Sailor Chibi Moon's Central Courtyard

Chibi Usa Tsukino / Rini Images

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Chibi Usa looking at her time key from Sailor Moon R

Chibi Usa with Luna-P, Usagi shadowed in the background

Chibi Usa looking up into the snow

Chibi Usa cooking, possibly from a trading card

Manga version of Chibi Usa with Diana on her head

A very sad Chibi Usa desperately reaching out

Sticking her tongue out

Sailor Moon R card of Chibi Usa in her overalls

Sailor Moon R card of Chibi Usa in a red dress

Chibi Usa sitting on a park swing

Sailorstars era Chibi Usa with a blue plaid bow in her hair

Small Lady properly greets you

Chibi Usa looking like she wet the bed

Small Lady with her parasol, a nice contrast to Black Lady

Small Lady opening a pair of large doors at the Crystal Palace

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