Sailor Venus' Passage of Love

Character Information:

Name:  Minako Aino
Sailor Senshi:  Sailor Venus

Minako is 14 years old, and in her second year of junior high. Her birthday is October 22. Minako's sign is Libra, and her blood type is B.

Before joining the other Sailor Senshi, Minako was known as Sailor V, a crime fighter in England.

Later in the series Minako also transforms into Super Sailor Venus.

Minako's favorite subject in school is physical education.
Her least favorite subject is just about everything else.
Her favorite foods are gyouza, ramen, and curry rice.
Minako doesn't like shiitake mushrooms at all.
Her favorite colors are red and yellow.
Minako's hobby is spending time with her friends.

She currently lives with her family.  (father and mother)

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