Sailor Chibi Moon's Central Courtyard

Character Information:

Name:  Chibi Usa Tsukino
Sailor Senshi:  Sailor Chibi Moon

Her real name is Usagi, but people call her Chibi Usa or Small Lady.  She lives in Crystal Tokyo in the 30th century, where the Negamoon invaded earth.  Chibi traveled back to the 20th century to get some help from Sailor Moon, so she could help her mother and defeat the Negamoon family.

In Sailor Moon R Wiseman accelerates her growth, turning her into the evil Black Lady.

Chibi's birthday is June 30th. Her sign is Cancer, and her blood type is O.

She reappeared in Sailor Moon S as her mother sent her back to the past for some training. This allowed her to transform into Sailor Chibi Moon.

In Sailor Moon SuperS, she transforms into Super Sailor Chibi Moon.

Her favorite subject is drawing. (In elementary school of course)
Her least favorite subject is Japanese language.
Chibi Usa's favorite food is pudding.
Chibi's least favorite food is carrots, just like Usagi.
Her favorite color is red.

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