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07/08/2014    We're still here!  2014 has been an extremely busy and fast moving year for me.  To that end I haven't had the opportunity to work on the site as much as I would have liked or keep my lists updated - and I had begun the year with such high expectations.  Anyway, a bunch of the Master List directories have been updated as I've been downsizing my collection to the stuff I actually really have interest in playing.  I did this a few years ago but recently I've been tearing into my NES games.  I'm down to around 300 titles, which is right where I want to be.

Additionally I really don't contribute to Retrogaming Times Monthly much these days.  The newsletter changed hands at the top of the year and it has had some growing pains during the transition.  I may return to contribute once more one day.  With that said, the RTM article archive is now 100% with everything I've ever written for the newsletter.

I am genuinely hoping to add some new reviews during the rest of this year and try to get a more robust review cycle in work.

01/12/2014    I really like fishing video games, especially the early games by Hot-B, who invented the fishing simulation game.  I've heard great things about King Salmon on Sega Genesis, including comments that it's a superior version of The Blue Marlin, an NES fishing game I love.  I picked up a copy of King Salmon, gave it a complete playthrough, and now present a rather extensive review.

Also, as in late 2012, I'm still on the lookout for an artist to create a site mascot to replace the Mega Man robot masters at the top of each page.  I had an artist lined up to take on the job a couple years ago but that didn't work out.  To that end, if for some reason you happen to be reading this news page and would like to draw the mascot for DVGI and ClassicPlastic.net as well, let me know.  I already have the character in mind but it is totally up to artistic interpretation.  I would say more but I'd like to keep it all under wraps until an actual launch.  Full credit will be given and I'm open to negotiating a base payment, character rights, all of that.  Again, if you can draw proportionate anime-esque female form, let me know.

01/02/2014    Just general housekeeping as the news pages are rolled over and a 2013 Archive link is created at the bottom of each news page.  There have also been some updates to the master list section and some things were traded and swapped and the TurboGrafx-16 collection continues to be rebuilt.
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