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Star Tours Info @ is no longer being updated due to the recent upgrade / replacement of the Star Tours attraction.

Star Tours Info @ was originally created as a melting pot of all the best general Star Tours information on the 'net.  A good amount of the information comes from sites that are no longer in existence, that is one of the reasons I have chronicled them here.  Nearly everything has been rewritten and corrected as many sites that had this information were in terrible shape.

The scripts have been heavily reworked from terribly transcribed old versions I downloaded years ago.  So much to the point where I can't credit the original transcriber even if I knew who they were - there were simply far too many errors in content, spelling and grammar.

What it comes down to is the public loves this ride, no one steps off disappointed, I ride it about two dozen times during each visit to Disneyland.  With the upcoming changes, this site will be an archive of the classic original Star Tours.

I can be reached at if you have any comments or questions.

This site was formerly located at and was formerly known as - however it is no longer associated with said URL.

For the most up to date Star Tours information, check out  I am not affiliated with that site however it's the destination I go to for all things Star Tours these days.