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12/10/2011    I've been crazy busy lately so there hasn't been much activity here at DVGI.  Additionally I went through three bouts of heavy illness all a week or so apart, delaying anything I may have been planning here.  This is just another Master List update, for the PS1 this time.  There have also been many changes in other parts of the list without a news update.  Namely the Vectrex has been removed and the TurboGrafx-16 list has been expanded as my collecting preferences change.

10/21/2011    Massive changes to the Master Lists for many platforms.  In continuing to downsize and change my collecting priorities, I've let a lot of stuff go.  Namely all the Atari Computer and all the Colecovision stuff.  I hadn't really touched the Atari Computers in about ten years and the Colecovision stuff was never in the best shape to begin with.  Couple that with me having the worst luck keeping Colecovision systems running and you can see why I'd rather have the additional space.  Additionally, and it may surprise a lot of people, I've gotten rid of my JVC X'Eye and nearly all my Sega Genesis games and accessories.  Yes, it was the JVC X'Eye that I did all the mods to, had the crazy history with, and thoroughly enjoyed during my ownership.  I enjoy the charm of some Master System games, love the Saturn but the Genesis never really "clicked" with me outside of a few games.  I had an opportunity to pass the system on to someone who will really enjoy it and most of the games went to Ian of the InsaneTeam, so everything is in good hands.  In return I'm getting back into TurboGrafx-16 collecting, a system I miss terribly since selling my TurboDuo awhile back and having countless TurboGrafx-16 systems pass through my hands.  The old TurboDuo section has been changed into a TurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine section, which it should have been to begin with.  Over the next few days I should begin to populate that list as a bunch of games, accessories and of course the system arrive.  So here we go, lots of Master List changes, let's see if I can keep them straight. 09/04/2011    Only one change this time and it has to do with a new addition to my master game listing.  My girlfriend and I purchased Ian's Wii console so a Nintendo Wii section has been added.  Although I didn't purchase any games with the system, it was the Mario Kart Wii bundle.  Additionally I've been buying a game here and there over the years as they came down in price and I also picked up Punch-Out!! during its $20 re-release.  Not much other than that, we really purchased the system to use as a Netflix appliance.

08/01/2011    So many master list updates this time I'm not even going to bother listing them all.  I recently went through ALL my games and sorted out titles, accessories, even extra systems that were just collecting dust and taking up space.  All these items were sold locally in one large lot for a bargain price.  However I'm glad to have the extra space and to be able to play and enjoy the rest (the bulk) of my collection.

06/18/2011    The refresher to the review pages should now be complete.  All images have been replaced with uniform, high resolution screen shots.  This time around everything other than the PS2 reviews (which were redone last time) has been retrofitted.  There are still some uniformity differences but they're not big enough to warrant making new screen captures.  An example of this being NES reviews prior to the StarTropics amendment not being presented at TV aspect ratio.  The older screen shots are still large enough and look good, so no changes were made there.  However, going forward NES screen shots will be at TV aspect ratio, as with the recent Battletoads review.

06/14/2011    This is more a housekeeping update than anything but it will effect the quality of browsing on the site.  In a continuing attempt to unify content across the site, I plan on replacing the screen shots on each review page.  Some of the more recent reviews are fine but the older reviews will be getting new, larger, higher resolution images.  If I can simply replace the original image with a higher resolution image, that will be what is done.  If the original source image cannot be located or is too low resolution, then a comparable image will be used.  To try to keep what I have left of my sanity, the updates will be completed by platform.  All the PS2 reviews should now be updated, where necessary. 06/12/2011    Long overdue review of Battletoads for the NES. 05/29/2011    Addition of some Atari 2600 game variants and downgrade of my Colecovision to a loose console. 05/15/2011    Just some catch up with my game lists as I sell some stuff off. 03/26/2011    At this point the Galaga Multigame cabinet is complete so we have an update over there about finishing up the project.  I've also updated the RTM archive. 03/13/2011    A couple updates to some of the arcade pages to kick things off.  I worked out some finishing touches on the software side of the Galaga Multigame cabinet and added a tiny bit of monitor information to the Klax page.  I've also finished the bezel for Galaga Multigame which will be installed next week.   Other than that the first Silicon Valley electronics flea market of the year took place yesterday and I bought a small NES lot along with Turtles in Time for the SNES.  A few of the games from the lot are new additions and the listing page has been updated with these titles.

A little info about the "black seal" and "white seal" when it comes to Track and Field II.  In its earlier days the "Official Nintendo Seal of Quality" was a black circle that read "This seal is your assurance that Nintendo has evaluated and approved the quality of this product."  Some copies of Track and Field II have the older black seal while some others have the more recent white seal.  I don't know for certain which is more common but it seems that the white seal is harder to come by on this specific game.  It makes perfect sense that Nintendo would reword the seal as the NES era rolled on and more crappy games made their way into the product line.  Heck, these days it simply reads "Official Nintendo Seal" with no mention of quality what so ever.

02/27/2011    A few more additions after a couple trips to GameStop in passing. 02/06/2011    Quite a few additions to my lists after a weekend flea market run. 02/02/2011    Some minor housekeeping as I update a few archives and make a correction to a very old modification tutorial.  You know what's funny?  Most of the time when I write content for the site I listen to music that was featured in the early Konami Bemani games, usually the early DDR games.  Mainly I listen to acts that were featured in the games but not necessarily just the tracks that were used in them.  So I guess you could say I listen to old Dancemania music, Captain Jack and E-Rotic for the most part.  E-Rotic was always my favorite featured act.  I really do miss the days in the late 1990's and early 2000's when DDR was still really big and kind of an oddity and just a ton of fun.  Arcades were a lot of fun during that time, almost like they were having their third wind in the United States.  Sorry to reminisce... 01/31/2011    A quick update and editorial addition as today is the TENTH ANNIVERSARY of David's Video Game Insanity!!  Also a PS1 master list update. 01/18/2011    Mainly catching up with the usual new year archive changes still.  I do want to say that January 31st will mark the ten year anniversary of David's Video Game Insanity!  The idea for some kind of general gaming site began in 1998 when I was originally working on Sailor Senshi Sanctuary.  However DVGI as you know it today really hit the ground running on January 31st, 2001.  The site was moved over to classicplastic.net on July 11th, 2004 and prior to that was hosted on Tripod, Xoom, NBCi and all those other "fun" hosting providers from the past.  I don't want to go into it a whole lot because I do plan on writing some kind of retrospective as an editorial.  Funny thing is until today I didn't even realize that year ten was coming up! 01/01/2011    New year housekeeping as the news pages are rolled over and a 2010 Archive link is created at the bottom of each news page.
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