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SailorMoon SuperS Balloon Puzzle Game
(Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS - Fuwa Fuwa Panic)

Two balloon puzzle games based on Sailor Moon were released, this was the first.  Amazingly they got it right the first time because compared to the one that would follow this is where the action was.  You gotta love the concept.  Chibi sized senshi battling it out with their powers in a game that works like a slower advancing Puzzle Bobble.  This game is a quick thinking strategic exercise that fans of Puzzle Fighter will enjoy.  The balloons can only be destroyed if they are inflated and touching another inflated balloon of the same color.  The more balloons popped at once, the more lead balloons will flood your opponents screen.  This is by far the best version of the balloon puzzle.  More action, more characters, more speed, and better control than the sequel.  The senshi respond more quickly than with the SailorStars balloon game.  If you want to play as the SailorStarlights, get the SailorStars balloon game, if you want the better one, get the SuperS version.  Why not just get them both?

Click the picture of the title screen to download the ROM image.

Selected Screen Shots:

Things aren't looking very good for Sailor Mars as she still has lead balloons in waiting. Sailor Jupiter recovers from a detransformation block, which prevents balloon popping.

Single player modes offer unique challenges that will help you to learn strategy for the versus mode. It may look like a kids game but some of the reaction skills required to advance are second to none.

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