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10/21/2012    New editorial and some upcoming changes to the master list this week.  For whatever reason this year has been flying by since April and I haven't been creating much content here.  No excuse, it has just been strange.

Also, to keep everything on the proper legal path here I've thought about ditching the Mega Man robot masters soon.  I would like them to be replaced by a site mascot.  I had an artist lined up to take on the job a couple years ago but that didn't work out.  To that end, if for some reason you happen to be reading this news page and would like to draw the mascot for DVGI and Classic Plastic as well, let me know.  I already have the character in mind but it is totally up to artistic interpretation.  I would say more but I'd like to keep it all under wraps until an actual launch.  Full credit will be given and I'm open to negotiating a base payment, character rights, all of that.  Again, if you can draw proportionate anime-esque female form, let me know.

07/24/2012    Things have been so hectic as of late that I've fallen way behind with updates.  Due to that I can't lay out exactly what is new with this update simply because there's too many changes.  Most of it has to do with my Master List and the big things are the removal of the Atari Lynx stuff as I formally got out of collecting for the platform.  There really isn't a reason other than that I simply never played the thing in years.  Also the addition of a PC Engine console but that will be classified under the TurboGrafx-16 listing.

04/29/2012    Too long since the last update!  I was taken ill for quite awhile but that's all been taken care of and I'm back to normality.  No real new content updates but I have gotten caught up with the Publications section of the site, adding the most recent old Retrogaming Times Monthly column archive as well as the freelance column I had published in the previous print issue of Digital Press.  This marked the first time I was published in print under my actual name.  It also looks like I'll be able to get back into a regular swing with Retrogaming Times Monthly since I'm finally feeling much better.

There are also a ton of updates to the master list sections as I've been picking up some cool stuff here and there over the past couple months.  Highlights are some awesome import Saturn games.  I've begun getting back into Dance Dance Revolution by starting with the earliest PS1 import titles, which was my favorite time in DDR.  The rarely touched Wonderswan list also gets an update with two new pieces of hardware as well as another copy of Gunpey.  It's rare I can add Wonderswan stuff since it's one platform that I try to keep as low cost as possible.

Although there have been massive delays due to health issues everything is back to normal so reviews and site features should be back on the way soon enough.  Thanks for visiting David's Video Game Insanity!!

02/28/2012    Long overdue update concerning modifications I've performed to my Galaga Multigame MAME cabinet over the past year or so. 02/21/2012    A quick update to my pachinko machine page, updating the wiring diagrams with proper copyright information as well as a little more information. 01/29/2012    Trying to get things back on track here at DVGI by making sure everything is properly updated.  That means the game lists, article indexes, editorial stuff, all the reviews - everything I have ready to go updated and active.  Back during the week of Christmas 2011 I was visiting my old stomping grounds and decided to take a trip out to what used to be my local flea market.  That's right, I made a trip to the Sales Yard, somewhere I hadn't been in a long time.  I didn't come away with a ton but I did pick up a couple Nintendo 64 games and a Game Boy title as well as Blade Runner for the PC.

Aside from that not a lot has been going on.  I've resumed contributing to Retrogaming Times Monthly, which really is still the best free online gaming newsletter on the planet.  Even in the months I wasn't able to contribute, I continue to read and enjoy the newsletter.  The only thing I wish would change is the advice I take for myself - that people would develop their submissions into a column that would run every month.  One off articles are fine and keep things fresh but some of the content lately has been excellent.  However I fully understand how you can get stuck in a loop once you fall into writing a monthly column rather than a single time article or special feature.  No more excuses for me though, from now on NES'cade will run every month, regardless of anything else, that's my commitment to RTM readers and staff.  Even when I have a special one off article, such as a show report, NES'cade will still be featured.  I certainly don't write enough here at my own website, so RTM is just what I need to keep my creativity flowing.

That's not to say that content here at DVGI is at a standstill.  Far from it actually.  I'm working on additional game reviews, peripheral reviews and maybe a couple new editorials.  Enough with the future, here are the updates for today.

01/10/2012    I thought I'd share something with you guys, those who browse my site enough to check the news and updates page from time to time.  Everyone should be up for that, right?  In my countless attempts to win the prestigious "Dork of the Year" award, I present to our readers the Christmas card I designed and printed for this past year...

(click the image for higher resolution, come on, you know you want to)

I'm sure I don't need to explain what it is an homage / rework of but in case you missed the Atari era and one of the most forgotten gaming icons of all time, I'll tell you.  On the Atari 2600 Activision pretty much made the best games.  Even though there are some other awesome titles, Activision pushed the hardware in a direction that redefined the platform.  They also had the coolest box art.  Colorful, vivid, bright, just awesome.  The game "Pitfall!" (subtitled as Pitfall Harry's Jungle Adventure) really launched the side scrolling platform and adventure genres in the way we think of them.

I took the Pitfall! game box and went to work redesigning it to fit a Christmas motif.  The easiest way to compare this is to look up a scan of the box cover.  However in case you might miss a few things, here are all the changes.  The Activision logo is now Santavision.  The title of the game is Christmas!, subtitled as Kris Kringle's Holiday Adventure.  Pitfall Harry has become Kris Kringle complete with a red suit, beard and hat.  The jungle background is now cloaked under the darkness of night.  The crocodiles are caroling, one in a top hat, one with earmuffs and the other with antlers.  Instead of gold bars being hidden behind the tree, they're now a stack of gifts.  The scorpion is holding a candy cane in its claw.  A stocking is hung on the brick wall with a little doll inside.

This took a long, long time to complete.  Total time I think was somewhere around 30 and 35 hours of work getting the original scan ready for a reprint and then doing all the edits.  Remember, I don't use Photoshop since I think it produces results that stand out as being too clean.  All the work on this project was done with Micrografx.  This took roughly seven times as long as the previous year's card, a green and red rework of a Space Invaders playfield with the invaders wearing Santa hats, and the saucer being towed by a pair of reindeer.  Really I have no idea how I'm going to do better than this card next year.  I'm sure I'll think of something but I don't think I'll be topping this one.

So there it is, no real update but something I thought would be fun to share.  Before anyone asks, no the source file will not be posted and no I will not print the cards again.  Basically if you get a Christmas card from me then you would have one - I only print a single run each year and there are never any extras - even for myself.

01/08/2012    Review of the unsung NES puzzle classic, Adventures of Lolo is up.  See, told you that I would have content this year.

01/02/2012    First update of the year!  The end of the previous year simply didn't back down as I continued to become more and more busy.  I also had yet another bout of illness to contend with but I'm feeling better and hopefully January means a return to new content - both here and my contributions to Retrogaming Times Monthly.  To kick things off we have the usual new year housekeeping as the news pages are rolled over and a 2011 Archive link is created at the bottom of each news page.  Additionally there are a few changes to my Master List.  If the previous year can be remembered for anything it would be me changing priorities and cutting a lot of "fat" from my collection.  The JVC X'Eye, Vectrex, Twin Famicom, my Galaxian cocktail table and many other items all have new owners this year.  I really should go over all that in an editorial.
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