Welcome to the Features section.  Here you can find regularly updated special features that are somewhat different from the reviews and editorials located elsewhere on the site.  Features in the [Mod Files] category are features that go over video game modifications and repairs.

Features - [Mod Files]

(Please, make sure to read each project through completely before beginning or purchasing any new items, David's Video Game Insanity!! will not be held responsible for any damages incurred during modification of your video game systems or items.  Remember, in most instances opening or adding / removing components will void your manufacturer's warranty.  Before a project is listed it's gone though several times to ensure that it is safe to perform, however, modify your video games at your own risk.)


Installing a US/JPN cartridge slot region switch in a JVC X'Eye (David)
    -It has long eluded the gaming populace but the key to playing region locked Japanese Mega Drive cartridges on a JVC X'Eye is now explained to the public.  Learn how to install a US/JPN cartridge slot region switch in your X'Eye in this DVGI exclusive.

Replacing the JVC X'Eye Disc Lid Pinswitch (David)
    -Have a JVC X'Eye that just won't initialize Sega CD games?  Can't figure out why it keeps telling you to insert a disc or that the CD door is open when it's clearly closed?  This is a common problem that can be fixed, find out how to do so here.

PlayStation 2

Cleaning Your PS2 Read Laser (David)
    -Tired of "Disc Read Error" popping up every time you go to play a PS2 game?  With a few minutes and a little patience, you can fix this problem for less than three bucks!

Sega Dreamcast

How to Change Your Dreamcast Shell (David)
    -Tired of that violet gray Dreamcast shell but don't want to spend a lot of money or time changing its look?  Buy a pre-colored Dreamcast replacement shell and change the look of your Dreamcast in less than 30 minutes with nothing but an ordinary screwdriver!

Tapping Composite Video From A Performance RFU Adapter (David)
    -Although every Dreamcast came with an AV cable in the box, when found in the wild many systems have the third party RFU adapter marketed by Performance instead.  While the RF quality is horrible, it can be modified to output composite video and composite dual mono audio.

Sega Saturn

Sega Saturn Internal Battery Replacement (David)
    -If your Saturn always demands you input the language, date, time and doesn't retain its internal game saves then it needs a new battery.  Replacing it is easy!

Super Nintendo

Play Super Famicom Games On Your Super Nintendo (David)
    -Get your Super Nintendo to play Japanese Super Famicom games with this easy modification.

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