Sailor Uranus' Tunnels of the Earth

Character Information:

Name:  Haruka Ten'ou
Sailor Senshi:  Sailor Uranus

Haurka's birthday is January 27th. Her sign is Aquarius, and her blood type is B.

Haurka's personality is boyish and she likes to dress in boyish clothes. She doesn't wear skirts, and she also uses boyish language when talking. Before finding out that Haruka was a girl, Minako and Usagi thought that she was a boy. Minako even said, "This person is the ideal man," about Haruka.

Her hobby is racing. When something is bothering her, Haruka likes to go speeding in the wind on her motorcycle. Her dream used to be becoming the top racing driver in the world. Her destiny now is to find the talismans. For that she'll sacrifice anything.

She also likes track and field, and playing the piano.

Her favorite food is salad
She doesn't like nattou (fermented soybeans).
Her favorite color is gold.

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