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First, welcome to the Sailor Senshi Sanctuary, the home of the legendary Sailor Senshi since 1999.  Beyond these gates is a very different kind of Sailor Moon site, one that really doesn't exist much anymore.  Sailor Senshi Sanctuary was originally created in 1998 and went online in 1999.  It continued to be expanded upon and saw heavy traffic up through July of 2001 when the site's host abruptly discontinued their hosting services.  SSS disappeared overnight and due to its large size and heavy traffic for its time, a suitable and affordable replacement host could not be found.  The full site was archived offline as best as could be maintained.  It sat for many years and had many failed re-launches until the year 2009 rolled around, which would have been the site's ten year anniversary.

In early 2009 I began to go through the archived files, settling on beginning with the oldest and most complete archive I had.  After over seven years of passing the archive between different storage media, different computers, and different hosting options it was pretty badly fragmented.  In this way, even the oldest archive was incomplete.  Additionally as once commonly used file formats had changed over the years and became obsolete, some of the media archived at SSS was no longer relevant.  This pertained mostly to the videos which were in RealMedia format and at much lower resolutions than are prevalent today.  Additionally all our streaming content was lost.

Reviewing the archives struck a chord with me.  I really missed the site, I missed how it was back when it was forced offline, I missed Sailor Moon.  I wanted to bring SSS back.  It was then, in February of 2009 or so, that I decided instead of updating SSS and making it anew I would restore it to how it once was.  A Sailor Moon site from the era of when Sailor Moon was the biggest thing online.  Most sites from that era were built upon free hosting and because of that particular business model falling apart, most of those sites are gone.  An entire generation of Sailor Moon content lost to the digital winds of time.  This site, however, was more or less spared.  It was sealed off during that era, a time capsule of how the Internet and Sailor Moon fansites once danced together.  Looking back, if I never had hosting pulled out from under me all those years ago I would have probably never archived the site.  More than likely it would have just slowly faded away as many other Web projects have.  Strange how fate works out like that sometimes.

Throughout the Spring of 2009 I worked on pulling together the different remnants of the site from the different archives and failed re-launches.  With each attempted re-launch over the years the site became fractured more and more, making the eventual restoration just that much more difficult.  Over the Summer I began unifying the archaic file naming scheme that the site was originally based upon.  This also allowed me to clean out unused files and remove unnecessary graphics.  A full overhaul of how different pages linked to one another was also long overdue.  Many pages were also reworked due to the changes in the naming scheme.  Some downloadable content that was previously considered lost was also restored from alternate system wide backups.  Most of the pages that required the heaviest changes still look exactly the same but are much better laid out both on the visible side as well as the technical side.  Discontinued file formats as well as content that was simply lost was obviously not restored.

Using a combination of archives from different points in time I was able to piece the site back together to how it was, more or less, right around the time it went offline in 2001.  As a whole I'd say most of the core site returned.

So if you're asking yourself why this site looks like it was made in the 1990's, the answer is because -it was- made in the 1990's.  Content will continue to be expanded upon.  New features will continue to be added.  Old content will continue to be updated and improved.  However the site will preserve the look and feel of how the majority of Sailor Moon sites, and the fansite era of the Web as a whole, used to be.  Consider it a classic Sailor Moon online retro experience.  So while it may appear that this place hasn't been touched since the turn of the last millennium, rest assured that it is still being lovingly worked on and expanded upon now and then.  Just don't expect it to change.

With all that taken care of, let me once again welcome you to the Sailor Senshi Sanctuary!

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