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11/07/2009    A little housekeeping as long overdue updates are made to a few pages.

11/01/2009    A good amount of master list updates this time, including the addition of a Vectrex arcade system.  This is an awesome video game system from 1982 with its own built in vector graphics display.  I look forward to reviewing Vectrex titles in the future.

09/29/2009    Some changes going forward on how the News and Updates section works.  No more long paragraphs filled with links.  Now the information here will be more concise and updates and new features will be listed for easier navigation.  Updates across the board today - new game, new review, new editorial.

08/09/2009    A horribly long overdue update.  Although I haven't been doing much here at DVGI or ClassicPlastic.net I have been continuing to contribute to Retrogaming Times Monthly.  Aside from that I've simply been extremely busy and have been enjoying what free time I do have with family or actually playing games.  Speaking of RTM, the RTM Article Archive has been updated and caught up to the current issue, #63.  I have also made minor updates to a few game lists.  I hope to return to adding site content as the summer winds down.  I honestly had no idea that I would become so busy so quickly.  There are a ton of new reviews that I would like to do and the flame to write seems to have been sparked up once more, so keep checking back as we head into Autumn.

04/15/2009    Updates have been made to the PS2, GameCube, NES, Master System and Tomy Tutor lists.  I now have the entire USA release Tomy Tutor library.

03/08/2009    I've updated the pachinko section with some updated cleaning work.  In addition I've finally updated the Retrogaming Times Monthly article archives.  The newsletter has been on some rocky ground for a few months but it appears things are getting back on the right track, which is always a good thing.  Since the current issue is late I went ahead and already updated the archive with my current submission.  By April things should be leveled back out there however.

03/07/2009    The Home Arcade Projects section has finally been updated with the page for my Galaxian cocktail.  In addition I'm getting ready to add a new page since I just acquired a Klax cabaret.

02/23/2009    Additions have been made to many of the lists including the NES, Atari 2600, PlayStation 2, JVC X'Eye, and XBox.  I should have some new information in the arcade and pachinko sections later this week.

02/06/2009    First update of the new year and it's a month late.  Work and life had become exceedingly busy in the past couple months and it is just now that I am able to make time to get these additions up.  To begin with, all the news pages have been given updated links now that we're in a new year.  The previous year's news is now the 2008 Archive and can be found via the link at the bottom of each news archive page.  This update isn't strictly Master List additions for a change, I've also added some LCD handheld pictures.  I've actually had these pictures ready to go for about half a year but just now remembered to add them.

There are also quite a few additions to the listings, starting with a bunch of new PS2 games including Guitar Hero III, Dragon Quest VIII and more.  A Game Boy Player was picked up for the GameCube at a local GameStop for $14.99 - probably the best GameStop experience I've ever had.  A copy of Mega Man Anniversary Collection has also been added.  A Dreamcast mouse and The House of The Dead (JPN) are the new additions to the Dreamcast listing.  The Master System section finally gets a copy of Zillion that I had been passing up for months since the case was trashed - but the cartridge and booklet are fine.  Super Mario All-Stars, Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World, and a favorite of mine Stunt Race FX have been added to the Super Nintendo list.  SMAS+SMW contains different sprites for Luigi in Super Mario World, making it a must have to a well rounded SNES collection.  Finally a bunch more NES on GBA cartridges have been added in the Game Boy Advance section, including full game lists.  Some of these cartridges have over 100 titles on them!

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