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05/02/2015    Well all the ideas about keeping the site updated went completely to pot!  Almost a year since the last update but finally I'm back.  No excuses, I just haven't been up for writing and working on the site for awhile.  Best intentions were to return content during February of this year but here we are three months after that and all I have to offer are some game list updates and general "year end" housekeeping.  I think the problem stemmed from this whole thing getting so far behind current that I began to dread working on it as a chore rather than something that I find fun.  The game lists especially, they were so out of date.  I've sold tons of stuff off in the past year or so as I continue to thin down the amount of video games I have and concentrate on stuff I want to play.  I have been playing some new (old) stuff lately though and hope to have some reviews up going into the summer.

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