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08/05/2013    A lot of catch up as I frantically work to get the site up to being current.  I've done a lot of work to the Galaga Multigame cabinet over the past year but haven't had time to update the service log.  That changes today.  Additionally the RTM articles archive has been caught up to one month behind the current issue.

05/05/2013    Big updates and changes!  The long promised update and new organization of the pictures archive is complete.  Over this year better and newer pictures will be added to the archive.  The big change this time is a more universal naming scheme on the back end to facilitate easier updates as well as a new category organization.  I have also uploaded all new pictures of my Legend of Zelda wall clock that I had been meaning to do for awhile.  I've also updated a bunch of the master list directories to catch back up. 01/13/2013    Cosmetic changes have been completed on all the Editorial pages.  These had to do with removing the table that each of these columns were written inside.  It was a holdover from a much earlier design of the site and needed to go for quite some time.  Additionally the JVC X'Eye section has been removed as I got rid of almost all of my Genesis stuff when I traded my JVC X'Eye awhile ago.  Late last year I picked up a Model 1 Genesis, hard AV and USA/JPN modded it, and plan on keeping that for Genesis cartridge gaming going forward.  Due to this there is a new Sega Genesis listing under the Master List directory.  I really didn't keep much at all when I bailed from the platform but there are a few games listed there. 01/12/2013    Honestly this update is really just to get extremely out-of-line parts of the site back to where they should be.  Toward the end of last year I sold off a ton of stuff including clearing out the 7800, Sega Master System, 3DO, and Intellivision stuff.  Really the 7800 and Intellivision were never getting played.  I went through my Master System games one day and came to the realization that, while I don't have any problem with the platform and there are some spectacular games on it, it was all really just collecting dust.  My 3DO stopped working finally so I decided to get away from that platform as well but I had been getting rid of my 3DO stuff for years up until this point anyway.  There were also quite a few additions for the Famicom, NES, PS1, PS2, and WonderSwan Color - too much stuff to list individually.

As I said last October, the previous year rolled by really fast.  Also as I said last October, there's no excuse for lack of updates and new content.  I do however have some content in the works, like current and on the way content.  Next week there will be a great deal of cosmetic changes throughout the site but they will be relatively minor in that no one but me will really notice.  A section of the Master List will be removed while a very old section takes its place.  Lastly, I will be finally cleaning up the Pictures section which has both gotten out of hand and been left collecting dust at the same time.  The whole thing will be reorganized with new, clearer pictures replacing the old ones where applicable.  Basically if it's an item I still have and I'm unhappy with the current picture, I will post a new one.  The organization is what really needs to be fixed there as it is a complete mess.  I'm going to establish new categories and a new organization scheme within each category.  That change will probably fall into place toward the end of the week but it is absolutely going to take place.

I've also updated the RTM archive to reflect my columns up to the previous month.  RTM recently installed a forum and is looking to grow a community.  Head on over to Retrogaming Times Monthly to read the current issue and check out the forums today!

01/07/2013    Just general housekeeping as the news pages are rolled over and a 2012 Archive link is created at the bottom of each news page.
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