Sailor Mars' Hall of Fire

Rei Hino / Raye Images

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Rei looking back from the Sailor Moon S opening

Throwing a flurry of protection scrolls

A character card showing Rei dressed like it's the mid 80's

Rei in a yellow dress, looks like something B-ko would wear in Project A-ko

Sailor Moon R prism card of Rei in a dark blue dress

Sailor Moon S card featuring Rei with a scroll

Rei in a white jumpsuit

USA trading card of Rei getting ready to begin her transformation sequence

Sailor Moon S card of Rei in her school uniform

Rei in the middle of an argument with Usagi

Breaking out in a sweat in her school uniform

Sailor Moon R card with Rei in a red dress

The many faces of Rei, cool image of different professions of the Senshi of fire

Rei with Tokyo Tower in the background

Wearing a very formal red gown

Rei chowing down while Usagi watches

Sweeping up at the shrine

Looking cautious from Sailor Moon R

Cover image from her Pretty Soldiers Official Fan Book

Rei sensing a disturbance

Cool Sailor Moon R card of Rei in a red sweater

SuperS card of Rei wearing a hat and jacket

Early series shot of Rei in her school uniform

Rei looking up with a very slight blush

In her school uniform from an early Sailor Moon calendar

Chibi Rei face, praying

Manga Rei holding a watermelon, this image was given to me by a chatroom regular many years ago, thanks again!

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