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12/08/2008    Sorry for the huge delay in updates but work has been crazy busy as of late.  Hopefully into January I'll have more time to write here but until then all I can offer are updates to the game archives.  A handful of Dreamcast imports as well as a Densha de Go! train controller for the PlayStation are great additions from overseas.  Hollywood Video's game markdowns beefed up the PS2 and GameCube listings.  A dozen or so Atari 2600 cartridges have been added as well, including many variants.

10/08/2008    Even more additions with a few import Dreamcast games and the excellent BurgerTime Deluxe on the original Game Boy.

09/23/2008    Hey, additions for a change!  After visiting with my favorite game vendor at the flea market I have a bunch of new titles to add.  The JVC X'Eye listing has been updated with complete copies of Dungeon Master II and Dark Wizard.  My copy of SpellCaster is now complete over in the Master System listing.  Hollywood Squares, Kid Kool, and the rare Kiwi Kraze have been added to the NES archive.  I have a new NES emulation multicart for the Game Boy Advance.  Lastly I also found a disc only copy of the awesome Star Control II for the 3DO.

Also the very popular editorial about Famicom converters in early release NES cartridges has once again been updated.  I have corrected a lot of information and posted a new picture that shows you exactly what to look for when trying to find these converters.

09/17/2008    More subtractions for this update as well.  I've sold off nearly all of my NES boxes for the simple reason that they were sitting in a closet boxed up collecting dust.  I did keep a few, namely my favorite games or boxed complete titles that I enjoy having a copy of.  I've also sold a few Saturn imports that I didn't really want anymore or had duplicates of.  I have also went through the JVC X'Eye section and gotten it up to date, it had been inaccurate for quite some time.  In addition the RTM articles archive has been updated with my latest submission.  There are a few internal changes coming to the site soon, mainly how a couple image tags are handled.  However this won't be anything anyone on the outside will probably notice.  I'd also like to update the screen shots on many of the reviews with larger and more detailed images.  It'll be a slow process but hopefully one that will begin shortly.

09/01/2008    Big subtractions rather than additions this time.  I've sold my TurboDuo as well as nearly all the games I had for the system.  The value of the console seems to be at its peak and is staring to turn around and come down.  Coupled with me needing some cash and not giving it the playtime it deserves, it felt right to put it up for sale.  I have kept some stuff that I enjoy and didn't want to have to dig for again when the day comes that I buy another system.  Of course, that's what now populates the TurboDuo section.

08/24/2008    As mentioned yesterday, the Wii Play review is ready to go and has been uploaded.  It's been a long time coming but I'm happy that it's finally been completed and is now online.  While I'd love to hold to my schedule of one update a week I simply don't think that's possible right now.  So on the flip side I'm going to try to update bi-weekly at the very least.

08/23/2008    Anyone still there?  Huge delay since the last update, I know.  I've been going through a lot of changes in my life, most notably a move back to Silicon Valley.  Since I was so far behind I've updated and reuploaded all the game archive lists.  I've also updated the RTM articles archive page since I was a few months behind.  Although I'm still super busy I should have the Wii Play review up very soon as well as an addition to the Home Arcade Projects section.  I've also updated the Insane Team page with the returning profiles of our inactive staff.

04/09/2008    As you can see over on the left I've rolled out a new graphics update to the section buttons.  The new setup is much cleaner and far easier to read with properly scaled high resolution text on each button.  After many years I've acquired a Sharp Twin Famicom, a combination unit that plays both Famicom and Famicom Disk System games.  Due to this recent addition I have created a Famicom entry on the master list.  Famicom items that were previously listed in the NES section have been moved over.  I've also added a Nintendo 64 section as I'm going to give this system yet another try.  Wanting to play Ocarina of Time on the proper console (I never felt the GameCube remake worked well with the control setup) was a big part of this - especially since I picked up a copy a few weeks ago for a buck.

03/30/2008    It's been a long, long, long time since I updated last but this past month has seemed to streak by.  Sadly I don't have much in the way of real updates but the NES, 3DO, Saturn, Sega Master System, Atari 2600, JVC X'Eye, Game Boy, Sega Pico, Dreamcast and TurboDuo sections have all been updated with additions.  Over the recent weeks I've been sick so I haven't had time to work on any content - including submissions for Retrogaming Times Monthly, so I'll be sitting out an issue.  On the plus side I should have a Sharp Twin Famicom on the way soon.  I'm also hoping to start work on some new reviews at the top of next week.

02/27/2008    Additions have been made to the 3DO, NES, and JVC X'Eye sections.  Lots of new 3DO games mean that I can begin to work on some 3DO game reviews in the future.

02/22/2008    My apologies for over a month passing since the previous update.  Life has been exceptionally busy as of late so I haven't had much time to build on the site.  Heck, I've barely been able to keep up my obligations to Retrogaming Times Monthly.  Speaking of which, the RTM articles archive has been updated with my previous three articles in my NES'cade column.  I'm not complaining though, I love writing for them.  In fact after this update goes live I need to go finish up the March edition of NES'cade.

Lots of updates to my games archive including the NES, PlayStation 2, Game Boy, 3DO, Intellivision, and Atari 2600 sections.  One of my game selling friends at the local flea market brought me a bunch of 3DO games so that's why this overlooked section is finally starting to grow.  I was able to pick up a bunch of brand new Epyx 500XJ joysticks for the Atari 2600 for pennies on that same day.  I finally found a copy of Chulip for the PlayStation 2, a game I had been wanting to play for quite awhile.

01/14/2008    Not too much this time in terms of content but I've corrected a few problems with the site that have needed to be addressed for some time now.  All the images in the pictures section have been cropped and watermarked.  About half of the images were from previous site incarnations and were oversized and unedited.  Of course the watermarks are unobtrusive and are used in the event that someone may be direct linking to my images.  More often than not, someone that sees this lets me know and I take care of the situation.  I have also added fresh pictures of a couple items such as my Legend of Zelda wristwatch wall clock.  I've had new pictures of it for over a year since I buffed some scratches out of the face but had not yet uploaded them.  It's been a long time coming but now the images in the pictures section are clean and uniform - no more broken links too!

In addition I've updated the DVGI Mod Services page with the most up to date information and feedback.  If you need a classic system modified to play import games, take a look.

01/04/2008    Here it is, the first news update of the new year.  The PlayStation 2 listing has been updated with a pair of games I picked up for Christmas.  Was a good reminder why I've never cared for the Art of Fighting games but Flipnic is a title I've wanted to try out for awhile now.  I recently acquired a Tomy Scramble tabletop VFD handheld from the local flea market.  Pictures of it can be found in the appropriate section in pictures.  All the tabletop arcade handhelds have had their pictures redone with better images with the exception of Epoch Astro Command as those pictures were fine to begin with.  I've also added a lot more information on these handhelds in their section, go take a look.

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