The Diamond Auditorium

Thank you for entering The Diamond Auditorium, the performance will start shortly.  Here you will find fully translated lyrics to some of the most popular Japanese Sailormoon songs.  Along with the translation, the phonetic Japanese equivalent is provided.  On each of the lyrics pages, you will find a link to a midi file of the corresponding song, click it to play.  These are direct translations, taken from a mix of different subtitles, as well as old translation research.

This area of Sailor Senshi Sanctuary is maintained as an archive as there are now spectacular resources online for lyric translations and albums, the best being

Eventually this area of the sanctuary may feature music and audio clips, MIDI compositions and the like.

Songs currently available:

Ai no Senshi
Fate is So Beautiful (Sailor Neptune's Song)
Moonlight Densetsu (Opening theme to the Japanese TV Anime)
Otome no Policy (Ending theme from SailorMoonR)
Tuxedo Mirage (Closing theme to SailorMoon S)
Watashitache ni Naritakute (Ending theme from SailorMoon SuperS)

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