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Welcome to the Sailor Senshi Sanctuary Storefront, your official moonie trading post.  Here you will not find a normal online store, but a place for moonies to post for sale items, wanted lists, as well as to place items for trade.  Sites like eBay and other auction places offer Sailormoon items, but here there are no auctions, more like classified ads for moonies.

If you have something you would like to post, e-mail me with an item description and an e-mail address where you can be reached and I'll put your item on this page.  All items here are not the responsibility of SSS, they are the sole responsibility of the sellers and traders.  Please resolve any questions with them.  If you have an item posted and would like to edit or have your description or request removed, please contact me.  This could be considered the first free classifieds of Sailor Moon fandom, established back in 1999.

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Chibi Sailor Jupiter wristwatch.  This is an extreme oddity that I once saw years ago but haven't been able to locate since.  It is a wristwatch similar to a Swatch and features the chibi manga versions of all the Sailor Senshi on the band, with a chibi manga Sailor Jupiter on the watch face itself.  The face is rectangular and rests lengthwise against the wrist.  The band is also considered a "mood band" as although it is white it changes colors based upon body temperature.  The listing on eBay all those years ago showed it going from white to a dark blue.  It ended up selling for something like $15 from a seller I used to buy all kinds of stuff from and I can't remember why I didn't just buy it then.  I am putting up a $100 USD bounty on one of these watches.  That's right, a hundred bucks and I am completely serious about this. sent this request: (12/16/2011)
Original TOEI animation cels of the Daimon Todeen (or Toden depending on your translation) from Sailormoon S, the Daimon based upon the streetcar.  I would be interested in pretty much ANY cel with Todeen in it.  Open to discussion on price. sent this request: (11/03/2000)
Original TOEI animation cels from Sailormoon S or SuperS of Makoto Kino or Sailor Jupiter. (Preferably Makoto) In good condition at reasonable prices.  Unstuck matching sketches not a must but will pay more if included.  e-mail for questions and offers.


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