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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R

Sailor Moon had a pair of Game Boy games based on it, both having to do with the early days of the series.  The first set the template and the second advanced the idea.  This second game addresses almost every issue I had with the first.  While the original Game Boy game was a decent little title for the portable hardware, movement was just too stiff and slow.  Right away Sailor Moon R fixes this with a walking pace for Usagi and all other characters that actually feels correct.  Rather than slowly meandering around town, you now dash off right to where you want to go.  No more getting lost on the back streets of Tokyo either as now a simple map can be toggled on and off in exploration areas.  These two changes make Sailor Moon R infinitely better than the previous title.  The game doesn't stop there however.  Graphics have been noticeably enhanced with a ton more detail everywhere, especially in the character portraits.  The action areas now feature a genuine attack that is easy to activate and fast to respond.  You'll also take control of the other senshi on some stages, mixing up the variety quite a bit.  There are also a ton more minigames and stuff to do off the path of stage completion.  The only sad thing is that this game has never had any kind of English translation patch effort when it is in every way better than the previous title.  There really is a lot of dialogue here too and it would be great to see a full translation one day.

Click the picture of the title screen to download the ROM image.

Selected Screen Shots:

The lower area can be toggled to display a map, easily the most useful upgrade to this game. Action areas now play faster and smoother with more platforming mixed in for more fun and variety.

In addition to Sailor Moon, this game has stages that feature more characters, again for more variety. Sailor V over at the Crown Game Center has even been upgraded with a new version!

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