Sailor Mars' Hall of Fire

Character Information:

Name:  Rei Hino
Sailor Senshi:  Sailor Mars

Rei is 14 years old, and in her second year of junior high.  Her birthday is April 17th.  Which  makes her sign Aries, and her blood type is AB.

Rei's junior high is a Private Girls' School. Her favorite subject in school is ancient literature, and her least favorite subject is modern social studies. Rei is considered a "queen" at school, and the other students are happy to wait on her.

Her favorite foods are fugu (puffer fish) and thai food.
Her least favorite food is canned asparagus, but Rei will usually eat a lot of everything.
Rei's favorite colors are red and black.
Her future dream is to be a singer/song writer, a model, and a bride.

Rei currently lives with her grandfather at Hikawa Jinja (a shrine).

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