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Welcome to Nakayoshi Park

Of the three games based on Nakayoshi Magazine that feature the pretty sailor soldiers, Welcome to Nakayoshi Park is both the weakest and the strangest.  If you've ever played the NES game Disney's Adventures in the Magic Kingdom then you have an idea of what to expect here.  Visit Nakayoshi Park, an amusement based around the manga featured in the pages of Nakayoshi Magazine at the time.  You walk around the park and look for minigames featuring Nakayoshi series characters.  Completing all their mini games will earn you tickets and open up more of the park.  Of course there are also shifty looking clowns everywhere that will play gambling minigames with you.  Nothing like pissing away all those tickets you worked so hard to earn on upstanding ventures such as Three-card Monte hosted by an amusement park clown.  I can understand a mini game collection sounding like a good idea for a Game Boy title based on this property but I would have rather had a portable conversion of the Super Famicom Nakayoshi puzzle game or something similar.  Most of the minigames simply aren't enjoyable.  I will admit that the graphics are, for the most part, very charming and well designed and do well to represent their individual series.

Click the picture of the title screen to download the ROM image.

Selected Screen Shots:

Welcome to Nakayoshi Park, where you have to pay for inner park mass transit! Hey, it's Usagi, and she has a free game to play that can net you tickets to loose on other games!

Too bad Usagi's game essentially boils down to pressing the button at the right time to clear off a picture... This game on the other hand, plays like Simon with cows that make sounds like an Atari 2600.

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