Meet the Insane Team, the group of people that bring you the content in the Features portion of David's Video Game Insanity!!  Get the background on the gamers that write the reviews, organize the events, and speak their views concerning the world of the video gaming industry.

Insane Team Currently Active Staff

Name:  David Lundin, Jr.

Contributions:  Original creator of David's Video Game Insanity, Senior Staff Writer, Chief Editor, webmaster of

Favorite Genres:  Driving, Action, Shooter, Puzzle, RPG.


Information:  As someone who grew up in Silicon Valley during the 1980's, David is well schooled in the games of the present and past.  He also is the webmaster of and the original creator of DVGI.  The archive itself contains his personal collection of video games and video game related items.  A retrogamer at heart, he still remains a top ranked Klax player, as well as one of the top Sega Super GT drivers one could be hard pressed to find anywhere.  Since 2004 David has also been a frequent contributor to Retrogaming Times Monthly, the longest running retrogaming newsletter on the planet.  Now once again residing in Silicon Valley, he's glad to be back in the place where the golden age of the video game industry began.  In addition to his duties at DVGI, David hosts Classic Plastic, a bi-monthly online retrogaming show.  He's also known to be spotted at various arcade and pinball shows in and around the Bay Area.

Current Projects:  Game reviews, site upgrades, video production.

Current Favorites:  Densha de Go! Professional (PS1), Super Wing Commander (3DO), Midway Arcade Treasures 2 (PS2).

Lately Has Been:  Reorganizing the site to be more standardized.

Name:  Ian Kinney

Contributions:  Special feature assistance, video production.

Favorite Genres:  Driving, Fighting, Platform, Action.


Information:  After a few years away, Ian has returned to the west coast and DVGI bringing with him a rekindled interest in classic video gaming.  In what could be considered a marathon year, he blasted his way through over two dozen NES titles generally regarded to be in the upper difficulty range.  While usually not contributing directly to the site, he is a key influence on continuing content expansion.  He tends to work his way through difficult classic and modern games through brute force and dedication.  Ian also serves as a regular co-host alongside David on the Classic Plastic retrogaming show.

Current Projects:  Video production assistance.

Current Favorites:  Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero (PS2), Sim City 4 (PC).

Lately Has Been:  Getting schooled in Super Pong.

Insane Team Currently Inactive Staff

Name:  Shane

Contributions:  Staff writer (reviews).

Favorite Genres:  Adventure, FPS, Action, Puzzle, Mild RPG.


Information:  Shane has been into video games since his father bought him an Atari 2600 as an excuse to play it himself.  Soon after, he got his first PC game, The Black Cauldron, from RadioShack for play on his IBM PS/2 Model 25.  From this point forward, he has been hooked on adventure games (and Sierra games until backwards compatibility issues arose).  Shane also learned his first programming language because of PC games.  His father brought home a 3.5" disk full of BASIC games and programs to play with, and Shane quickly realized that not only could he manipulate existing games and programs, but write his own.  He did not truly start collecting until sometime in 2000, and is currently up to 20 systems.  His baby is a Vs. Unisystem Dr. Mario arcade cabinet and his favorite game series is Metroid.

Editor's Note:  Shane's contributions were imperative in pulling DVGI out of its content slump in 2006.  His excellent reviews across a wide variety of platforms breathed much needed life back into the site.  -David

Current Projects:  Unknown.

Current Favorites:  Unknown.

Lately Has Been:  Unknown.

Name:  Susan

Contributions:  Translation assistance.

Favorite Genres:  RPG, Fighting, Puzzle, Bemani, Life / Dating Sim.


Information:  Ever since picking up her first NES controller on her sixth birthday, she's been obsessed with those pretty little pixels on the TV screen, hopping systems from NES to Genesis to PSOne to Xbox to PS2 to Gamecube, and that's not even counting her Gameboy collection.  From Mario to Zelda, Alundra to Xenogears, she's played, explored, and obsessed over them all.  With more of a focus on character-driven RPGs over action-driven, story over graphics, she can be found more often than not humming game music over the latest chart topping "hits."

Editor's Note:  Over the years Susan has played an irreplaceable role in assisting me with any translation requests I've bothered her with (and I do so far too often).  Aside from that she's simply been a great friend.  -David

Current Projects:  Unknown.

Current Favorites:  Unknown.

Lately Has Been:  Unknown.


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Come join the InsaneTeam!!!  David's Video Game Insanity (a division of is always actively seeking individuals to join the InsaneTeam to write reviews and editorials.  All that is required is you provide the information above (and a picture) and that's it!  You never do any webpage coding, you never have to hunt for graphics, all you do is write the review or editorial and e-mail it to us - and we even have a template for that as well, we do all the rest.  If you are interested or want more information, please e-mail me, David and I'll get back to you!  I am always accepting new members, pretty much anyone interested is welcome.

You basically get to screw around, have a good time, play video games, join our chat sessions and when we do have arcade events you are absolutely most certainly invited.  Also if EVER the call comes to go up and write for gaming publications (it has happened) everyone gets represented and given credit as part of the InsaneTeam.  Guess the best way I can sum it up is you get to have recognition as being part of a gaming site, with no site work or experience, in a more permanent location than a blog.