Sailor Saturn's Planetary Dome

Character Information:

Name:  Hotaru Tomoe
Sailor Senshi: Sailor Saturn

Her birthday is January 6th.  Her sign is Capricorn, and blood type is AB.

Hotaru has a very weak body, and tires very easily.  She has a strange power that she can use for healing injuries.  The people at school think it is gross, and she didn't have any friends until she met Chibi Usa.

In Sailor Moon S her father, Professor Tomoe, gives her one of the eggs of Daimon in an agreement to save her life.  The egg changes little Hotaru into Mistress 9, one of the most wicked characters in the entire Sailor Moon saga, also one of the coolest.

In school, her favorite subject is world history.
Her least favorite is physical education.
Hotaru's favorite food is Japanese noodles.
Her least favorite drink is milk.
Her favorite color is purple.
Hotaru's hobbies are reading and collecting lamps.

Since she is good at healing injuries, her dream is to become a nurse.

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