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Ah, the arcade, where the video game industry took its first big steps.  With arcades on life support and current arcade cabinets being fairly generic, most of us long for the days of the 1980's.  Back when arcades were filled with cabinets of all shapes and sizes - hosting all types of games.  If you miss the days when a quarter was all you needed to play a game, bringing some of these classics into your home is a way to step back in time.  However it's not as easy as picking up the latest release down at the game store.  These games are old and many of them have had colorful lives in arcades, restaurants, bars and so forth before arriving at your door.  A lot of work goes into getting these machines running properly and maintaining them so that they will continue to do so.  This section of David's Video Game Insanity contains information as well as restoration, repair, and maintenance logs pertaining to the full size arcade games I own myself.  It's pretty small right now, as I've only begun to get into this hobby.  If there's one thing I've learned about having arcade games in your home it's that you always want just one more.

Please note:  These machines carry potentially lethal power inside them, especially around the monitors!  Be exceptionally careful when messing around with arcade cabinets.  Be safe to prevent YOU from getting the big Game Over!

Galaxian (Midway) cocktail information and service log
    -I finally realize my dream of owning a cocktail table and an all time classic at that.  Learn the history of the game, how I obtained my specific table (#0367) and any repair or work I've done on the machine.  Also lots of great information about servicing arcade games - you learn while I learn.

Mini Galaga Multigame MAME cabinet information and service log
    -A very unique project that began with me acquiring a 3/5th size Galaga cabinet.  Eventually the cabinet was converted from a single purpose housing for a TV Games plug and play into a MAME cabinet for playing classic vertical orientation games.

Klax (Atari) cabaret information and service log
    -It is the nineties and there is time for... KLAX.  After many years attempting to secure one of these machines I was able to obtain one for next to nothing.  Most Klax machines were sold as JAMMA kits but the small size cabaret machines were unique dedicated cabinets.

Pole Position (Atari) upright cabinet - restoration / MAME conversion
    -Complete rebuild of the classic of all classics in the genre.  Converted to run the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator on reliable modern hardware, yet appear completely stock from the outside.

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