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I don't expect to update the site a whole lot apart from information fixes but when changes are made they will be noted here...

06/18/11 - With the new version of the ride, Star Tours The Adventures Continue, now currently operating there's not much more to do here.  This site will remain up but I will no longer be updating it as the ride in its original form no longer exists.  For the most up to date Star Tours information, check out  I am not affiliated with that site however it's the destination I go to for all things Star Tours these days.

05/17/10 - Updated a few things, namely changing the site mission to being an archive of the classic Star Tours at Disneyland since attraction changes will be taking place into the next year.  This site is an archive of the original Star Tours attraction.

01/01/07 - Removed the long defunct advertisement script and information from the bottom of each page.  Happy New Year, now go take a tour of Endor.

05/03/06 - Fixed a small error with the entrance script.

02/05/06 - Once again more changes to the ride script, it should now be 100%.  The last little bit with C-3PO may still be slightly incorrect but I think I have it right.

01/31/06 - has been renamed Star Tours Info @ and its location has changed to - update your links.  This is mainly to bring all my web projects to the same source for easier management and access.  As of July 1st, 2006 the URL "" will no longer be mine, so whatever ends up there is not associated with this site.

01/30/06 - I overhauled the ride script.  There were a few changes put into place as I was able to obtain a recording of the ride audio.  However due to sound effects, bad recording, and so forth I think there still be one or two tiny errors.  However the script was nearly perfect before today's changes which leads me to believe that my scripts are pretty close to being perfect.

11/03/05 - Hit counter was installed.

08/15/05 - officially opens!