[Mod Files] Sega Saturn replacing the system memory / system clock battery.

Ah, the Sega Saturn.  Sega's system of learning how to market properly to the public and give the proper tools to the developers.  (both of which it failed to do)  However the lessons learned with the Saturn would be put to good use with the success of the Dreamcast.  To this day people still love their Saturn's for the unique gameplay experiences it brought to the table.  In other words while the majority of the games were less than impressive, the hit titles were some of the greatest games of their era - especially if one considers some the amazing Japanese Saturn releases.  Those that own a Saturn now days are probably all too aware of a growing pain the system develops.  See, after a few years the system will request the language, date and time to be reset after every power up.  Additionally if there are any game saves on the small Saturn internal memory, they are all erased.  Just as with many electronic devices such as alarm clocks, PDA's, or personal computers there is a small battery that maintains this information when the system is turned off.  Over time this battery dies and causes the aforementioned problem but it's an easy problem to fix.

First, make sure to unplug your Saturn as we will be dealing with the back end of it.

Just pop open this panel at the back
Now on the back side remove the expansion port door, this was used for a handful of accessories during the Saturn's heyday.  No tools are required to remove it, it's just like opening a battery door which is effectively what you're doing.

Inside you will find a small button cel which needs to be replaced.  Removing it is simple enough, just gently lift it up and it'll pop right out.  Replace it with a fresh CR2032 in the same orientation, replace the expansion port cover, reconnect the system and power it up.

You will have to set the language, date and time however after this the information will be retained - that is for a few years until the new battery goes dead.  There is really no reason why anyone should be afraid to perform this battery replacement and it's part of regular maintenance for Saturn owners.

The tools needed for this modification are:
1 size CR2032 button cel battery

Written on 08-29-05 by David, insanedavid@classicplastic.net

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