The Quartz Arcade

SailorMoon Another Story RPG
(Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Another Story)

(Japanese version)
This is the original Japanese version of the Sailor Moon RPG that consumed a good deal of my spare time in the late 1990's and beyond.  All the senshi are here, as with many characters from early in the Sailor Moon saga.  The game takes place after the events of Sailor Moon S, which has always been my favorite season, so of course I like the game.  Be prepared to see some familiar faces, as well as some new ones that craft an interesting story that fans of Sailor Moon will eat up.  This game can be hard to follow if you don't read Japanese.  For a very long time it was the only way to play, until a translation patch was released.

Click the picture of the title screen to download the ROM image.

Selected Screen Shots:
(Japanese version)

Sailor Jupiter lets loose with her supreme thunder.  Proper formations set up combined attacks. That Usagi, always wasting time at the arcade!  The entire world of Sailor Moon comes to life.

Get up Usagi!!  The game opens on a scene anyone familiar with Sailor Moon would recognize. Sailor Moon attacks with Moon Tiara Action.  The battle system is very easy to grasp.

All the characters you love are here in a story worthy of being considered a sixth chapter in Sailor Moon. Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus join Sailor Moon as she attacks with Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

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