Welcome to Star Tours Info @ ClassicPlastic.net, an archive of information pertaining to the classic original Star Tours attraction at Disneyland.

In 1987 Disney began to give Disneyland's Tomorrowland its second major overhaul after the installation of the California version of Space Mountain ten years earlier.  The Mark III monorails were replaced with the signature white and color stripped Mark V models and George Lucas was finalizing work on what would be the first true motion simulator amusement park ride.  On the site that formerly housed the Adventure Thru Inner Space, Star Tours was erected and opened on January 9th, 1987 and began with it an entire industry of transporting audiences to the farthest reaches of human imagination, without having them leave the room.

Star Tours Info @ ClassicPlastic.net is a great source of information concerning the classic Star Tours attraction from a visitor's point of view.  This site is not designed to bog you down with technical specs, rather to give a visitor to Disneyland a little background information on this ride and an idea of some interesting things that it originally contained.

Content of Star Tours Info @ ClassicPlastic.net is a patchwork of things obtained from long dead sites and from my personal contributions to the world of Star Tours fandom.  I can be contacted at insanedavid@classicplastic.net if you have any questions or comments.  Enjoy your visit to Star Tours Info @ ClassicPlastic.net as well as any future visit to the ride itself at Disneyland.

Oh, and yeah I'm one of those weirdos that rides Star Tours with my hands folded in my lap.