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Nakayoshi to Issho
(Nakayoshi 'n Me)

Nakayoshi Magazine is a manga anthology series aimed at young girls.  It is also where Sailor Moon was serialized during its original run.  There ended up being three Nakayoshi games featuring Sailor Moon: a minigame collection on the Game Boy, a puzzle game on the Super Famicom, and this game - an RPG on the Famicom.  Nakayoshi to Issho, translated here as Nakayoshi 'n Me, is a beginner's RPG with colorful graphics and cute characters.  The favorite pens of Nakayoshi's manga authors have been stolen and it's up to you to recover them.  Each chapter takes place in the world of a specific manga work, introduced by its creator.  Characters, settings, items, everything within a chapter fits in with the world of the manga you are attempting to save.  There are chapters based on Goldfish Warning!, Pocket Park, MinMin!, Taiyou ni Smash, Kurumi and the 7 Dwarves, and of course Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon.  The game is honestly a lot of fun and plays better than you would expect.  There are lots of little fetch quests and objectives to complete to advance each chapter, shops to visit, characters to meet, and battles to be fought.  The battle system is interesting as it uses slot machine reels to decide the action of your character.  If anything it's a unique way to carry out battles and I suppose it fits in well with this light hearted RPG romp.  Character designs are well done and cute within the ideals of a Dragon Quest clone based on a manga anthology series for young girls.  Sailor Moon doesn't show up until the final chapter of this game but it's still worth checking out and enjoying.  It has also been fully translated into English by HTC!  The original Japanese, as well as two different translations are included.  One uses the Japanese names for the Sailor Moon characters and the other uses the names from the old English localization.  Huge thanks to HTC for translating this game, it's a title I had been wanting to play for a long time.

Click the picture of the title screen to download the ROM image.

Selected Screen Shots:

Nakayoshi World has been devastated with the theft of the pens of its favorite manga authors! Character portraits are nicely detailed and cute, fitting in perfectly with the theme and audience of the game.

Battles use a unique slot machine reels system to decide on your attack success each turn. The translation is superb and you can easily find yourself playing this game for hours.

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