers to really try it out with.  However I have a controller on the way right now.

4/12/2007    The wanted section as been updated as I have acquired a copy of Pretty Solider Sailormoon S for the 3DO.  This is without a doubt one of the most difficult to obtain of the Sailormoon games.  Original pictures of the game are up over in the wanted section.  Unfortunately I am without a 3DO to play it so the game will sit on the shelf for awhile.  I grabbed the game because the price was right, I simply couldn't pass it up.  I suppose I'll have to keep my eyes open for a 3DO FZ-10 going forward.  I've also written a new editorial that goes over what has been happening at the site lately and where it's going in the future.  An interesting little read for all with some cool stuff on the horizon.

4/7/2007    We got updates.  I've been busy with work lately and then had a long planned vacation but I'm back now and I've got some content... sorta.  To begin with the Super Famicom, Saturn, NES, and PlayStation 2 lists have all been updated.  The Super Famicom listing is just a retool.  I've added a copy of the lone Sailor Moon Saturn game to the Saturn listing.  The NES listing was expanded with four new games and the PS2 with one - the $10 Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2.  Retrogaming Times Monthly issue #35 has been released and my RTM articles archive has been updated as well.  This month's issue is excellent, some of my favorite games are covered this time around.

Since I acquired a new Sailormoon game, the wanted section has been updated with original pictures of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon SuperS Various Emotion.  Additionally I've added Happy Chibi-Usa World for the PlayStation as one of the wanted Sailormoon games I had previously forgot to list.  Lastly, I've removed one link button from the left frame and fixed the URL of another.  Hopefully I'll have some real content on the way soon.

3/8/2007    Not a whole lot this time but it's better than nothing.  Sorry for the update delays but I've been extremely busy as of late.  I've added pictures of two new shirts, a Galaxian and Tetris one, to the pictures section.  Retrogaming Times Monthly issue #34 has been released and my RTM articles archive has been updated to reflect the release.  There should be some pachinko updates on the way soon.

2/13/2007    I've added pictures of my Tetris wristwatch to the pictures section under collectibles.

2/6/2007    Retrogaming Times Monthly issue #33 has been released and my RTM articles archive has been updated.  This time it's Karate Champ, the game that was the genesis of the one one one fighting genre.  I've also added a Game Boy Color section to the Master List.  I don't have any GBC consoles but I recently acquired Top Gear Pocket 2 in addition to Tetris DX which I've had for awhile.  In other words, it's time for a GBC section as there are a handful of GBC titles I'd like to own.  Might as well get the section up while I'm thinking about it.  With the new section, corrections have been made to the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance lists.

2/4/2007    Big updates to the pachinko section as I've finally installed new plexiglass panels and worked out a minor problem with the jackpot feed chute.

2/1/2007    Sorry for the delay in updates up until this point.  I haven't been able to write that editorial I mentioned in the previous update either but it's no longer important.  I've been very busy with some "real world" events and issues as of late but those things are finally starting to taper off and in the next couple weeks updates should return to normal.  This time around all I have to offer are some new pictures under collectibles in the pictures section.  They are of a classic Super Mario Bros. telephone, complete in box.  I've also done a little text correction in some parts of the site but no one will notice that but myself.  By the third week of the month I hope to have some reviews going once again.

1/3/2007    A new year at David's Video Game Insanity and a few updates.  First off, all the news pages have been updated and the previous current news for 2006 is now under the 2006 archive.  The NES listing has been updated with some new games and I've also added a new picture under collectibles in the pictures section.  Retrogaming Times Monthly issue #32 has been released and my RTM articles archive has been updated.  My apologies for the lack of updates recently but I should have an editorial up tomorrow that explains what has been going on and what to expect in the immediate future.

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