Script - StarSpeeder Loading Area

(One walks past the customs droid and is assigned a line in one of four StarSpeeder queues by a Disneyland cast member.  While waiting for the doors to open, TV monitors show the StarSpeeder the current queue will board being worked on and serviced.)

Male Announcer:  "Star Tours announces the arrival of the Endor Express.  Once we've had a chance to service the StarSpeeder, we'll begin our boarding procedures. Thank You."

(the TV monitors above the entry doors change from the Star Tours logo to a Female Announcer with some important last moment boarding information)

Female Announcer:  "May I have your attention please?  At this time, I'd like to take a moment to review our boarding process with you.  When the automatic doors have opened, please proceed directly across the ramp, into the cabin.  Continue to move all the way across your aisle, filling in every available seat.  For your safety, all passengers are required to wear safety restraints throughout the flight.  To fasten the restraint, pull the strap out from the right side of the seat and snap it into the console to your left.  Galactic regulations require that all carry on items be safely stowed beneath your seat.  While on board, flash photography is not permitted and please, no smoking at any time.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask an attendant.  You'll be boarding in just a few moments. Thank you and have a pleasant tour."

(the TV monitors return to showing the StarSpeeder being serviced, after the boarding clock gets below two minutes remaining, your boarding time depends on how close to the end of the ride routine the previous StarSpeeder is)

Male Announcer:  "Star Tours announces the boarding of the Endor Express, non-stop StarSpeeder service to the moon of Endor.  All passengers, please prepare for immediate boarding."

(the TV monitors display "PREPARE FOR BOARDING" and the orange doors to the catwalk that leads to the StarSpeeder open inward shortly thereafter)