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Panic in Nakayoshi World

Panic in Nakayoshi World isn't a Sailor Moon game but rather a game that features the manga version of Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon.  The game contains characters from the manga featured in Nakayoshi manga magazine during the time of the game's release, one of which was Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.  If you've ever played the arcade game Toy Pop (yeah, the one on the old PlayStation Namco Museum series) then you'll know more or less of what to expect of this game.  The objective is to fight off monsters on each screen, uncover powerups to aid in your objective (a lot like Toy Pop or Bomberman), and protect the Princess of Nakayoshi World as well as her friends.  Alternatively the character you are protecting can be escorted to the exit once it appears rather than destroying all the enemies on a stage.  Boss battles come up at the end of each set of stages.  Over all the game is fairly simple and pretty easy to play but when you consider the target audience it makes sense.  Still, it's a very nicely done package and a Sailor Moon game that really isn't a Sailor Moon game.

Click the picture of the title screen to download the ROM image.

Selected Screen Shots:

A good strategy is to park the character you're escorting in a safe place. New challenges are added every few stages.  Arrow blocks can only be destroyed if shot in the same direction.

The levels are colorful and have an arcade feel.  I'm surprised this game didn't have an international release. In addition to Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon, there are other Nakayoshi magazine characters of the era.

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