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    Hi there, you've reached the area where you can learn a little about the moonie that created the Sailor Senshi Sanctuary.  All right, I'll admit it is kinda scary that I once knew as much as I did about an animated series created for little girls in Japan.

     I'd like to say a little about why this page exists.  In November of 1998 I stumbled upon a Sailor Moon web page called "Sailor Moon Sanctuary."  It seemed to stand out in my mind as a page that had more of a personal touch.  Its content was categorized by giving each senshi a wing of the Sanctuary.  Sailor Moon Sanctuary had massive image archives and an excellent MIDI music page.  It was updated frequently and it soon became my favorite place to browse on the 'net.  December came upon the site and it was given a Christmas makeover and was decorated in spirit of the holiday season.  With this, the animated .gif and image archives were once again expanded on.  Then I took a week or so away from the 'net for the holidays (something people used to do back then) and when I returned, much to my surprise, Sailor Moon Sanctuary was gone.  It totally vanished without a trace.  No one knew what had happened to it, or why it had suddenly disappeared.  Nobody seemed to know if it would ever return and to this day it is still unknown why it was suddenly removed.

   That's when I decided that it was time for me to try my hand at a Sailor Moon page.  Building on the excellent navigation system of Sailor Moon Sanctuary, I designed the Sailor Senshi Sanctuary.  I improved the system of giving each senshi a wing of the sanctuary and incorporated more video and audio features.  I took the best Sailor Moon images, audio, video, music, games, and the most up to date and correct information, and put it into one place: Sailor Senshi Sanctuary.  This was one of the most comprehensive "get it all here" fansites in its day.  It may not have been the best, or the largest Sailor Moon site in existence, but Sailor Senshi Sanctuary was always well worth taking a little extra time to browse.  In addition I was always very active on the chat room circuit and was easy to get a hold of and talk Sailor Moon with.  That personal connection to those using the site was something I attempted to maintain from the very beginning.

    Over the years Sailor Senshi Sanctuary fell victim to the end of the free hosting model and was sealed away before dropping offline in 2001.  I attempted to bring it back in a more compressed form a few times but was unable to pull it off.  After many years I was finally able to restore the site and decided to bring it back as it originally was.  A Sailor Moon site that still looks and feels as it did during the era when Sailor Moon sites were the biggest thing on the 'net.  Sailor Senshi Sanctuary is a shining connection to how Sailor Moon pages once were, a link to the past concerning anime's most well known girl battle team.  It stands as a fitting memorial to the pretty suited sailor soldiers.

    Okay, that's about it.  =)  I'd love to get e-mail from you, just click on the e-mail button located at the bottom of every page to submit your questions, comments, or to just say hello.  I update the sanctuary when I feel it is needed, or I have something new or extra to add.

In the name of the Moon, come back soon!

...and thanks to all those who have been visiting for over 20 years! ^_^

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