Sailor Jupiter's Labyrinth of Lightning

Character Information:

Name:  Makoto Kino
Sailor Senshi:  Sailor Jupiter

Makoto is 14 years old, and in her second year of junior high. Her birthday is December 5th. Makoto's sign is Sagittarius, and her blood type is O.

Makoto's favorite subject in school is home economics, and her least favorite is physics.

Later in the series she also transforms into Super Sailor Jupiter.

Her favorite foods are cherry pie and meat loaf.
There isn't any food that Makoto dislikes.
Makoto enjoys cooking very much, and she is an ace in the kitchen.
Her favorite color is sugar pink.
Her hobbies are cooking, and, of course she wouldn't be Makoto if she didn't search for guys.
Makoto currently lives alone, because her parents died in a plane crash when she was very young.  Since then Makoto has always feared airplanes.

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