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Greetings fellow moonies!!  Welcome to the Sailor Senshi Sanctuary!  Since 1999 Sailor Senshi Sanctuary has been a source for a general introduction to the anime series Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, bridging the gap between the US and Japanese fandom.  The Sailor Senshi Sanctuary is a great place for an introduction to the characters, image archives, information and more.  The Sailor Senshi Sanctuary is divided into areas, of which a Senshi resides in each.  Use the frame to the left for navigation.  We also feature the full archive of classic Sailor Moon related console video games and a large assortment of multimedia features.

Now after over twenty years of service, Sailor Senshi Sanctuary looks back to the era of fan made Sailor Moon sites of the mid to late 1990's.  Most of this site is as how it was back during that mythical time at the turn of the last millennium - when webspace was free and a bunch of sixteen-year-olds at keyboards ruled the world of online pop culture media.  Sailor Senshi Sanctuary continues to be updated, so check back often!  Feel free to e-mail me with absolutely any questions or comments you may have.  Have fun and shoot me an e-mail as you look back on this celebration of a fansite from the past!  Thank you for visiting Sailor Senshi Sanctuary - your source for Sailor Moon since 1999!

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